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The Date with Destiny
  The Date with Destiny

We spend some time with Destiny, a gorgeous busty blonde who loves peeing, wanking, playing with her tits, and generally showing off.  This video lasts for 60 minutes and has eight great pee scenes.

Scene 1
Naked, Destiny stands and straddles the bath and pees; with the camera positioned directly underneath her, you feel as though you are there - particularly when she scores a direct hit on the camera.

Scene 2
Destiny decides to piss on the kitchen floor, and talks you through the process.

Scene 3
Destiny takes you to her bedroom to watch her get dressed.

Scene 4
Destiny pees directly onto the camera (part 1)

Scene 5
Destiny plays with herself on the living room sofa.  At one point, she opens her pussy wide to show you her wee hole.  She has a really incredible wanking session which leads straight into a combined standing wanking and pissing session, she soaks her legs and hands and at the end of the session she licks her fingers with satisfaction.

Scene 6
Destiny pees directly onto the camera (part 2): In this continuing scene, you get a great shot of Destiny holding her pussy open and peeing on and to the left of the camera, giving the impression that she's pissing right past you onto the floor.  Some great audio of her piss splashing onto the carpet.

Scene 7
Fully dressed on the living room floor, Destiny begins to pee in her tights and knickers, then slowly strips off, puts her tights and knickers on the floor, and soaks them with her piss.  After soaking them, she then rings them out onto the rug.

Scene 8
Naked, Destiny pisses onto the rug on the living room floor in various positions, and narrates you through the process.  She also offers to come and wee on your rug which is an offer we'd all like to accept!

Scene 9
Destiny goes out for a walk in the local park, feeling horny, she looks for a place to play with herself and finds a small clump of trees and treats us to some intimate wanking and tit fondling, she even manages to lick and suck her nipples!  After this, she walks onto the pathway and pisses onto the path.

Scene 10
Still outside, and still feeling horny, Destiny finds another spot and has another good play, this time she uses her hairbrush (but not for brushing her hair) and gives us another good view of her having a piss, this time she bends forward and looks between her legs as we see the piss pouring from between her legs.



Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD
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