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Patches 53 - I'm Pregnant! I Need to Pee!
Patches 53 is called “I'm Pregnant! I Need to Pee!” and features Beth, Mela, Vicktoria and a new girl, Georgia.  There are 40 scenes in this 91-minute movie.  This movie is shot in a wide-screen, high definition format and features pants wetting, panty wetting, public peeing, accidents, intentional naughtiness, watersports games, humorous situations, golden showers, peeing stunts, and much more.  See what the Patches' Place girls have been up to lately as they support Mela's pregnant condition!  You can purchase it on standard definition DVD and high definition Blu-ray.  While the picture quality of the DVD is outstanding, you will want the Blu-ray version if you have a Blu-ray player and high definition TV set.


Scene One
Vicktoria wets her panties
Beth wets her panties
Georgia wets her pants
Mela wets her panties
Vicktoria, Mela and Beth introduce Georgia to their fondness for wetting their pants.  Georgia tries it and likes it!


Scene Two
Mela, Georgia, and Vicktoria prepare to wet their jeans
Georgia wets her jeans
Mela wets her jeans
Visktoria pees her pants
Goergia and Vicktoria flood their jeans
The girls examine their waterfall
Georgia suggests making a waterfall on some playground equipment.  Mela and Vicktoria like the idea and soon all three of them have made floods that cascade down from their jeans.


Scene Three
Georgia enjoys the new thrill of wetting her pants in public.  She sits on a piling next to a canal boat and wets her panties while wearing a short jeans skirt.  You can see the people walking past her and Georgia just smiles!


Scene Four
Mela and Georgia are exercising in the park.  Mela is wearing her "I'm Pregnant! I Need to Pee!" t-shirt and after some stretching to warm up, they begin doing some jumping jacks.  Georgia has an accident and begins peeing while jumping.  Mela claims she can pee anytime because she is pregnant so she pees in her exercise outfit.


Scene Five
Mela is overlooking a pansy bed and enjoying the feeling of playing in the dirt with her bare feet.  When she has to pee, she figures the pansies could use some watering so she peed on them through her tights in a big gusher!


Scene Six
Mela is walking through a flower garden with a male friend.  There are lots of people around and suddenly Mela has a little accident in her pants.  She tells her friend who protects her from prying eyes and helps her get away from all the people.  Every damsel in distress needs her knight in shining armor to rescue her!


Scene Seven
Georgia, Mela and Vicktoria discover some flowers that are dying and need some water.  They take turns peeing on the flowers while ignoring the fishermen who are a few feet away in the background.


Scene Eight
Georgia is sitting with a friend at an outside table in front of a bar.  Georgia is telling him about her “new job” which involves peeing her pants in public places.  She offers to give him a demonstraction and proceeds to wet her panties right there while the camera catches all the action under the table.  While it isn't shown in the video, the manager of the bar saw what she did and came out the door yelling at her and chased Georgia away.


Scene Nine
Beth, Mela and Vicktoria are out walking and they have a long stairway to climb in order to reach the bathrooms.  They need to pee badly and Vicktoria can't wait and floods her pants right there.  She even empties her shows when she finishes peeing.  Beth follows suit and soaks her jeans too.  When Mela tries, all she is able to do is a few squirts in her jogging pants.  It seems that her pregnancy makes her bladder confused sometimes about how much pee will come out even when she feels desperate.


Scene Ten
Mela needs to exercise during her pregnancy according to her doctor so she finds some playground equipment to work out on.  As she hands from a monkey bar, she is overcome by an urgent need to pee so she wets her panties.  Then she continues with some more swinging exercises after her bladder is empty.


Scene Eleven
Georgia and Mela have found a playground slide and since they both need to pee badly, she think it would be fun to pee down the slide before sliding down.  The laughter that is heard after Mela slides down is because her pee splashed the cameraman as she slid through her puddle at the bottom of the slide!


Scene Twelve
Vicktoria, Beth and Georgia are getting ready to go camping.  As they review where they are going and their equipment, they remind each other that there are no latrines at this camp site.  The girls think this will fit in just fine with their expected pleasures of having some wet fun.  Vicktoria has to pee so she decides to “practice” what it will be like at camp.  Soon Georgia and Beth follow her example and flood their pants as well.  This is just the start of a beautiful camping trip!


Scene Thirteen
After arriving at their camp site, the first thing they need to do is put up their tent.  Not having done this before, the girls struggle to erect the tent.  Out of frustration, they finally just decide to “piss on it” and so they do!  They stand over the unassembled tent and wet their pants!


Scene Fourteen
Beth, Georgia and Vicktoria are playing a game of volleyball near their campsite.  When they need to pee, they take turns showing each other how they wet their panties.  You would definitely enjoy a camping trip or even a game of volleyball with these girls!


Scene Fifteen
Mela is sitting on the back of a park bench pulling the petals off a daisy she found.  As she does so, she repeats, “I'm going to pee!  I'm not going to pee!” and ends with “I'm going to pee” as she pulls off the last petal!  And pee she does!  She makes a giant gushing flood through her panties and soaks the bench and the concrete pad underneath.  She is totally impressed with how much she peed as she examines the evidence and she is very amused by how naughty she is!


Scene Sixteen
Mela, Vicktoria and Beth find a bench to rest on as they enjoy the flowers in a park.  They note the unique inscription on the bench seat about “fishing these waters many times” and decide it would be better if it said how many times they have pissed these waters.  Joking aside, they take this rest opportunity to enjoy their favorite activity of releaving themselves in their pants.  When they get up to leave, they walk right past a woman who obviously notices their wet pants.


Scene Seventeen
Vicktoria, Beth and Mela are feeding some geese next to a pond.  They all have to pee and they are a bit nervous because of all the people around.  Beth can get away with a discrete wetting because she is wearing a skirt but Mela and Victoria flood their jeans.  They all decide to walk away before more people notice what they have done.  We know some guys sitting in a car nearby saw everything they did.


Scene Eighteen
It's a game of “crazy croquet” - Patches' style!  Vicktoria explains the rules to Mela and Beth and they are very simple - if you miss a shot, you have to do a little squirt in your pants!  The round progresses with Vicktoria and Beth slowly expanding the wet patch on their pants with every missed shot and new squirt.  Mela was having problems with another day of “confused bladder” and even though she felt the urge to pee, she couldn't release it.  She promised a flood at the end of the game to make up for the missed short squirts but she could not do that either.  Beth and Vicktoria made up for it with floods of their own at the end of the game.


Scene Nineteen
Georgia and Mela are on a short bridge overlooking a brook.  Despite the fishermen who are nearby, the girls decide to have a sneaky pee in their panties right there on the bridge.  The girls definitely get a thrill out of the potential for being caught!


Scene Twenty
Mela and Vicktoria are sitting on a park bench and discussing what they enjoy about wetting their pants.  Vicktoria does some little squirts in the panties before flooding them.  Mela struggles to get her flow going because of her bladder confusion caused by her pregnancy but eventually soaks her panties as she enjoys the warm wetness.


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Running Time: 91 minutes
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