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HD Wetting Master Collection 2


Scene Thirteen
Some members at the HD Wetting website wanted to see a girl peeing in a Maxi pad.  Sammy offers to give a demonstration to show just how much liquid a Maxi pad can hold.


Scene Fourteen
Mikki gives the first of her public wetting scenes by wetting her pants inside a convenience store.  She is seen entering the store, wetting her pants, exiting the store, and then changing her pants in the car while the car is driven away.


Scene Fifteen
Sammy is in one of her naughty moods and decides to enjoy herself by pissing her blue panties over the sink in her bathroom.  It sure takes away the boredom!


Scene Sixteen
Ginger is locked outside with no way to get in.  She is desperate to pee and has no choice but to wet her pants outside the door.


Scene Seventeen
Mikki shows what goes on behind the scenes when a photoshoot is being done.  You get to see how a shoot is set up and the interaction between a model and the cameraman at a shoot.


Scene Eighteen
This is the second of Mikki’s public wetting scenes.  This time she is in a department store and floods her pants before walking out of the store.


Scene Nineteen
Ginger, Mikki, and Sammy are playing a game of Twister in their underwear.  Ginger soon loses and is out of the game but Mikki and Sammy continue playing even though both girls are desperate to pee.  Mikki wets her panties and after Sammy gets wet with Mikki's pee, Sammy wets her panties while she is hovering over Mikki and gives her a “golden shower.”


Scene Twenty
Mikki is desperate and rushes to the bathroom.  However, she can't get her pants down because her zipper is stuck.  She ends up wetting her pants which in turn gets her aroused as you can see from her perky nipples sticking through her T-shirt.


Scene Twenty-One
Mikki ties Sammy up in a chair and gags her.  Then she sits on Sammy's lap and pees on her.  Afterwards she ungags Sammy who proclaims she enjoyed it!


Scene Twenty-Two
Mikki wets in public for a third time.  She enters a hardware store and wets her pants while standing in an aisle.  Then she walks out of the store right past a customer who sees her.


Scene Twenty-Three
Sammy is desperate to pee and rushes to the bathroom.  While she is sitting on the toilet, Ginger shows up and is desperate to use the bathroom.  Sammy is in no hurry to finish up and does her nails and other things while continuing to pee.  Soon Ginger wets her pants while standing outside the bathroom door waiting to get in.


Scene Twenty-Four
Mikki wets herself in public again.  This time she pulls up to a convenience store and stands out front of the store while she wets her jeans.


Scene Twenty-Five
Sammy like to have fun in the bathroom so after getting out of her shower, she dresses in her panties and jeans just to pee in them.  After her flood, she strips down and gets back in the shower.


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Running Time: 51 minutes
Available on DVD as a set for $75.00
This DVD is only available as a set with Halloween Spooktacular.
The set has a total running time of 85 minutes.
DVDs are available in both PAL and NTSC
This video is also available for download without Halloween Spooktacular.
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