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December 31, 2011 — HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ball Viewing Party


We are wondering what time we need to show up in Times Square tonight to view some balls!  If we bring you guys enough beer, can we watch you pee too?  (We know you guys are going to be looking around Times Square with your cellphone cameras ready to catch us girls wetting our pants after having too much to drink!  We know what you guys want!)


December 31, 2011

We have had 5 people claim a free Patches DVD as of last night.  The Christmas give away is now over.  It took us a while to figure out why it took so long for 5 people to claim a free gift with no strings attached.  When we held our scavenger hunt last summer, we announced it on our HOME page and put the details on the NEWS page.  Since most people land on the HOME page after entering our site, they saw it immediately.  This time we only announced it on our NEWS page and not as many people check for news about updates to our site.  If you missed out on a freebie this time, keep checking our site in 2012 because you never know when there will be another offer or a contest!

December 26, 2011

Well, I am surprised!  Back at the end of June when we had our 4th of July scavenger hunt contest, it only took 2 days for 10 people to win a free DVD.  We had 15 pictures hidden on various pages of our website and winners had to find all 15 to win a DVD.  This time I am giving away a free DVD to the first 5 people who ask with no contest and no strings attached and I still do not have 5 people who have claimed a free DVD after 36 hours!  While I did not expect requests in the early hours of the morning on Christmas Day, I did expect all 5 DVDs to be claimed by the evening of Christmas Day.  So unless you are out shopping the after Christmas sales or returning presents you don’t want, you still have a chance to be one of the first 5 people to claim a free Patches DVD.

December 25, 2011

Santa is on his way... bringing gifts for every good little girl and boy.  This year, we get to play Santa Claus and we have some gifts to give away.  You don't have to think twice about whether you have been naughty or nice.  But you do have to act fast!  We are giving away Patches DVDs to the first 5 people who send me an email to tell me which Patches DVD they want.

There are no contests, no catches, and no gimmicks of any kind.  Just tell me which DVD you want and supply your name and address so we know where to send it.  This offer only applies to DVDs and not to downloads.  As soon as 5 people have claimed their Christmas gift, I will post announcement right here that the offer has ended.  I am posting this announcement just after midnight (eastern time in the US) on Christmas Day.  I suspect not very many people will be checking for news on our site during the night time hours.  However, I do suspect not very many hours will pass before the 5 DVDs have been given away.  Don't let this opportunity pass to get one of our DVDs for free just by sending me an email to tell me which one you want.  Merry Christmas to all!

December 22, 2011

The video description page for Sneaky Pee 33 has been added to our site.

December 19, 2011

The latest computer generated art has been added to our Gallery.  The name for this one is Charge it!

December 7, 2011

Patches 55 is now available as a download.

December 2, 2011

A link to a trailer has now been added to Patches 55 - Page 1.  Get a peek into the contents of our latest video with this preview clip!

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