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Patches 52 - The Great Pumpkin Search
Patches 52 is called “The Great Pumpkin Search” and features Beth, Mela and Vicktoria.  During the first half of this 90 minute video, the girls search for the “Great Pumpkin” which is a pumpkin with a stem that is just the right size and shape to rub against their clits while they pee on pumpkins!  Listen to crazy dialogue and watch wild antics as the girls visit pumpkin patches, Halloween displays, and make plans for their own Halloween parties.  The second half includes fun fall activities as the girls discuss their enjoyment pants wetting, how to get a guy hard and various intentional peeing scenes.  Two guys get golden showers and one of them is at a busy street location.  You will see Vicktoria challenge you to pee your pants with her.  You will watch Mela get kicked out of a wading pool and then pee her pants on the side of the pool while the guard is a few feet away.  You will catch Mela and Beth dressed as adult babies playing in a park and wetting their sleepers.  There are 35 scenes plus 3 blooper scenes.  This movie is shot in a wide-screen, high definition format.  You can purchase it on standard definition DVD and high definition Blu-ray.  While the picture quality of the DVD is outstanding, you will want the Blu-ray version if you have a Blu-ray player and high definition TV set.


Scene One
Vicktoria and Mela are in an apple orchard picking apples.  They talk about getting ready for Halloween.  There are no porta potties and they both need to pee.  There are people all around them but finally Vicktoria can't wait any longer and squats down to pee through her jeans.


Scene Two
Mela and Vicktoria are inside a large garden supply store that sells Halloween supplies when they spot a display for kids to use to get their pictures taken.  They are little kids at heart so they stick their heads through the pumpkin cut-outs and then discover they are just the right height to show the crotch of their jeans.  They stand there and wet their jeans like they are posing for pictures!  You even see someone walk between them and the camera while they are peeing!


Scene Three
Sitting on the back of a park bench overlooking a pond with ducks, Vicktoria and Mela talk about making a pond of their own.  Vicktoria even starts the process by wetting her pants before Mela is even aware of what she is doing.  Talk then shifts to what they still need to do to get ready for Halloween.


Scene Four
Mela and Beth have discovered a large assortment of pumpkins for sale.  Since they are searching for the “Great Pumpkin,” they have to try them out by sitting on them.  To fully test the pumpkins, they pee on them too.


Scene Five
Vicktoria and Mela are wandering through an open pumpkin patch with other people around looking for pumpkins too.  While there are lots of pumpkins to choose from, none of them look that great.  Finally, they select a couple of pumpkins to pee on but in the end, they just leave them in the field.  The search goes on.


Scene Six
Beth and Mela decide to stir up a witches brew when they find a large caldron on display at a farm with pumpkins for sale.  As they are in the process of adding their pee to the pot, a couple of farm hands walk by and interrupt their pants wetting activities.  It doesn't phase these girls for long as the farm hands go about their business and the girls go about theirs!


Scene Seven
At another farm, Mela and Vicktoria are looking at a display announcing hay rides.  The girls need to pee and the “dummy” driving the hay wagon won't tell them where the rest rooms are.  Vicktoria decides to pee her pants right there on the wagon wheel and Mela soon follows her example.


Scene Eight
Beth stands next to a busy highway in front of a farm.  She is in front of a painted hay bale wearing a Halloween costume.  She puts on a little dance and show for all the people passing by (including wetting her panties)!


Scene Nine
Mela and Vicktoria take a little break from their search for the great pumpkin as they have a little friendly competition to see who can water a great rock the most.  After both Mela and Vicktoria have added their wet spots to the rock, Mela volunteers to join the 2 wet spots in one final flood.  Mela was obviously the winner in this competition.


Scene Ten
Vicktoria and Mela finally find their great pumpkins at yet another farm.  They test several candidates by sitting on them and peeing.  Once they are satisfied that they have exactly what they want, they leave to do their pumpkin carving.


Scene Eleven
Beth has found her great pumpkin too!  She carefully tests it to see that the stem is just the right size and length to massage her clit while she pees on it through her panties.


Scene Twelve
Vicktoria gives a demonstration of how she is going to entertain her guests at her Halloween party in her Grim Reaper costume.  She peeks out from behind a door and a chair.  Then she strips off her cape to reveal a web-like body suit and she pees on the candle in a carved pumpkin to put the candle out.


Scene Thirteen
Mela is at a pumpkin patch and acting a little crazy as kids with their parents are picking out pumpkins in the backround.  She wonders if the teepees behind her have toilets but she doesn't care if they do or not because it is a lot more fun to just wet her pants.  As she starts to wet her pants, she notices some people coming toward her and she runs away!


Scene Fourteen
Beth describes what she plans to do at her Halloween Party.  She is going to hold a drinking contest to see who can drink the most cider before they pee their pants.  Since she has to pee, she demonstrates what will happen as her party goers lose control and piss their pants!


Scene Fifteen
Beth now describes her idea for a drinking contest at her Halloween Party to Mela.  Mela gets all excited at the idea of a golden shower and she shows Beth how bad she needs to pee by making a flood in her pants.  Beth has to pee too and soaks her sweatpants, her shoe, and sock while making a puddle beneath herself.


Scene Sixteen
Mela has stumbled in on a wedding of pumpkin people!  She decides to give them a wedding present which is to wet her pants for them!  Afterwards she walks around in her wet pants while exploring the barnyard hen house.


Scene Seventeen
Mela is dressed in her Halloween costume and wants to invite you to her Halloween Party.  She is sitting on the edge of a bathtub filled with pumpkin people.  She is going to have a drinking contest at her party just like Beth is going to have.  She demonstrates what happens when her guests lose the contest.


Scene Eighteen
Mela takes her “great pumpkin” and wants to make it even greater!  She decides to pee in it until it is drooling all over the place so it will grow into the greatest pumpkin ever.


Scene Nineteen
Mela has found a whole row of painted hay bales and decides to have a little wet fun by peeing on them.  We think it is fun to watch her!


Scene Twenty
Mela is reminesing about the fun she used to have as a little girl by playing in bales of hay while she peed her pants.  Just as she is about to pee, an older man drives up in a car.  Mela wets her panties anyway and the guy calls over to her to ask her where her horse is (since she is wearing a cowgirl outfit).  She replies and points to her horse and they exchange “Yee-haws” as the guy walks away and Mela finishes peeing.


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Running Time: 90 minutes
$50 on DVD or $70 on Blu-ray
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