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As the new owners of Patches Place, we do not yet know what the Frequently Asked Questions will be so we are going to leave Patches FAQ in place until we have questions that people frequently ask of us.  Besides, the questions and answers that Patches supplied are an interesting read and provide insight into the history of Patches Place from the beginning of this web site.

~ Flo Moore and Ann Yuresis ~

  1. Who is Patches?
  2. How did you get the name "Patches?"
  3. Are you selling a video of yourself?
  4. Do you have a printed catalog?
  5. Where can I find a description of your videos?
  6. Are any of your videos available in PAL format?
  7. When are you going to make more videos?
  8. Can videos be sent to Canada?
  9. Are the "squirting" scenes in videos the same as peeing?
  10. Are there places where groups of people interested in watersports can meet together?
  11. Why did you set up this website?
  12. What stories are available here?
  13. Are the stories you have written true?
  14. Have you ever had a pissing contest?
  15. Is there anything you haven't done?
  16. What was your major at school?
  17. When is your birthday so I can send you a card?

Who is Patches?

I'm a girl who just started my career after getting married in June 1996 and graduating from college in May 1996.  Running this Web site is a sideline for me.  I prefer to remain anonymous so I have the freedom to express myself openly without the fear that I may be recognized by friends or family or in my professional career.

How did you get the name "Patches?"

I picked my fictitious name because I like watermelon patches, and patches of grass, but my husband (my boyfriend when Patches' Place started) likes wet patches.  I will let your imagination figure out what watermelon patches and patches of grass are for but the reference to "wet patches" is the dark, stained area on my clothes when I wet my pants.  Watching the expanding wet area in my pants as I wet them is a big turn-on for my husband and something I enjoy very much also.  To keep it short, I dropped the "wet" and began referring to myself as Patches when I began making myself known on the Internet in November 1994.

My stories refer first to my boyfriend and later to my fiance as I related some of our early adventures together.  Maybe one day I will write additional stories about my husband and I but after starting the Patches' Place website in early 1995, any spare time went into developing our website and selling videos.  Early on, I asked him what he would like to be called in the stories I wrote about our watersports activities.  After reflecting a couple of seconds he said, "Call me Peter Pan because I never want to grow up!"  He enjoys watersports with me and associates the act of wetting himself as something childish.  But he loves acting childish and like Peter Pan, he would like to fly around Never-Never Land with me forever.  It is hard to imagine "forever" but I can imagine a "Golden" wedding anniversary!

A name like "Peter Pan" needed to be shortened so I briefly considered "PeePan" but rejected it after considering how often I would have to explain that name!  Then the initials "P.P." seemed like a good possibility and Tinker (one of my earliest friends on the Net and author of a number of stories) suggested I keep the same sound but make his name "Pi-Pi" which is French for peeing.  That sounded good to me and so I began referring to him as Pi-Pi.

While I was still in college, we needed a name for my roommate.  One Saturday night the four of us were standing around the kitchen at our apartment discussing various names for my roommate and her boyfriend.  We were getting a light snack to eat at the time and we were nuking some "Hot Pockets" we picked up at the store.

While waiting for the microwave to finish its cycle, my roommate's boyfriend was cuddling my roommate by reaching around from behind her and putting his hands down into the front pockets of her blue jeans.  She just stood still and didn't resist but asked him in a rather annoyed voice, "And what are you looking for?" To which he replied, "I'm just looking for some hot pockets that are good enough to eat.  I'm starved!"  Without blinking an eye, she just let go of a flood like she did at one point on our video and said matter-of-factly, "There's some hot pockets for you.  Eat'em up!"

He didn't laugh, at least not at first, and somehow she managed to keep a straight face.  But Pi-Pi and I laughed so hard tears were running down our faces.  It was a hilarious sight, especially the expression on his face as he pulled his hands out of her pockets and looked at his wet fingers.  So she is known as "Pockets."  I dropped the "Hot" just to keep it simpler in my stories.

We came up with a name for Pocket's boyfriend a few weeks later.  The name emerged from an e-mail conversation on the Net which had nothing to do with watersports.  We decided to call him "Runken" which is a Norwegian word for a "stroking motion" he likes to do over and over while watching our video. (grin)  I was later told that the name Runken was not the correct word in Norwegian for this activity but the name stuck.

Are you selling a video of yourself?

I used to offer a video of myself along with Pockets but we removed it several years ago because the quality was not that good from the low end camcorder we had back in 1994.  We have since removed all VHS tapes from sale and now only offer DVDs, Blu-ray, and downloads.  You can see the list of all our Patches videos at our Patches' Place video room.

We also market videos from other producers.  Our Patches videos feature a watersports theme.  Since the term watersports is used in so many different ways, we distinguish our videos hardcore material by referring to them as non-extreme golden fantasies since wet clothing is the main focus.  In December 1996, we added a new line of videos which we called “Watersports for Lovers” and they were intended as an educational tool for couples who would like to try watersports or get some ideas for watersports activities they might like to try.  These have been removed because we only offered them on VHS tape which has been discontinued.  We also made the Blue Ice series of 5 DVDs because some customers wanted scenes with nude peeing.  These are still available.  Our business partner is Wet Set Magazine and we offer a wide range of watersports material from hardcore to softcore in conjunction with Wet Set.

Do you have a printed catalog?

No, not at this time.  We do not want the expense of designing, printing, and mailing catalogs which is why we use the Internet to alert people to what we have to offer.  Since we are adding new titles all the time, a printed catalog would soon be out of date.  We have a flyer we send out in response to mail requests but it does not contain as much info as our Web pages do.

Where can I find a description of your videos?

Descriptions of our videos and those from other video producers are available from the links on our video producers list.

Are any of your videos available in PAL format?

All of our Patches DVDs are available in NTSC and PAL formats.  Our first Patches Blu-ray (Patches 50) is available in both NTSC and PAL formats but after making that one in PAL format, we discovered that PAL format was not necessary for Blu-ray since Blu-ray players sold in either PAL countries or NTSC countries can play either format.  Incidentally, as far as we know, we are the first company to ever offer a watersports video on Blu-ray.  A few of the companies we represent only offer their DVDs in either PAL or NTSC format and this is clearly indicated on the video description pages and the order forms.  Any DVDs can be played on a computer with a DVD player and it does not matter if they are PAL or NTSC.

When are you going to make more videos?

I don't plan to release any more videos with me in them.  I went though a complete make over to change my appearance after Patches 1 was released and so did Pockets.  We felt this was necessary to protect our identities in case anyone saw us in real life who had seen our video.  Besides, Patches' Place is now over 15 years old and I am getting older.  You don't want to see me in videos any more... you would prefer the young hard body types that we currently feature in our videos.

Can videos be sent to Canada?

In the beginning, we mailed VHS videos to Canada with no problems.  Then in the spring of 1996, Canadian customs became very strict about what adult entertainment products could enter their country.  Many of the videos we mailed across the border were confiscated by Canadian customs.  We suspect Canadian customs agents had not seen anything like what we offer and they were confused about what their own laws allow.  To a bureaucrat's mind, something that is fun must be against the law!  We have a mental image of customs agents taking turns going to a back office where they can "privately study" our videos to "learn more" from materials taken from a customer!  Confiscation is just another word for stealing what does not belong to you.  Incidentally, watersports videos are made and sold in Canada without breaking any Canadian laws.  It was just the importation of watersports videos that customs considered illegal.

When you compare what sexually oriented materials are available and legal within Canada and what they do not want to allow across their border, you begin to sense that the issue is not about protecting Canadian citizens from adult materials but about protecting their own local adult entertainment industry.  In other words, they are making economic policy under the guise of morality.  To be even more blunt, the Canadian government has found a way to violate the NAFTA treaty and feel self-righteous in doing so!  For a while, we had a Canadian distributor who shipped videos we sold to customers from within Canada.  When the market moved from VHS tape to DVDs, we found we could send DVDs across the border without any problems by putting them inside a greeting card since Canadian customs treated greeting cards like personal letters and did not open them.  Later we discovered that we could just send DVDs by mail across the border in normal packaging because Canadian customs was no longer trying to stop our videos from entering Canada.

Are the "squirting" scenes in videos the same as peeing?

Squirting refers to the act of "expelling the secretions of the paraurethral glands," not the act of urinating.  There has been a lot of controversy in medical circles about the existence and content of this female fluid.  Research has shown the chemical composition is prostatic acid phosphatase and glucose, and some tests have shown fructose, and a little bit of urea and creatinine.  It comes from glands surrounding the urethra called the Skene's glands or the paraurethral glands.  Stimulation of the area of the Graffenberg spot or G-spot in some women produces a paroxysmal emotional excitement which leads to expelling this fluid from the urethra.  If you really want all the details, read our excerpts from a transcript of a CBC radio broadcast from February 1995 which includes historical perspective, medical descriptions, and actual techniques for achieving female squirting.  This broadcast dispels the myth that Canadians are a puritanical bunch even if some of their customs agents are.

Are there places where groups of people interested in watersports can meet together?

Groups and scheduled meeting times come and go.  We have seen various meetings for groups of people interested in watersports set up over the years.  We even tried to set one up ourselves but there was a lack of interest in getting enough people to meet at the same place and time.  Announcements by people who want to meet together are sometimes posted on the Watersports Message Board at Wet Set so you might read that forum regularly or post a message yourself about a general location (like a city) where you would like to meet others in a group setting.

Why did you set up this website?

Our web site serves as a place to get information about various sexual topics and provides information about videos we have available.  I think this website is unique because of the diversity of watersports videos that are available here.  It ranges from hardcore to softcore.  It spans various interest areas from desperation to diapers.  It offers videos from a variety of different video producers each with their special style of portraying watersports content.  There are also stories, trivia, interesting content from various media sources, humor, and facts about watersports that you can't get anywhere else.  Plus, I think of this website as a place to have fun and express my radical, weird, and wild humor!

What stories are available here?

The collection of stories grew for a while until I ran out of time to maintain the list of stories and add new ones.  We have an archive of many stories about watersports on the Stories Page.  There are a number of other sites on the Net that offer watersports stories so I don't feel the same need to add new stories to my site as I did in the beginning when newsgroups were the only places to find watersports stories.  Do a search on "watersports stories" and you will find many sites with this content.

Are the stories you have written true?

Except for stories labeled as fantasy, all my stories are true.  However, I admit I try to tell them in a way which will add to the dramatic (erotic?) effect of the story on the reader.  Any of my stories labeled as humor are definitely not true but just for fun!

Have you ever had a pissing contest?

My roommate and I often had pissing contests with our guys while we were at school.  When we were not peeing our pants but shooting for distance instead, we often beat the guys.  The only difference is we had to use two hands and they only had to use one.  Think about it!  Since we graduated, got married, and my former roommate moved to another city, my husband and I usually have other forms of wet fun!  I hope this doesn't mean we are finally growing up!

We used to have pissing contests with all four of us to see who could wet their pants first.  One of us would set the alarm on our wrist watch and the game was to see who could make a wet spot on their pants first after the alarm went off.  Each of us won from time to time in this contest.  The last one to make a puddle had to clean up so the real object was not to be the loser in this contest.  (grin)

Is there anything you haven't done?

Yes!  Some day I want to go hang gliding.  I want to soar hundreds of feet above a major roadway and pretend I am a rain cloud so people turn on their windshield wipers below me.  I also want to reach a orgasmic state where endorphins are released in my brain at the same time.  The trick will be not to let go of the hang glider and crash!  I really wonder if it can be done and when I get up enough nerve, I am going to try it!

What was your major at school?

Many guys think I majored in marketing but they are wrong.  Divulging my major even after graduation could compromise my anonymity so I will skip that question.  Next?

When is your birthday so I can send you a card?

If I told you my birthday, it might help you find me and I want to stay anonymous.  I have taken steps to conceal my identity and the identity of close friends so none of us can be harassed by close-minded, intolerant people who might cause us trouble.  Unfortunately, we live in a society where some people think it is their duty to limit the freedoms and rights of others when they do not agree with their beliefs or actions.  If you want to send me a birthday card, send it to me on your birthday and we will both celebrate!


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