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Kim Riga Productions

Erotic DVDs from a British video producer.
  • Slut Mode - Amateur watersports video
    Rachel and Trinity decide that doing nothing is the order of the day and consequently fill the day with sex, masturbation and pissing - in Rachel's house and outside in the English countryside.
  • Gala 1 - Amateur watersports video
    Nadia, Trinity and Rachel have a great time with sex, masturbating and peeing all over the English countryside.  See them peeing in the ruins of an English castle, by the side of a busy road, on a park bench, and in the middle of a park.
  • Date with Destiny - Amateur watersports video
    We spend some time with Destiny, a gorgeous busty blonde who loves peeing, wanking, playing with her tits, and generally showing off.
  • The Cherry Affair - Amateur watersports video
    Destiny and Cherry star in this pee soaked film
  • Gala II - Amateur watersports video
    The second in the Gala series, featuring Lorelei, Destiny, Trinity, Rachel, and Kiki, shot in and around the English countryside and in a lovely old village hall.  Lots of pissing, masturbation and smoking.
  • Rachel High - Amateur watersports video
    Rachel and Kiki are two schoolgirls who meet whenever they can before and after lessons.  Rachel teaches Kiki the pleasures of knicker wetting and Kiki soon becomes a convert.


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