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Patches 55 - I Want to Wet Myself
Patches 55 is called “I Want to Wet Myself” and features Beth, Georgia, Mela, Vicktoria and a new girl, Kitty.  There are 37 scenes plus a blooper scene in this 89-minute movie.  This movie is shot in a wide-screen, high definition format and features pants wetting, panty wetting, public peeing and masturbation, a golden shower, plus a lot of intentional naughtiness.  You can purchase it on standard definition DVD and high definition Blu-ray.  While the picture quality of the DVD is outstanding, you will want the Blu-ray version if you have a Blu-ray player and high definition TV set.


Scene One
Georgia is out in the yard cleaning a padded chair.  She takes a cigarette break and decides to indulge her favorite pleasure at the same time.  She wets her pants while sitting on the chair to see if it will help with the cleaning process.  She decides that one wetting won’t be enough so she goes back in the house to fill up again so she can wet the chair with enough “liquid” to clean it.


Scene Two
Mela likes to water flowers.  As she is driving past a mall she spots some flowers and since she has to pee, it seems to her like this is an excellent time for some craziness so she uses a big leaf to guide her pee from her pants onto the flowers below!


Scene Three
Vicktoria spots a girl sitting at a picnic table in a park next to a golf course.  She goes over to the table, sits down, and introduces herself.  The girl introduces herself as Kitty and they strike up a conversation.  Kitty tells Vicktoria that she has to pee and asks Vicktoria if she knows where there are any bathrooms.  Vicktoria tells her there are not any bathrooms for 10 miles but that is why she likes to come here.  This puzzles Kitty so Vicktoria explains that she likes to enjoy wetting her pants and suggests that Kitty try it.  Kitty is dumbfounded at the suggestion but since she has a pressing need, she decides to try it (if she can do it).  Kitty is soon soaking her jeans and is amazed at the warm, tingly feeling it gives her.  Vicktoria then soaks her jeans to enjoy her favorite experience too.


Scene Four
Vicktoria and Kitty wetting their shorts
Vicktoria and Kitty meet up the next day and sit on a park bench near a busy parking lot.  Kitty tells Vicktoria about the naughty things she did the day before after she left Vicktoria.  She put on a dress and went to a mall and repeatedly peed little spurts through her panties without anyone knowing what she was doing.  She got so exciting about her new found pleasure that she then went to a bar to get some drinks and continue peeing little spurts in her panties while she talked with the guys.  She confessed that it made her so horny!  Vicktoria began feeling horny just listening to Kitty's story and she began peeing in her shorts right there.  Kitty immediately followed Vicktoria's example and began wetting her shorts.  You can see from her picture above that Kitty closes her eyes when she pees and she is not even aware she is doing it.  You have to wonder if she was closing her eyes while she was peeing little spurts in her panties in front of the guys in the bar.  She probably was!


Scene Five
Beth is out enjoying the nice weather in a park with lots of flowers and people around.  She has to pee but rather than go to find a bathroom, she just continues to enjoy herself by peeing in her jeans.


Scene Six
Georgia discovers that her birdbath doesn't have any water in it.  Since the water is off in her house, she comes up with the obvious solution of enjoying her wetting pleasure while providing the birds with some water.


Scene Seven
Mela is sitting at a park picnic bench and feeling very horny as she plays with her tits and rubs her clit.  She lays down on the top of the picnic table as she continues to play with herself and pee her panties.  All the while, she is watching the other people at the park as she gets herself off.


Scene Eight
Georgia wants to put on a private show for you to entertain you.  She is at a park and goes into the woods at the edge of the park so she can give you an arousing and exciting show.  She is wearing only a top coat and panties.  She slowly and seductively opens her coat and starts playing with her body as she talks with you about what turns her on.  She starts rubbing the crotch of her panties as she slowly wets them for you.


Scene Nine
Beth and Vicktoria are on a bridge over a river.  They are both desperate to pee and they hope someone will come by so they can pee in front of them.  When no one comes by, they simply start wetting themselves because they can’t wait any longer.  After they finish, they notice someone off in the distance.  As they wave at him, they wonder how much he saw!


Scene Ten
Mela and Vicktoria are having a contest to see who can be a better “statue.”  As they banter back and forth to each other, Vicktoria starts wetting her jeans.  Mela is not going to be outdone by Vicktoria so she wets her pants too.  You are going to wish you could find more statues like these girls!


Scene Eleven
Georgia and Vicktoria are sitting on rocks next to a lake with a lot of people around them.  This is one of the few times you will see them nervous about wetting themselves in front of people but strangers were walking past them just a few feet away.  They both left their wet marks on the rocks before leaving.


Scene Twelve
Georgia is sitting on a ledge with a small amusement park behind her.  She is in a daring, frisky, and naughty mood so she indulges her need to pee by gushing a lot of pee through her panties while she rubs her clit.


Scene Thirteen
Beth and Mela are exercising.  When the need to pee arises, Beth just goes in her tight shorts while doing the splits.  Mela prefers to sit and make a puddle while she pees her shorts.


Scene Fourteen
Georgia is sitting on the curb at a mall outside a Macy’s store.  She decides it would be some naughty fun to pee her panties and get her skirt wet too.  As she is peeing, a car drives by which forces her to close her legs and get slightly embarrassed.  Then some people walk past to go into the store and one woman definitely notices what she is doing as she looks back and stares at Georgia.  Georgia figures it is a good time to get out of there before trouble comes.


Scene Fifteen
Vicktoria is on the back porch outside her house.  She has a lot of company inside her house and the bathroom is always in use so Vicktoria can’t get in.  She decides to just enjoy the feeling of her full bladder and then let her pee go so she can enjoy that feeling too.  She wonders how she will get back into the house without all her friends seeing what she has done but in the end, she just doesn’t care.


Scene Sixteen
Georgia is enjoying a day at the park when she finds a low, horizontal branch on a tree.  She climbs up to enjoy the view.  She also wants to enjoy the naughty pleasure of wetting her shorts as she sits there.  The shorts are extremely short!  She rubs her shorts as she soaks them and the tree limb.  What a fun day at the park!


Scene Seventeen
Beth is out enjoying the flowers in the middle of a busy boulevard.  When she squats down to smell some flowers, she pulls her skirt between her legs and pees through her panties and the back of her skirt.  There is nothing like a discreet wetting in a public place to put a smile on a girl’s face!


Scene Eighteen
Mela is out by a pond with a lot of ducks around on a chilly day.  She has to pee and she figures if the ducks can just go wherever they are, she can too!  She wonders if she can pee out of a hole in the seat of her jeans but it is not positioned correctly so she just soaks the legs of her jeans.  It is so much fun just being naughty!


Scene Nineteen
Georgia is showing Vicktoria a retreat house where writers and poets come for inspiration.  When the girls have to pee, they are definitely inspired to enjoy their favorite pastime.  They take turns wetting themselves and enjoy the thrilling experience!


Scene Twenty
Beth and Mela are sitting in a metal gazebo next to a lake.  They talk about all the people who get married in this beautiful location and the meal they just enjoyed in a nearby restaurant.  When they need to pee, there is no thought of moving.  It is more convenient to just let it go right there in their pants.


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Running Time: 89 minutes
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