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  When you click the “Enter” button on our Welcome page, you are brought to this NEWS page so you can read the latest updates to our website.  If this is your first time at Patches' Place, you may want to visit our Home page (or just use the menu above to explore our vast website)!  

December 15, 2022

We have closed our mailbox and are no longer accepting printed order forms and payments by mail.  In the past few years many customers are no longer sending orders and payments by mail.  Our customers are increasingly comfortable with using their credit cards to order products online rather than waiting for the postal service.  Our mailbox was an increasing expense that was no longer needed.  Therefore we have decided to remove this ordering option, save money, and get the CDs and DVDs we sell to our customers even faster.  It is a win-win deal for everyone!  To order videos, simply go to visit our videos page, select the video producer you are interested in, select a video you would like information about, and when you are ready to purchase, fill out your information on our Online Order Form.


October 3, 2020

We have moved our website to a new hosting service which has a new operating system and new versions of supporting software used to run out website.  Some of our web pages are currently broken.  We are working as quickly as we can to fix the problems.  It may take a few days so please be patient as we work to get our website back to normal.


January 3, 2020

After a long wait, we are delighted to announce the release of Sneaky 48 featuring 30 different Sneakypee girls in a total of 35 different scenes.  There are some daring outdoor public scenes and some naughty indoor pissing scenes where these cute sexy girls pee anywhere except the toilet.  Tit flashing and damp wet panties are also among the views provided for your enjoyment.  Check out this latest video from Sneaky Pee.

We have also removed the Adobe Flash promo that appeared on the upper left side of our webpages since Flash is now blocked by many web browsers. We have replaced the Flash with a slide show to promote our latest DVD videos.


June 16, 2018

You may not have been able to reach our website for the past few days.  We have been reconfiguring our website and our server to update our security using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is better known as “https” at the beginning of our URL.  Those of you who had bookmarked our site using “http” would have found our site inaccessible.  That has now been corrected and you will automatically load the “https” version of our website.  Most web browsers indicated that our website was insecure because of “mixed content” where some of our images were being displayed without the Secure Sockets Layer.  This has now been corrected for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.  There is still some security issue being reported by Google Chrome that we have not been able to track down yet.  We are confident that we will have this fixed shortly also.  Thank you for your patience as we make these upgrades!


December 16, 2017

We have an end of the year special release from Hightide called Return to Club P featuring Gina Blonde who keeps fond memories of her first visit to Club P - wet and hot it was, and wet and hot it will get as she revisits the place with Sabrina Deep and Hightide newcomer Dacada.  After a round of warm and salty refreshments in the pub garden, the three pee experts decide to give the indoor area (and each other) a good rinse with gallons of hot piss delivered straight from the source!


July 3, 2017

Hightide has released their latest pee video called Peetime on the Porch featuring Sabrina Deep, Gina Blonde, and 1 male.  Watch bukkake and gangbang expert Sabrina Deep as she is up for a new challenge.  Together with her friend, Gina Blonde, they demonstrate the best way to spend a sunny and wet summer afternoon on the porch in a very refreshing way!


May 21, 2017

Patches 45 is now available as a download. We still need to set up downloads for Patches 30, Patches Revisited 1 and Patches Revisited 2.  There is extra work which needs to be done to prepare the preview files for these videos so we expect it will be several weeks before these downloads are ready.


May 19, 2017

Patches 43 is now available as a download.  One of our customers reminded us that we have been promising to offer this video as a download and it had never been set up.  There are several other Patches titles that were not available on DVD until 2013 and we hope to have those available for download soon.


February 19, 2017

Many of you have been patiently waiting for the Pee Movie List to return.  It has taken a lot longer than we ever expected when we initially had to remove it.  It is now back with a new format and a new name.  It is now called the Pee Movie Database!  It is located at Omorashi Online and contains all the data that Wayne compiled over the years plus more that has been added.  Right now it allows guest viewing with limitations unless you register but at some point in the future, they hope to remove that restriction.  So enjoy!  The old PML is now back as the PMD and improved!


September 10, 2016

Glimpse is back!  It is under new ownership but just because Pandora is no longer producing new videos does not mean that the style of scenes you have grown to love with cute lesbian girls enjoying their peeing fetish is any less exciting.  The latest addition to the Glimpse catalog is simply called New Glimpse 1.  There are 4 scenes in this 60 minute video and as you might expect, there are new girls featured in every scene!  Meet Chloe, Angel, Rachel, Ayla, Holly, Zara, and Amber — lesbians all!  These lesbians are pissing in every conceivable way as they enjoy themselves and provide enjoyment for YOU!


August 26, 2016

We are able to accept orders by mail again!  However, there are some changes to the way this was done in the past.  We cannot accept orders paid by Visa or Mastercard through the mail.  Visa and Mastercard can only be processed through our Online Order Form.  We can accept payments made by American Express, check, money order, and cash sent by mail with the Printable Mail Order Form for the video producer of the titles you wish to order.  We are working right now to restore links to the Printable Mail Order Forms from all our video description pages.  We hope to complete most of this work over the weekend and have all the links restored by the end of August.


August 25, 2016

Sneakypee has released Sneaky 47 with over an hour of public and private peeing pleasure shown on the faces of 27 different Sneaky girls who provide you with 36 scenes for your enjoyment.  Watch the debut scenes of Mel and Zara du Rose as they join the line up of regulars you have come to know and love for their uninhibited exposure in answering the call of nature.


July 22, 2016

Finally, our technical difficulties with processing Visa and Mastercard charges have been resolved!  However, we are still trying to resolve some issues regarding orders sent to us through the mail.  So for now, we can only process and ship orders placed through online credit card charges.  All charges will show the name on your credit card statement.  We know some customers prefer to order by check or money order and not have any purchases from us appear on their credit card so we are working to get mail ordering restored also.


April 16, 2016

We thought our technical difficulties with processing Visa and Mastercard would have been sorted out before this.  However, we are still trying to work out a solution to the problem.  We are hopeful that this problem can be solved before the end of April but nothing is certain.  You can be sure we will announce (and celebrate) whenever this matter is resolved!


March 7, 2016

Due to ongoing technical difficulties with our bank, we can no longer accept Visa and Mastercard as a form of payment.  We are unable at this stage to give an estimate of when this situation will be rectified.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand that this is totally outside our control.

We are able to accept American Express as a form of payment.  Since the online payment portal is temporarily closed, you will need to download an order form using the “Order by Mail” link at the bottom of any video description page displaying a DVD you want to order and send it to us the old fashioned way by snail mail.


February 19, 2016

Hightide has released Pee Pub - Happy Hour.  This 63 minute video is available on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Pee Pub waitress Ella was just about to clean up the wet mess her previous guests had left, when party girls Gina Blonde and Rosella burst through the doors in a Happy-Hour mood.  Keeping the customers satisfied is Ella's top priority... so off they go for the next round!


January 18, 2016

We now have the video description for Sneaky Pee 46 online.  Seven new girls debut in this latest DVD: Tina Kay, Faye Taylor, Maria, Amber West, Lucy, Skye and Leila.  Several of the girls wet their clothes either accidentally or on purpose plus there are several erotic and humorous duo scenes and a risky public pissing scene.  This video has creative and interesting sexy watersports content for everyone and every interest!


January 17, 2016

The Sneaky Pee 45 video description is now online featuring 43 scenes from 28 lovely Sneaky girls.  It provides several daring duo public pee scenes.  It contains an accident ending in wet panties!  Two new girls, Tanya Lixx and Aruba Jasmin, debut in this video.  This DVD is packed with non-stop pissing!


January 16, 2016

See the video description for Sneaky Pee 44.  It has 35 scenes with 24 different Sneaky girls.  It offers risky public pee scenes.  It contains a blow job from a desperate girl who did not want to wait 10 minutes to do a pee volume competition.  It has all the beautiful girls you expect to see in a Sneaky Pee video.  Check this one out to see if it is one that you want to add to your collection.


January 14, 2016

It has been a while since we had any new DVDs from Sneaky Pee to offer but Sneaky Pee 43 is now online.  It features 2 new girls: Billie Rai and Pinky!  Plus there are 38 scenes featuring 26 different Sneaky girls.  We will be adding the video descriptions for Sneaky Pee 44, 45, and 46 very soon so stop back and see the new material from this popular video producer.  As a reminder, Sneaky Pee ships their own DVDs directly to customers from the UK and they are not shipped by Patches’ Place.


January 12, 2016

I Need 2 Pee 33 is the latest DVD release from INeed2Pee.  It includes a scene with Georgia from Patches’ Place for those of you who loved the way this thin, petite girl enjoyed teasing you while wetting herself!  It features new girls Katie Morgan, Angie Noir, and Whitney Morgan and runs 2 hours and 15 minutes.  Put some heat in your cold winter months by watching all these girls release that warm liquid and seeing it run through their panties and down their pant legs!


December 18, 2015

Hightide is now offering Pee Pub - Tramps Only! and The Wetter, the Better.  Discover what girls can do without guys while hanging out at a bar and how girls can have splashing good fun around a pool when they get in a playful mood!


November 30, 2015

Project Pee has released a new trilogy called Pee Medley Volume 21, Pee Medley Volume 22, and Pee Medley Volume 23. That is over 3 hours of pee-soaked fun with girls from Germany, Budapest, Prague, Mallorca, Holland, and Madeira.  Watch their daring adventures as they boldly pee wherever they are without seeking a toilet!


September 25, 2015

When it comes to an airline stewardess wetting herself, no nationality or airline is exempt!  See the newest addition to our Gallery called Coffee, Tea, or Pee? Emirates Airline!


July 5, 2015

We apologize for the delay in getting the Pee Movie List back online.  It is coming!  Please be patient!  We thought it would be restored some time in June but the person who will be hosting it has several businesses to run and it has been a busy time for some of those businesses.  This has caused a delay.  Much of the work for getting the Pee Movie List on a new server and in a new format is done.  We have been told “most of the heavy lifting of parsing the XML file is already done.  The rest is just polishing and formatting.”  A reasonable estimate for getting the Pee Movie List back online is late July so hang in there.  Your favorite database of wet movie scenes will soon return!


May 15, 2015

Good News!

1. Our payment processing is now restored.  The name of the payment processor that will appear on future credit card statements is Mentaza Media Solutions Ltd.  Plus by early next week we should have even more options for customers to pay online without using credit cards!
2. We have found a new caretaker for the Pee Movie List!  We cannot predict how quickly that valuable resource will be back online but it will be located on a new server with a new administrator.  The arrangements will be announced here as soon as they are complete.
3. Okay, there is one piece of bad news: in our haste to modify some of the video descriptions so we could get payment processing back online, we made HTML errors so the pages would not render properly.  Fortunately, this does not affect many of our video description pages and we are repairing them as quickly as possible.


May 12, 2015

With the big mess we have been dealing with to get the Pee Movie List back online and the needed revisions to our web site so we can get our payment processing restored, there is no time for a potty break.  It is just part of The Human Condition!


May 10, 2015

Wet Wayne has resigned as the caretaker for the Pee Movie List.  By clicking on the link to the PML you can read his statement.  Therefore, we have removed links to the PML from our main menu.

We know a lot of visitors to our web site enjoy the PML and use it regularly.  We feel your loss!  Wet Wayne has kept a full backup of the contents and programming of the PML in case we can find a new caretaker to administer the PML.  If you are willing to make a commitment to doing this, it requires knowledge of Java Struts to make changes in the programming.  However, anyone who is comfortable working with XML files can maintain the PML as long as no new features are added. Wet Wayne has written a document explaining the PML and how it works.  He is willing to help anyone get started as the new caretaker.  He will also be available to answer questions.  If you are interested in this role, have patience, and a love of watersports and how it is portrayed in the main stream media, please contact Flo at the email given on the contact page.

On behalf of the watersports community, we offer our thanks to Wet Wayne who has run the PML for almost 20 years.  We continue to appreciate all the work Wet Wayne has done over the years and his valuable contributions.


May 9, 2015

Our new payment processor will not allow certain words or references to appear on our website because we are an adult site.  Since many of the stories on our site refer to beverages that can be purchased in a bar (that is the only way we can say it because of the restriction on certain words), we have removed the entire stories section from our website.  We are not sure if it is worth the time and effort to revise all the stories so they do not contain any words or references that are prohibited so the stories section may never be restored.  We are spending this weekend revising other portions of our website to conform to the new requirements.  This mostly includes scene descriptions in the videos we offer but it even requires that we make some small changes in the Watersports Training Manual.

We hope to have credit card processing restored sometime during the week of May 10.


April 29, 2015

We are between billers right now and unable to accept credit card orders.  We expect to be able to take credit card orders again in a few days.  In the meantime, you can order by printing an order form (available on any video description page) and sending it by mail with your cash, check or money order.  Thank you for your patience during this temporary delay in online order processing.


March 22, 2015

Hightide offers another new release called Welcome to Club P with 67 minutes of hard core pissing featuring Ella and Gina plus a male barkeeper.  Watch the dance floor become flooded with piss after a swallow and fuck spree!


March 21, 2015

Your palace in the sky just got a cloudburst with water running everywhere!  Check out the latest addition to our Gallery called Coffee, Tea, or Pee? Air India!


March 3, 2015

A new video release from Hightide is called Urine Business and offers 65 minutes of hard core watersports featuring Gina and Cassandra.  Together with a male salesman who has come by, they show that working in an office does not have to be all work and no play!


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