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Patches 43 - Tis the Season to be Wet!
This video features Devan, Vanessa, Vicktoria, and Willow!  We call this video, "Tis the Season to be Wet!"  It has 25 scenes and runs 60 minutes.  The early part of this video offers a variety of very daring, public scenes during the Christmas shopping season.  The girls wet their pants in shopping malls and in several outdoor public locations where the steam can be seen coming from the hot pee in their pants because it is so cold.

NOTE: This DVD is being released in April 2013 because the master could not be located by Patches when the other DVDs were made.  The master was discovered when all the assets of Patches Place were sold to Piss Media.  The scene descriptions below are new based on video notes made by Patches.  The pictures for each scene are newly captured from the original master.  You can click on any picture to see a larger version.  This video description page has been completely reformatted to reflect the website changes that have been made since the VHS tape was offered.


Scene One
Vanessa and Willow are at the mall to do some Christmas shopping.  That is not all they have on their minds!  They are looking to have a little naughty fun while they are there.  Soon they are standing in the middle of the mall wetting their pants while they look around to see if anyone notices!


Scene Two
Willow is standing in the mall right next to where Santa greets the children as they tell him what they want for Christmas.  She figures most people will be looking at Santa so she can save herself a trip to the restroom by just wetting herself right there.  Besides, her wet pants don’t show that much since her pee ran straight through the crotch of her pants!  What shows the most is the puddle on the floor.


Scene Three
Willow is standing outside near the entrance to a Farm Market (now closed for the season) and next to a busy road.  She has heard that it is possible for women to pee through the fly opening on the pants just like a guy and not get their pants wet.  Since it is cold outside, she figures she will give it a try so she doesn't have to pull her pants down.  FAIL!  It sort of works but a lot of pee still runs down the leg of her pants!


Scene Four
Devan, Vanessa, Vicktoria, and Willow are right in the center of the city of Rochester, New York next to what is known as the Liberty Pole.  It is decorated for Christmas and the girls plan to do a little decorating of their own!  Vanessa and Vicktoria flash their boobs which gets them all laughing.  Then they decorate their pants by having a wetting contest!  They all manage to wet their pants right there in public view except for Vanessa who cannot get her stream started.  She decides to pull down her pants and squat to see if that helps.  Sure enough – a stream is soon flowing through her panties!  Willow feels the need to pee some more so she wets her pants again.  It doesn’t get much bolder than this because the girl are all standing right next to a police substation.


Scene Five
The girls are Christmas shopping again and this time at Midtown Plaza in Rochester, New York which was the first indoor shopping mall built in the US.  They are enjoying the sights and sounds of Santa Claus, a large decorated Christmas tree, a monorail, and a choir singing Christmas carols as they drink plenty of eggnog, mulled cider, and wassail.  Pretty soon they all needed to pee but that is no reason for these girls to stop enjoying the sights and sounds of the season!  They simply wet their pants right there in public!


Scene Six
Vanessa stopped in a bar while out Christmas shopping.  She met a guy who was a total stranger in the bar and they got silly and half hammered.  Vanessa told him she was going to wet her pants and he asked if he could watch.  Vanessa was never bashful and told him he could watch but then added that they should make it fun by doing something crazy.  She brought him out of the bar and down a few doors to the entrance to Circuit City.  She told him that they would stand there and pretend to be store greeters wishing people a “Merry Christmas” and while they were doing that, she would wet her pants.  Sure enough – the guy agreed and that is what they did.


Scene Seven
Our quintessential quartet are standing right outside the entrance to a drug store.  Once again needing to pee, they agree to do it right there in their pants!  Before they finish, a woman walks right past them to go into the drug store.  You see her in the video but we have not shown her picture on this page because you can clearly see her face.  She must have seen what the girls were doing but she put on a good act of totally ignoring them.


Scene Eight
Vicktoria became desperate to pee again the same day she was out with the other girls but the others were not ready to do another video scene.  Victoria was right outside the entrance to a Greyhound Bus station and decided to use the stairway railing as a perch for wetting her pants.  You can see she is wetting pants that were previously wet but she was really desperate and the flood she produced proves it!


Scene Nine
Vanessa is standing outside the bar with the stranger she had just met inside.  This is the same guy from Scene Six.  He was really turned on from watching her wet her pants and wanted to hug and kiss her.  Vanessa indulged him a little bit but then asked him to help coach her so she could release some more pee in the pants.  He did as he was asked and soon Vanessa was wetting her pants again and people walked past.


Scene Ten
Willow is resting on a bench in the middle of a shopping mall.  It is crowded and people are constantly walking past her.  She has already had a little accident with a few spurts of pee soaking into her pants.  Suddenly a smile crosses her face as she figures there is no point in trying to find a bathroom at this point so she just lets the rest of her pee go right there where she is sitting.


Scene Eleven
Vanessa and Willow are standing outside a restaurant.  They are actually trying to get anyone who happens to walk by to stop and watch them wet their pants.  They almost got one guy to be in the video with them but he would not walk in front of the camera.  They have started to wet their pants while they are talking to the guy off camera.  Then the unexpected happens!  Two guys who must have been managers or supervisors for the restaurant come out the door to see what is going on.  This was not planned in any way.  When they see the girls have wet their pants, they totally ignore the camera and watch the girls who start talking with them and continue acting up in front of their restaurant.  After some joking with the girls, one of them comments “You go girl!” before they walk back inside laughing.  The last picture above shows a woman sitting in the window of the restaurant who watched the whole thing.  From the scowl on her face, you can tell she is not laughing.


Scene Twelve
It is dinner for Devan and Willow at Planet Hollywood.  They start to leave Planet Hollywood and realize on the way down the stairs to the door that they forgot to use the restroom.  Why bother going back now?  These girls just stand for a moment on the stairs and wet themselves for some after dinner pleasure.  From the looks on their faces, you can tell they are happy as they walk out the door.


Scene Thirteen
Willow and Devan take a ride in a horse drawn carriage at Niagara Falls.  They are both free spirits enjoying themselves.  As they ride around next to the Falls waving to strangers and talking trash to each other, they begin wetting their pants because they are desperate and they just don't care where they pee!  Some girls just know how to have fun!


Scene Fourteen
Vanessa spots a car with the words “Mellow Yellow” on it.  This provides inspiration for Vanessa to make her own “Mellow Yellow” by wetting her pants and then trying to get her pee to soak into a snow ball to make it “Mellow Yellow” too.  From the way Vanessa is acting, you would think she had been drinking but she really hadn’t.  She was just happy and having fun!


Scene Fifteen
Willow and Devan are seated by a railing overlooking Niagara Falls.  Despite the fact that people kept constantly walking by in this popular tourist area, the girls act like no one is around and just wet their pants from the inspiration they got from the rushing water behind them.


Scene Sixteen
Devan knows how to have some creative fun.  When she is sitting in the bathroom and needs to pee, there is no point in using the toilet when there is a sink to catch her pee as it falls from her panties as she stands over the sink as wets them.


Scene Seventeen
Willow is visiting Hooters and she decides to give the Hooters owl a wet lap dance.  As she stands there wetting her pants and trying to get the owl wet too, a customer walks past and looks at her to see what is going on.


Scene Eighteen
Vanessa has just come out of the casino in Niagara Falls and she is really “pissed” because she lost a lot of money.  There is a cure for that!  In the parking garage, she stands in front of a car which has “law” on the license plate and thoroughly soaks her pants!  She feels better now!


Scene Nineteen
While enjoying drinks in the food court at a public mall, Vanessa and Willow strike up a conversation with a stranger they have just met.  During the conversation, they boldly tell him that they both enjoy wetting their pants in public.  Vanessa didn’t have to pee at the moment but Willow offers to show him.  Not only does she wet her pants right there in the food court, but she lifts her legs up high over her head to show him how wet the bottom of her pants is.


Scene Twenty
Vanessa visited the Hershey Chocolate Store in Niagara Falls and could not find a public restroom to use while she was inside.  That is no problem for Vanessa!  She just exited the store and promptly wet her pants right there on the street.


Scene Twenty-One
Willow and Devan are preparing to share some jacuzzi time together.  To make their time a little more exciting, they decide to pee in the jacuzzi and feel each other’s warm pee as it flows through their panties and into the jacuzzi.  It makes you wonder what happened next!


Scene Twenty-Two
Willow enjoys masturbating and peeing at the same time.  She shows you what gets her excited and makes her cum.


Scene Twenty-Three
Willow and Vanessa are considering a TV purchase when they both need to pee.  The store does not have any public restrooms but this does not stop the girls.  They give the store owner a demonstration of how they enjoy wetting their pants.  He seems to enjoy their demonstration more than they were enjoying his demonstration of TV sets.


Scene Twenty-Four
Willow is practicing for a “wet panty” contest at a fetish club and not only does she wet her panties as she floods the table but she pulls her panties partly aside so she can squeeze her pussy lips on each side of her clit as she pee for some extra pleasure.


Scene Twenty-Five
Devan, Vanessa, Vicktoria, and Willow decide to have a pissing contest in their panties!  They remove their pants, sit on the side of a jacuzzi, and begin wetting their panties so their pee runs into the tub.


Running Time: 60 minutes
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