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Scene Thirteen
Vicktoria tells Mela she is going to be bad
Mela warns Vicktoria not to be naughty
Vicktoria wets her panties to be naughty
Vicktoria pees a flood through her panties
Mela decides to be naughty too
Mela wets her panties in the kitchen
Mela makes a puddle on the floor
Mela decides to clean up the pee
Our naughty school girls, Mela and Vicktoria, are back for more peeing in their house while mommy isn’t around.  This time they are in the kitchen and they have made sure that mommy isn’t there!  Vicktoria pees her panties while sitting on the kitchen counter and Mela wets her panties while squatting on the floor.


Scene Fourteen
Georgia tied spread eagle on the bed
Georgia cannot get loose
Georgia has to pee
Georgia wets her panties and the bed
Georgia likes the hot, wet feeling
Georgia thinks about what her boyfriend is missing
Georgia has been tied spread eagle in her bed by her boyfriend.  He has left to go get some more wine with the intention of getting Georgia drunk for some wet fun.  Unfortunately for him, Georgia has to pee now!  Since she can’t get loose, she decides to just wet the bed and let her boyfriend find out what he missed when he gets back.


Scene Fifteen
Beth and Mela look at the Genesee River Gorge
Mela has to pee so wets her pants
Mela shows Beth her wet pants
Mela watches Beth wet her pants
Beth enjoys her wet pants feeling
Beth and Mela watch a deer in the river gorge
Beth and Mela are on a walk bridge overlooking the Genesee River Gorge.  When the girls have to pee, there is no question about what they are going to do.  The day is rather cool and they figure there is no better way to warm up than to let it go in their pants!


Scene Sixteen
Mela decides to wet her pants on a bridge
Mela has a gusher going
Mela shows her wet pants to Vicktoria
Some guys cross the bridge by the girls
Vicktoria wets her pants after the guys have gone
Vicktoria has a gusher going
Mela and Vicktoria enjoy their wet feeling
Mela pees some more in her pants
Vicktoria and Mela are on a different walk bridge overlooking the Genesee River.  They are also enjoying much warmer, sunny weather.  Mela begins wetting her pants and see some guys coming toward her but she continues peeing anyway.  Vicktoria waits until the guys pass before wetting her pants.  Then Mela pees some more as they watch the river below.


Scene Seventeen
Vicktoria and Mela need to pee on a golf course
Vicktoria tries to pee in the hole while Mela holds the flag
Vicktoria misses the hole
Mela makes a puddle next to the hole
Mela and Vicktoria lament the fact that there are no rest rooms on their favorite golf course.  So what is a girl to do?  They come up with a new game of trying to stand over the hole on the green and pee into the hole.  If you look closely, you can see it is a near miss for each of them!


Scene Eighteen
Beth is horny and needs to pee
Beth uses her panties to masturbate
Beth starts to pee while rubbing herself
Beth has a gusher
Beth continues to pee while using her panties on her clit
Beth pulls her panties until it feels great
Beth is very horny and needs to pee.  She pulls her panties tight against her clit.  She plays with herself until she begins to pee and then continues to pull her panties against her clit because it feels so great.  She gets herself off with this panty pulling technique and enjoys every minute of it!


Scene Nineteen
The restrooms are locked so Vicktoria and Mela can’t use them
Mela wets her pants because she is so desperate
Vicktoria is impressed with Mela’s puddle
Mela isn’t done and pees some more
Mela continues peeing a long time
Vicktoria wets her pants too
While resting in a gazebo at a park, Vicktoria and Mela complain about the rest rooms being locked.  Mela pees her pants because she is so desperate.  While Vicktoria is impressed with the amount that Mela peed, Mela is not done.  She pees another long stream in her pants.  Vicktoria is glad it isn’t a contest because she would have lost with the amount of wetness in her pants.


Scene Twenty
Mela and Vicktoria decide to pee and masturbate together
Vicktoria begins to wet her panties first
Mela and Vicktoria play with themselves on their bed
Mela watches Vicktoria pee while she plays with herself
Mela starts to wet herself while playing with her clit
Vicktoria and Mela both reach orgasms
Mela and Vicktoria decide it is so much fun getting off and peeing at the same time that they are going to do it together.  Vicktoria starts wetting her panties first as she plays with herself.  Mela starts wetting herself after she watches Vicktoria and as she plays with her clit.  Both girls have orgasms.


Scene Twenty-One
Vicktoria and Mela talk about peeing in front of their boyfriends
Mela tells Vicktoria how much she enjoys wetting her pants
Vicktoria and Mela wet their pants together
Mela tells Vicktoria how horny she is
Mela and Vicktoria are sitting on a park bench and talking about the times they have peed in front of their boyfriends.  Mela tells Vicktoria how much she enjoys wetting her pants so the girls both wet their pants at the same time.  Mela then tells Vicktoria how she needs to see her boyfriend now because she is so horny.


Blooper Scene 1
Mela and Beth ride a bicycle for two
Mela tells Beth she needs to pee badly
Beth wets her pants like a bike racer does
Beth suggests the Mela wet her pants too
Beth wets her pants a second time
Mela tells Beth she shit her pants because she has diarrhea
Beth and Mela are riding a bicycle built for two people.  When they need to pee, they decide to do it the way the bicycle racers do it... letting it go in their pants!  The problem is that Mela has diarrhea and she can’t pee without shitting her pants too.  Mela doesn’t admit this until she thinks the mic is off.  However, we were using a wireless mic for this scene and even though the van we were using to shoot this scene had pulled away from them, the mic was still on.  You get to hear the candid discussion as Mela tells Beth about her problem and why she could not wet herself.  It is a hilarious blooper!


Blooper Scene 2
Beth wearing a bikini by the pool
Beth sunning herself
Beth needs to pee
Beth wets her bikini next to the pool
Beth is out by the pool in her bikini catching some rays.  When she needs to pee, she does it right on the side of the pool in her bikini.  We did not think she peed because we did not see her peeing.  However, we did discover later that she did, in fact, wet her bikini when we watched the scene on the Blu-ray.  We had already declared the scene a blooper in the video and we were not going to re-edit it.  So, calling this scene a blooper was our fault because Beth did exactly what she said she did... wet her bikini!


Blooper Scene 3
Beth needs to pee by bus stop
Beth tries to wet her pants
Beth is waiting at a bus stop wearing a white shirt, tie, and business pants.  She has to pee but does not want to miss the bus so she stays at the bus stop and decides to just wet her pants.  Unfortunately, she is not able to pee and this time, the scene is a true blooper.


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