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Scene Twenty-One
Mela has found one of the pumpkin people sitting in an outhouse reading a newspaper.  Mela takes a seat next to him and pees through her panties.  Then she strikes up a conversation with this pumpkin head and asks to use the paper he is holding to wipe herself. When she finishes, she grabs her jacket and leaves as she wonders out loud whether she should get some apples while she is here.


Scene Twenty-Two
Vicktoria is about to rub her clit on the pumpkin stem of her great pumpkin but as she does, the top of the pumpkin with the stem falls into the pumpkin.  She decides that the fun is over and it is time for her pumpkin to go.  However, she wants to have one last pee through her panties into the pumpkin before she throws it out.


Scene Twenty-Three
Mela and Vicktoria are sitting by a river on a beautiful fall day.  They discuss how they will soon be able to ice skate on the river and melt the ice by wetting their pants.  Right now, they do not need to delay their pants wetting fun until the future, they can enjoy the experience right now and they do.  As they are peeing, Mela wonders if there are fish in the water and they decide they could go fishing right now.


Scene Twenty-Four
Mela is seen fishing in a nearby bay and when she hooks a fish, she gets so excited she wets her panties.  You see the pee running down the front of her dress.  Then she loses the fish so the only excitement is the experience of wetting her panties.


Scene Twenty-Five
Vicktoria and Mela are discussing how to get a guy hard.  Vicktoria demonstrates by using a nearby fire hydrant.  She stands over it and pees her pants like she would stand over a guy and pee on his dick.  Mela decides to try it and she pees on the fire hydrant too while asking if it would get a fireman hard also!  Vicktoria assures her it would and when she finishes, they leave to go find more places to practice getting a guy hard.


Scene Twenty-Six
Beth and Mela are standing under a time clock that is mounted on a pedestal.  They are wondering how to “stand the test of time” and in their silly mood, they decide that peeing their pants would be one way to do it.  They both make such a flood that their pee runs down the pedestal and into their shoes that they left below on the ground.  While it is not shown in the scene, a couple of utility workers arrive just as the girls are leaving.  We are not sure what they saw but they did ask the cameraman what “that” was all about.  They were told they didn't want to know!


Scene Twenty-Seven
Vicktoria is stuck in a playground wire mesh tube and starts peeing her pants when she cannot get out.  Mela comes to her aid and pushes her through.  Then Mela gets stuck in the same place and winds up wetting her pants before she manages to free herself.


Scene Twenty-Eight
Mela has to pee and asks a guy sitting on a park bench if he knows where the restrooms are.  He doesn’t know but since he is a “dirty old man” he quickly suggests that she could sit on his lap and pee.  At first Mela is shocked but since she urgently needs to pee and is in a playful mood, she agrees!  Since she had not done this before, it was a little hard for her to start her flow but soon she peed on his crotch and then his leg and then rubbed her wet pants on his other leg to get that wet too!  As they parted, you could tell that both of them were pretty happy with the experience!


Scene Twenty-Nine
Before Vicktoria checks the Patches’ Place Post Office box, she announces that if there are no orders, she is going to pee her pants.  She opens the box and it is empty!  As she gets ready to pee her pants, she invites those watching her to pee their pants with her.  Just as she finishes peeing, someone comes into the Post Office and Vicktoria quickly hides out of view.


Scene Thirty
Vicktoria and Mela are sitting in a tree and whittling on sticks so they can roast marshmallows later.  They complain that there are no porta potties at the campsite but then admit that they probably would not want to use them anyway.  It is much more convenient (and fun) to just wet their pants right there in the tree!  Vicktoria goes first and when Mela sees what she has done, she wets hers too.


Scene Thirty-One
Beth has found “Benny” who is a statue in a little downtown park.  She sits on his lap and talks to him while she wets her panties.  Then she leaves him because he is not very talkative.


Scene Thirty-Two
Later at the same little downtown park, Beth introduces Mela to another “Benny” who does talk.  This is a guy who just happened to be in the park as we were preparing to do this scene and he wanted to be in it!  He let Beth pee on his hand and then kept grabbing Mela’s crotch which made her so nervous that she couldn’t pee!  He kept talking trash and even tried to make out with Beth and pick up Mela.  More footage which could not be used is included in the second blooper scene at the end.


Scene Thirty-Three
Mela is at a wading pool that has a fountain in it.  She wades out and remarks that the fountain reminds her of a bidet which makes her want to pee!  Before she can wet her pants, a security guard asks her to get out of the pool.  She clarifies what she is allowed to do and finds out that it is okay to dangle her feet in the water while sitting on the edge.  So she sits there with her back to the security guy and wets her pants so he can’t see what she is doing.


Scene Thirty-Four
Mela and Vicktoria are on a lunch break.  They both have to pee and Vicktoria decides it is too far to walk to get to a bathroom so she pee in her pants.  Mela decides this is the best option too and floods her pants while Vicktoria watches.


Scene Thirty-Five
This last scene features Beth and Mela as a couple of adult babies.  They are outdoors in their sleepers and getting ready for a nap but they both have to pee.  The dialogue is comical as they suck each other's thumbs, talk about spiders, and admit they are not wearing diapers!  Beth pees in her sleeper first but Mela doesn’t pee because she is afraid of mommy.  Finally, she stands up and pees a stream right through her sleeper.  Beth then gives her a piggy back ride to go get changed into dry clothes.


Blooper Scenes
We have 3 blooper scenes to offer you.  The first shows what happened when Vicktoria could not pee the candle out in the grim reaper scene.  She also had the table top tip over and struggled to get it back upright again.  The blooper is both erotic and funny!  The second blooper show Mela struggling to pee in the scene with the black guy in the park.  He kept touching her between her legs and it stopped her from peeing.  He was a total stranger that we only met that day just before shooting the scene.  The last blooper shows Vicktoria struggling to pee in the satanic pumpkin before she throws it out.  She finally does pee a little bit in her panties but these are outtakes which were never included in scene twenty-two.
Special Offer and Challenge
Mela actually pooped her pants in two different scenes while she was peeing.  If anyone can identify either scene, we will give you a Patches or Blue Ice DVD of your choice!  You are only allowed one guess and this offer in only open to those who buy Patches 52 on Blu-ray or DVD.  This offer is not open to those who buy the download version of Patches 52.
When we first announced Patches 52 on our Home page, we offered several pictures from scenes in Patches 52. They are still available!  You can click on any of the pics below and get a full size (1920 x 1080) picture that makes a great wallpaper for a large wide-screen monitor.  Enjoy!


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