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HD Wetting Master Collection 2
HD Wetting’s girls are back for more wet fun.  Check out some daring public wetting as Mikki pees her pants at a carnival and in the middle of a busy store.  Also watch the girls play a game of twister in their underwear as they are desperate to pee.  Plus lots of bed wetting, panty pissing, desperate accidents, and more!


Scene One
Sabrina gives an interview about her experiences with making videos and wetting her pants.  She offers candid insights into what it feels like (and how she feels about it).


Scene Two
Mikki poses for the camera in a night time outdoor scene where she seductively pees her jeans.


Scene Three
Mikki makes a video of Haydee and Sammy peeing in their jeans.


Scene Four
Haydee and Mikki enjoy the festive atmosphere as they go to the fair.  The rides take their toll on Mikki and her bladder but rather than use those nasty, smelly portapotties, Mikki just wets her pants instead.


Scene Five
Mikki wets her jeans in a public park while her boyfriend encourages her and shoots the scene.


Scene Six
Ginger has a naughty streak!  She loves to stand in the shower and pee in her tight jeans.  Then it is time to strip and wash off.


Scene Seven
Sammy gets a bit restless while she is sleeping.  It must be her full bladder.  She wakes up on after she has wet the bed.  She uses her sleepy surprise as an opportunity to masturbate to an enjoyable climax.


Scene Eight
Ginger and Mikki are playing a video game.  When Mikki has to pee, Ginger insists that they finish the game first.  Mikki obliges by simply wetting her pants!


Scene Nine
Sammy is desperate to pee and takes great pleasure in doing it in her panties as the camera captures an upskirt view of her wetting.


Scene Ten
Mikki is desperate to pee while cooking.  She keeps stirring the pot on the stove while she simply wets her pants.  What a dedicated cook!


Scene Eleven
As Mikki is sleeping at night, she wets her bed.  In the morning, she wakes up and inspects her wet bed and panties.


Scene Twelve
Mikki and Sammy both get to the bathroom at the same time.  Sammy goes first but once inside the bathroom, she can't get her zipper down.  She ends up wetting her pants.  Mikki could not hold on either and wets her pants outside the bathroom door.


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Running Time: 51 minutes
Available on DVD as a set for $75.00
This DVD is only available as a set with Halloween Spooktacular.
The set has a total running time of 85 minutes.
DVDs are available in both PAL and NTSC
This video is also available for download without Halloween Spooktacular.
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