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HD Wetting Halloween Spooktacular
Witches!  Monsters!  Mad Scientists!  All desperate to pee and wetting their pants.  See Sammy get drunk at a Halloween party and have an accident while a group of witches need a special ingredient for their latest incantation, and the evil Doctor Frankensammy creates a monster with a bladder that is too small.


Scene One
Mikki, Haydee, and Sammy are stirring up a witches brew in order to cast a spell.  However, their incantation isn’t working... it is missing an ingregient!  The pot needs to include some “witch’s golden water.” It also has to be pure which the girls interpret to mean that one of them needs to pee through her panties to filter the pee.  Sammy has to pee so she volunteers to provide the missing ingregient which turns the liquid in the pot from green to purple.


Scene Two
Mikki and Sabrina are at a Halloween party discussing how they can pull a trick on Sammy.  When Sammy comes by, she is pretty drunk and asks Sabrina to help her get to the bathroom.  Sabrina plays a trick on Sammy and leads her outside instead of to the bathroom.  Sammy is so desperate that she wets herself.  Mikki comes to Sammy’s defence and instead of laughing at her, she wets her panties too because Sammy is her friend and she doesn’t want her to feel bad.  Sabrina doesn’t want to be the bad person so she wets her panties also so they can all continue to be friends.  The scene also includes some outtakes showing bloopers the girls made while shooting the scene.


Scene Three
Frankensammy is Sammy turned into a mad scientist who creates a monster (Haydee) to be her companion.  Frankensammy made her monster with a bladder that is too small so Haydee constantly wets her pants.  When Mikki laughs at Haydee for wetting herself, Haydee chokes her to death.  Then Haydee chokes Sammy to death the next time she wets her pants because she hates Sammy for making her that way.  This causes Sammy to wet her pants as she is dying.


Scene Four
Mikki, Haydee, and Sammy provide you with a series of 4 costume wettings in this scene.


Scene Five
Mikki, Sabrina, and Sammy are having a slumber party that is totally boring!  Mikki goes to bed before the fun really get started.  Sammy has gotten a male friend to dress up in a grim reaper costume and make noises outside the house.  When the grim reaper bursts into the house, Sabrina wets her pants.  But the real joke is on Sammy when a real killer breaks into the house and kills the girls.  Meanwhile, Mikki is sleeping and the killer sneaks into her room and kills her too.


Scene Six
Scene 6 continues the action from scene 5 and shows Mikki tormented in hell in her afterlife.  Sammy is the devil who makes her pay for her sins by drinking the pee from Sabrina and Haydee when Mikki gave them a diuretic (scene 18 of Master Collection 1).  This causes Mikki to wet her pants because she is tied up just like Sabrina and Haydee were.


Running Time: 34 minutes
Available on DVD as a set for $75.00
This DVD is only available as a set with Halloween Spooktacular.
The set has a total running time of 85 minutes.
DVDs are available in both PAL and NTSC
This video is also available for download without Master Collection 2.
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