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HD Wetting Master Collection 1


Scene Thirteen
Haydee and Mikki are posing for pictures.  This triple feature shows both of them wetting their panties.


Scene Fourteen
Michelle has her own triple feature and is shown wetting herself while playing a video game, while cleaning the patio, and while locked out of the bathroom.


Scene Fifteen
Fear can be a powerful cause for wetting yourself.  When Haydee is tied up and Sabrina tried to talk her into wetting her pants, Haydee refuses.  Sabrina even demonstrates what she wants but it does not motivate her.  Then Mikki puts a gun to her head and Haydee immediately starts to wet her pants.


Scene Sixteen
A hidden camera records what happens as a series of girls enter a bathroom and find the toilet seat is sealed shut.  Each one struggles with a full bladder until they have an accident.


Scene Seventeen
Haydee and Sabrina decide to play the “hand in warm water” prank on Mikki as she is sleeping on a couch.  Mikki wakes up with wet pajama bottoms and finds the other 2 girls posting pictures of her with her wet pants on the Internet.


Scene Eighteen
Mikki decides to get revenge for the prank the other girls pulled on her.  She invites them over to her place and overcomes them with a spell.  They wake up in a darkened room and Mikki comes in to give them a drink.  What Haydee and Sabrina don't know is that the drink contains a strong diuretic.  They soon have an overwhelming urge to pee and wet their pants!


Scene Nineteen
Sammy and Mikki are having a conversation about peeing and Mikki talks Sammy into wetting her pants.


Scene Twenty
Sabrina is pleasuring Sammy orally and badly needs to pee.  Sammy doesn’t want her to stop because she is about to climax.  Finally Sabrina wets her panties and the bed.  Sammy wets the bed too after she cums.


Scene Twenty-One
The girls are playing a card game where the loser has to strip off an article of clothing or do something outrageous.  As you can guess, the preferred “outrageous” activity is to pee their pants.  Sammy ends up getting tickled when she can’t pee.


Scene Twenty-Two
Sammy always holds it too long and this is really a problem when she starts to do the laundry.  The sound of the running water has an effect on her causing her to wet her pants.  She is doing laundry anyway so what is a little more to wash after an accident!


Scene Twenty-Three
Mikki has an on-camera interview about her feelings toward making watersport videos.  She reveals her past experiences giving and receiving golden showers.


Scene Twenty-Four
Sammy talks about her attitudes toward making watersports videos in an interview also.  She is quite open about how much she enjoys it.


Scene Twenty-Five
In the last scene, Sammy is tickled until she pees.  She is helpless as she is tied to a tree while Mikki and Haydee tickle her.
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Running Time: 73 minutes
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