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Scene Twenty-One
Mela, Beth and Georgia are enjoying some free time at the harbor watching the boats.  When they need to pee, they do what the fish and the ducks do... they go right where they are!  Beth leans back and soaks her panties.  Georgia spreads her legs and lets her pee fall from her shorts into the water.  Mela floods her pants making a very visable wet area on the back and front of her pants.


Scene Twenty-Two
Vicktoria asks Georgia what she likes about wetting her pants.  For Georgia, it is all about peeing on a guy during sex.  For Vicktoria, the turn on is “the release!”  For Mela, the smile on her face as she notices some workers in the building next to her watching them says it all.  They all wet their pants and then decide to leave after putting on their little show for the guys who were watching.  They didn't care about the guys watching because they knew they could be long gone before the guys in the building could confront them.


Scene Twenty-Three
Beth and Mela are showing Vicktoria their graffitti artwork which inspired their successful line of designer jeans.  They invite Vicktoria to try a design which she does by making wet streaks down the legs of her jeans.  Beth makes a design too but Mela's bladder doesn't want to cooperate and she remains dry.


Scene Twenty-Four
Mela amuses herself when she has to pee by sitting at the top of a slide and wetting her leggings so she can watch the stream run down the slide.


Scene Twenty-Five
Mela, Beth and Vicktoria are playing a game of softball.  Vicktoria is sending signals to the pitcher about how to pitch the next ball.  One of her signals confuses the pitcher when she sees a stream flowing from Vicktoria's pants.  When Beth takes her turn at being the catcher, she sends another wet signal to the pitcher.  I guess they were looking for the pitcher to throw a “piss ball!”


Scene Twenty-Six
Mela decides to teach Georgia how to swing and pee at the same time.  Mela decides it is too hard to hold on to a cross bar and swing because of her extra pregnant weight.  Georgia catches on fast and is soon swinging and peeing at the same time.  When she drops to the ground, she still has to pee and keeps flooding her panties.  Mela joins in and pees her shorts but Georgia just keeps going and going and has a flood on the ground by the time she finishes.


Scene Twenty-Seven
Mela, Vicktoria, and Georgia are sitting on a bench neat the Genesee brewry.  Vicktoria and Georgia have taken a tour of the brewry and they have to pee badly.  Since Mela is pregnant, she could not go with them to sample the products but she has to pee pretty badly too.  Vicktoria makes a splashing puddle followed by Georgia.  Mela's puddle is smaller but not by much.


Scene Twenty-Eight
Mela stands next to a statue of her college professor and apologizes for peeing all over the classroom floor.  Then she confesses that she didn't do it because she was pregnant but because she likes it!  She asks her professor if he has ever wet his pants and moves up close to him to wet her pants and show him how it feels.  After she finishes, she asks her professor if he will give her an “A” and plants a kiss on his cheek.


Scene Twenty-Nine
Beth, Georgia, and Mela are playing frizbee on the beach.  When they need to pee, they urge each other to “just go” even though there are people nearby.  Georgia even does a little imprompto dance after wetting her pants.


Scene Thirty
Mela and Georgia were caught outside in the rain and you see them running inside the house.  Once inside, they start stripping their wet clothes off and soon they help each other strip down to their panties as they admire each other's body.  Since they need to pee, they decide to give each other golden showers.  Soon they are peeing on each other to warm each other up.  When they finish, they strip off their wet panties and head for the shower.


Scene Thirty-One
It is time for some more golden shower fun but this time out in public with Beth joining Mela and Georgia.  As they sit on a picnic table, they start fooling around and making out.  Soon Mela is giving Georgia a golden shower while Georgia feels Mela's boobs and kisses Beth.  They all wet themselves as part of this erotic turn-on.


Scene Thirty-Two
Mela introduces Georgia to “Blue” who is a painted horse.  Mela peed on Blue in an earlier video before she was pregnant.  Georgia climes up on Blue and proceeds to wet her panties so her pee will run down Blue's body and soak his cock and balls.  Mela stays on the ground this time and pees so she gets Blue's hoofs wet.  Then Georgia climes down and rubs Blue's balls before leaving.


Scene Thirty-Three
Mela dares Georgia to hang upside down on some monkey bars and pee her pants.  Georgia not only says it will be easy — she makes it look easy too!  You see her pee run down her body and into her long hair.  Mela is impressed with this feat and is about to try it herself but then thinks she should play it safe because of her pregnancy.  She Mela finds a pole and slids down that like a fireman while wetting her panties all the way.


Scene Thirty-Four
Mela is waiting for a friend outside a shopping center.  She has to pee but doesn't dare leave because she might miss her ride.  Finally she pees while people are walking in and out of the store entrance a few feet away.


Scene Thirty-Five
Mela is smelling some flowers next to the bench seat where she is sitting.  The fragrance from the flowers stimulates her need to pee.  She not only wets her panties but gets aroused in the process.  She lets her pee flow through her fingers as she massages her clit.


Scene Thirty-Six
Beth, Mela, and Georgia are out in public on a pier next to a river.  There are some guys a few feet away watching them.  Being in a very naughty mood, they wet their panties in a subtle, flirting way.  When one of the guys starts to approach them, they walk away with smiles on their faces.


Scene Thirty-Seven
Mela and Georgia are on a swing set.  Georgia remembers the fun she had earlier when Mela taught her to “swing and pee” so she starts swinging and peeing at the same time.  Mela wants to get in on the wet action so she stands by her swing and makes a stream through her panties.


Scene Thirty-Eight
Mela is sitting on some unique “hand shaped” seats next to a busy intersection.  Suddenly her baby starts kicking and kicks her bladder!  This causes Mela to wet her panties.


Scene Thirty-Nine
Mela is sitting on some steps in front of a building as she soaks in some rays on a bright sunny day.  All of a sudden, liquid starts gushing through her shorts.  She looks down and wonders if her water has just broken or if she just starting peeing involuntarily.  She is not sure but she doesn't feel any contractions so she figures it must be pee.  It was a large gusher that ran down quite a few steps.


Scene Forty
This last scene shows Mela, Vicktoria and Georgia coming out of a Red Lobster restaurant right after Georgia and Vicktoria have treated Mela to dinner.  Mela is about to leave to go to another city to have her baby and the girls wanted to say a special good-bye to her.  They have a group hug and a group pee.  While Georgia is peeing, a passing car spots her and honks his horn.


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