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Scene Twenty-One
Georgia is in a particularly horny mood especially since she has to pee.  She stands behind a building in a busy area and slowly lets her pee go so it runs down the legs of her jeans.  She touches herself to add to her pleasure before she walks off with a smile on her face.


Scene Twenty-Two
Mela is standing next to a river near where a tour boat is about to leave with a load of passengers.  You can hear a guide giving a presentation of interesting facts about the area over a loudspeaker.  As Mela is standing there, she calmly wets her pants when she feels the need to pee.  As she is doing it, a jogger runs past her and then a bicycle goes by her too but no one pays any attention to her dripping wet pants!


Scene Twenty-Three
Vicktoria is showing Beth the location where she and Mela had sat in a tree a couple of years ago while whittling on sticks so they could roast marshmallows (scene 30 of Patches 52).  The tree was just hit by lightning which split it down the middle.  Beth asks if she can pee on the tree that Vicktoria and Mela used before and Vicktoria tells her to go ahead because that is why she brought her here.  Vicktoria then joins Beth in peeing on the tree right where it was split by lightening.


Scene Twenty-Four
Georgia is enjoying an ice cream cone while sitting on a bench located on a busy street in town.  The ice cream is making her cold but she knows how to warm herself up and promptly wets her jeans before walking down the street to finish her shopping.


Scene Twenty-Five
Mela and Vicktoria are sitting on a open fireplace in the middle of a park.  They talk about how they could send smoke signals if they peed on a fire.  There is no fire but that does not stop them from pretending as an excuse to wet their pants as if there was a fire that could be used to send smoke signals.  These girls are just having way too much fun!


Scene Twenty-Six
Beth and Georgia decide on some new rules for playing a round of miniature golf.  They decide that any time either of them misses a shot that they would pee just a few spurts.  It quickly becomes apparent that Georgia does not have any panties on under her dress but that doesn't stop her from hiking it up to show the release of a sprinkle of pee every time she misses a shot.  Yes, there are people around and you can see them also playing miniature golf in the background and you can hear the noisy traffic as cars go by just a few yards away.  This does not stop the girls from having a very wet round of golf and they run out of pee by the end of the game.  Georgia gets a hole in one on the last hole which entitles her to a free game but she decides not to collect since the guy in the club house has taken an interest in their activities.


Scene Twenty-Seven
Mela and Vicktoria find a hammock overlooking a marina in the background.  It is a beautiful day so they decide to swing for a while.  When Vicktoria needs to pee, she just lets it run through her pants as Mela watches.  There were some other guys watching too from a distance on the back steps of a local restaurant.  This made Mela nervous so she couldn’t pee.


Scene Twenty-Eight
Georgia found a bench sitting along a trail in the woods.  She sat down and soon the bugs were bothering her.  Since she had to pee, she decided to combine some fun with possibly driving the bugs away.  She wet her panties and through the back of her skirt before continuing on down the trail.  If you click on the third picture above to see the large view, you can see her pee puddling on the inside of her skirt before she moved forward to let it run off the hem.


Scene Twenty-Nine
Mela is “skipping stones” at a lake when she needs to pee.  She just lets it go while continuing to skip the stones.  Even when she sees people approaching her, she continues her activities and washes off before leaving the area.


Scene Thirty
Beth and Georgia are on a bridge by a water inlet.  On this beautiful day, they are enjoying the weather and the sight of the ducks, the boaters, and the fishermen.  Being the naughty, daring girls that they are, they just pee when the urge hits them.  At the end of the scene when the camera swings in the other direction, you can see a fisherman who was standing just a few feet away while they were wetting themselves.


Scene Thirty-One
It is time for a “Kodak moment” on this cool, fall day as Mela and Beth are standing near a wall with the Kodak building in the background.  When Beth needs to pee, she just empties herself in her pants but when Mela needs to pee, she can’t do it but it is fun to watch her try!  She is in a rare mood as she dances and prances.  She sticks her hand down her pants to play with herself but nothing gets her flow going.  This is one missed “Kodak moment” for her.


Scene Thirty-Two
Beth is standing outside a store in a Santa hat to wish shoppers a “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays” but then a store manager comes out to see what she is doing.  We left the footage in to show Beth’s fast thinking as she deflected a potentially awkward situation by asking the manger some questions.  Then outside another store, Beth continues to offer her holiday greeting to shoppers and wets her pants while people are walking past her.  She decides to leave right away after the last person walks by her as she was standing there in her wet pants.


Scene Thirty-Three
Mela and Vicktoria are sending a video Christmas greeting to their guys in the military service in a foreign country.  They know what their guys like so they put on a little show for them to let them know how much they miss them.  They take turns wetting their panties while sitting on a couch.  They want their guys to hurry and come home to them.


Scene Thirty-Four
Beth is sitting on Santa’s lap telling him all the things she wants for Christmas.  Then she asks Santa is anyone has given him a present.  She then offers him a surprise gift by wetting her pants while sitting on his lap.  This is one surprised and happy Santa!


Scene Thirty-Five
It is New Years Eve and Beth and Vicktoria are getting in the celebration mood by drinking champagne together.  They start making their New Years resolutions.  One resolution is to lose weight since they have both put on a few pounds and another resolution is “not to pee in porcelain” in the coming year.  When the champagne starts going through them, they start observing the second resolution early as they wet their panties and pantyhose.


Scene Thirty-Six
It is time for the countdown to the new year as Vicktoria and Beth watch the coverage of Times Square on television.  They girls are pretty wasted at this point since they have drunk several bottles of champagne.  They countdown the seconds with the crowd in Times Square as the giant ball drops.  Then they celebrate the New Year by wetting their panties.  The coverage is from the 2001 New Year since this video is being released before 2002.


Scene Thirty-Seven
It is New Year's Day and Beth and Vicktoria are just waking up after sleeping on the floor all night.  They both have a hangover and they both need to pee.  As Beth is about to get up and go to the bathroom, they remember their resolution from the night before that they are not going to “pee in porcelain” so Beth lays back down and wets her panties.  Vicktoria does the same and they roll over and go back to sleep.


Blooper Scene
We have an interesting and funny blooper scene to show you which contains multiple errors by the girls and others who were assisting in shooting the scene.  Vicktoria and Mela are doing an exercise workout and neither of them used the bathroom before starting.  Vicktoria admits she has to pee but proclaims she has not seen a bathroom anywhere.  Yet the bathroom and toilet are clearly visible right behind Mela.  The cameraman got one of the light stands in the scene and from another angle, the feet of one of the assistants is clearly seen.  Vicktoria also does a couple of farts while she is peeing.  From an erotic interest point of view, this scene is quite good but from a technical point of view, this scene is definitely a blooper!


Customer Testimonial
During the Putt/Pee Golf game between Georgia and Beth, I was pleasantly surprised to see Georgia was wearing a dress and no panties!  Boy that was a sight to behold when she lifted her dress and there for all to see was that most beautiful pussy of hers glistening in the bright sunlight with a few drops of pee making everything stand out clearly!

I was also glad to see Miss Kitty!  She was so great in her two scenes!  She was so genuine in both wettings.  The second one really showed how aroused she was at wetting herself in those shorts.  I only wish I had been present.

Vicktoria was FANTASTIC and utterly TERRIFIC!  She was at her best in my opinion.  She is a really great wetter!  She creates a flood almost every time!  She has good control releasing her pee in large spurts that are amazing to watch!

Mela!  My Sweet Mela!  She is a very naughty and provocative young woman!  All her scenes were something to look forward to!  She has the quality of wetting herself and really showing how well she loves to do it!  She does an absolutely wonderful wetting show so I always look forward to watching her do her thing.  So Arousing!

Beth is really a great wetter and, like Vicktoria, when she lets go, she really lets go!  That girl can PEEEEEEEE!  Beth also has a very attractive face and that is a credit to her.  I hope to see a whole lot more of her style in the future.

I give this a 5-star rating in the Naughty Girl Wetting category and a two thumbs way-up!  Send them my best regards for a job very well done!  You Gotta To Love It!

K.H., Dallas, Texas


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