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Kim Riga


The Cherry Affair
  Scene 1

Destiny and Cherry get on the sofa and having fun licking and playing with each others tits, Cherry licks Destiny's pussy - Destiny announces she needs to piss, so Cherry obligingly lets her stand and piss over her tits - Cherry then returns the favor and pisses over Destiny.

Scene 2

Standing in the bath, naked, they both produce a torrent of piss over each other for what seems like ages - both girls pushing out liters of piss in huge splashing arcs.

Scene 3

Cherry retires to the garden for a cigarette, then she decides she needs to piss, so she does, right there in the garden; she gets a bit carried away and rubs herself while she pissing, getting her dress wet and soggy.

Scene 4

In the kitchen, the girls really have some fun - Destiny stands on a stool, hangs onto the ceiling, and pisses all over Cherry's arse, who is bending over in front of her.  Piss goes all over the kitchen floor, Cherry, and the camera.

Cherry returns the favor, bends over and pisses torrents all over Destiny hands, which are nestled firmly between Cherry's legs.

Scene 5

Dying for another cigarette, Cherry is only allowed to do so if she goes into the garden naked, so smoking a cigarette naked in the garden, she pisses on the garden path.

Scene 6

Back inside, the girls continue with some mutual wanking.  Destiny gives Cherry's pussy a real good licking and fingering, she rubs her nipple onto Cherry's clit, and opens Cherry's pussy and shows the camera her wee-hole!

Scene 7

Destiny pisses over her living room carpet, a powerful jet of piss showers the floor, with Destiny waving the stream around so it goes further.

Scene 8

Outside, the girls stand in the middle of a small country road, and together they piss in the middle of it - they were both dying to go!  Watch their piss running down the road.

Scene 9

Driving along In the back of a taxi, hot and dying to piss, the girls ask the driver if he would mind if they both pissed in the back of his car - he agrees!  The girls then proceed in turn, to open their legs and piss in the back of the car.  Cherry goes first and does her usual gushing fountain, the piss goes all over the seats, and over Cherry - by the time she's finished, she is soaked, and so is the back of the car.  Destiny goes next, after a little wanking and exposing and playing with her clit, she squats on the seat and pumps out loads of piss, the jet is so powerful, Cherry has to hold her hand in front of her stream to stop it reaching the front of the car!  Plenty of laughing and swearing - a real hot and wet scene!

Scene 10

Outside, sitting on a fence, Cherry demonstrates her ability to piss fountains, and produces a spray of piss from between her legs while Destiny watches in amazement.

Scene 11

On the bed, Destiny is once again tucking into Cherry's gorgeous wet pussy, some good close up shots of Destiny dribbling spit onto Cherry's pussy and pushing her fingers inside.  Admiring Cherry's shoes, Destiny decides to piss on them, so she straddles Cherry and pisses all over her feet and shoes.

Scene 12

Cherry lies on the floor, lifts herself up and, playing with her pussy, she pisses a fountain over the floor.

Scene 13

Destiny gets on all fours, cherry kneels beside her, opens her pussy and watches while Destiny lets out a torrent of piss over the carpet.

Scene 14

Cherry squats in her pink knickers and wets herself.



Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD
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