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Patches 56 - Let It Go... Anywhere
Patches 56 is called “Let It Go... Anywhere” and features Beth, Georgia, Mela, and Vicktoria.  There are 21 scenes in this 90-minute movie plus 3 blooper scenes.  This movie is shot in a wide-screen, high definition format and features plenty of intentional peeing anywhere the girls happen to be when they feel the need.  The result is repeatedly wetting their pants, panties, tights, skirts, dresses, in their beds, on the floor, in public, and in private.  There are masturbation scenes and a nude peeing scene plus a bikini scene as well.  The first blooper is especially humorous when you listen to what Mela tells Beth when she thinks the mic is off.  You can purchase this movie on standard definition DVD and high definition Blu-ray.  While the picture quality of the DVD is outstanding, you will want the Blu-ray version if you have a Blu-ray player and high definition TV set.
Download the Patches 56 Trailer. It runs almost 4 minutes which is longer than any previous trailer.  It can be played on your Quicktime Player or VLC Media Player.


Scene One
Victoria peeing as Mela watches
Mela and Victoria peeing
Mela and Victoria peeing downhill
Vicktoria stands to see how far she peed
Mela and Victoria compare how far their pee streams ran
Mela and Victoria compare how far their pee streams ran
Vicktoria and Mela have a contest to see who can make their pee stream run the farthest downhill.  Mela successfully pushes a golf ball with her pee.  The girls estimate that their streams ran at least 30 feet.


Scene Two
Beth feeds geese at a park
Beth pees her pants
close up of Beth peeing
Beth continues to wet her pants
Beth checks a guy in a car watching her
swans and geese in a pond
Beth is at the park feeding some geese.  She wets her pants while continuing to feed the geese.  She spots a guy in a car who is watching what she is doing but she doesn’t care.  She just continues to feed the geese and talk to them.


Scene Three
Vicktoria and Mela sitting on some rocks by the bay
Mela begins to wet her pants while Vicktoria watches
Mela soaks the rock she is sitting on
Vicktoria pees her pants too
Vicktoria soaks the rock she is sitting on with pee
Vicktoria and Mela compare how wet they are
Mela and Vicktoria are at a bay watching some geese and enjoying the weather.  When Mela needs to pee, she just wets her pants along with the rock she is sitting on.  Vicktoria wets her pants too.  The girls certainly know how to enjoy themselves!


Scene Four
Mela plays with some baby pigs at a petting zoo
Mela talks to the piglets
Mela starts wetting her pants
Mela inspects her wetness
Mela pets some goats in her wet pants
Mela gives some loving to other goats
Mela is at a petting zoo and is enjoying the baby pigs and goats.  She wets her pants just because she wants to feel the warm wetness.  Then she continues talking to the animals and petting them in her wet pants.


Scene Five
Georgia making a motel bed
Georgia bends over to show her nude ass
Georgia pulls on the bed blanket
Georgia debates where she should pee
Georgia bends over and pees on the carpet
Georgia feels the pee running through her fingers
Georgia continues peeing
the carpet gets wet between Goergia’s feet
Georgia has a naughty grin on her face
Georgia continues making the bed
Georgia is wearing a French maid outfit as she goes about her duties cleaning rooms and making beds at a motel.  She has to pee but she has already cleaned the bathroom so she decides to just pee as she is making the bed.  She is not wearing any panties so as she bends over to smooth the bed blanket, you get to see her pee gushing from her pussy and splashing on the carpet.


Scene Six
Vicktoria opening her gas tank
Vicktoria selecting her gas and method of payment
Vicktoria pumping her gas
Vicktoria beginning to pee her pants
Vicktoria continues wetting herself
Vicktoria enjoying the pee running down her legs
Vicktoria is at the gas station filling up her tank when she needs to pee.  Rather than waste time running to the rest room, she just lets it go in her pants while she fills her gas tank.


Scene Seven
Vicktoria laughs at Mela’ game idea
Mela wetting her panties first
Mela and Vicktoria wetting during their game
Mela has to ‘go pee’
Vicktoria wetting her panties
Mela wetting her panties
Vicktoria peeing again
Vicktoria and Mela finish their game
Mela and Vicktoria are playing a game of “Go Fish” but they have renamed it “Go Pee” which is what they have to do whenever either girl does not have the card that was requested.  The game proceeds as each girl does squirt after squirt in her panties.


Scene Eight
Beth playing with herself
Beth using a vibrator
Beth licking her tits
Beth putting her vibrator on her clit
Beth wetting herself while using her vibrator
close up of Beth wetting her panties and stockings
Beth likes to get herself off while wetting herself.  Wearing only tights and panties, she uses her vibrator to stimulate herself while sitting on the floor.  Soon she is peeing a stream right through her panties and tights as she enjoys sexual release while releasing her pee.


Scene Nine
Mela walking to her car with her shopping bags
other shoppers are watching Mela
Mela wets her pants in the parking lot
Mela cannot find her car
Mela has been shopping at Penneys and she emerges from the store to look for her car.  She can’t stop her car but some people have spotted her and continue to watch her as they go into the store.  Mela is desperate to pee and begins leaking into her pants.  She can’t even grab herself to try to stop the flow because she is carrying bags in each hand.  All she can do is continue looking through the rows of cars to try to find her car.


Scene Ten
Mela and Vicktoria discuss pulling a prank
Vicktoria starts wetting her panties and the bed
Vicktoria kneels on the bed while peeing
Vicktoria inspects her puddle while Mela watches
Mela kneels to wet her side of the bed
Mela stands on the bed to pee
Vicktoria writes her name on the sheet with her pee
Vicktoria stands to finish wetting the bed
Vicktoria and Mela decide to play some tricks on a friend while she is away.  After putting plastic Saran wrap on the toilet seat, they figure they will pee in their friend’s bed. Vicktoria is even determined to try to write her name in pee on the bed sheets!


Scene Eleven
Vicktoria and Mela climb a falled tree trunk
Mela starts wetting her pants
Mela soaks herself and the tree
Vicktoria starts wetting her pants
Vicktoria soaks herself and the tree
Each girl has a pee stream running off the tree
Vicktoria and Mela are enjoying a pleasant day in the woods by climbing a fallen tree trunk.  To enjoy themselves even more, they decide to pee their pants while climbing on the tree.  They end up hot, horny and looking for sex!


Scene Twelve
Mela and Vicktoria are naughty school girls
Vicktoria tells Mela she is going to wet the couch
Vicktoria starts wetting her panties and the couch
Vicktoria soaks herself
Vicktoria dares Mela to wet herself too
the girls are busted by mommy who was home
Vicktoria lifts up Mela’s dress
Vicktoria talks Mela into wetting too
Mela pees a stream straight through her panties
Vicktoria pees some more
Mela and Vicktoria are naughty school girls who think their mommy isn’t home.  Just to be bad, Vicktoria decides to wet her panties while sitting on the couch.  She tries to talk Mela into doing the same thing but Mela thinks that will get her into trouble.  All of a sudden, mommy appears with a belt in her hand.  She has heard everything and threatens both girls with punishment.  As mommy goes back to her room to decide on the final punishment for the girls, Mela decides to wet her panties on the couch too since she figures if she is going to be punished, she might as well do something to earn the punishment.


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Running Time: 90 minutes
$50 on DVD or $70 on Blu-ray
Available on DVD or Blu-ray in PAL or NTSC format.
This video is also available for download.
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