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Scene Twenty-One
Mela and Beth find an old dog house that is half sunk in the yard.  They decide to sink it the rest of the way by peeing on it.  What better way to do it than pee through your panties and pants!


Scene Twenty-Two
Vicktoria and Mela are discussing the best way to shrink their pants.  Vicktoria declares that the best way is to wet them and that is what she is doing right now.  Mela follows her cue and wets hers to shrink them.


Scene Twenty-Three
Mela tells Beth that a fountain at a reservoir looks like a bidet and then explains what a bidet is because Beth doesn't know.  All the talk and the water in the background inspires them to wash their own private parts right there with warm pee.  Meanwhile, people are constantly walking past them just a few feet away.


Scene Twenty-Four
Mela loves this scene because of how much she peed and because of the cute guys who walked past.  Mela and Vicktoria have just walked down some steps to one end of a walk bridge over a river.  Vicktoria has been peeing while she came down the steps.  As they are talking, 3 guys come down the same steps that the girls just came down.  They walk past and out onto the bridge.  Mela swings on a beam and starts peeing her pants.  She continues peeing with her legs extended out straight.  She pees more after she drops down.  Then when Vicktoria has peed some more and is ready to leave, Mela waits and pees some more in a squating position on the steps.  At the end, the camera pans out to show where the guys are on the bridge and you have to wonder how much they saw.


Scene Twenty-Five
Beth and Mela are sitting in a tree enjoying a warm spring day.  They talk about tree houses they had when they were little and what they did when they had to pee.  There is nothing like reliving those experiences by peeing your pants while sitting in a tree on a warm spring day!


Scene Twenty-Six
Beth is on the balcony of a friend's apartment looking out over the city from this high vantage point.  She is in the mood for a little naughty fun so she sits on her friend's couch and masturbates while she pees in the panties.


Scene Twenty-Seven
Mela is enjoying the day at a marina watching the boats go past.  Music is playing from a restaurant in the background.  The location provides a lot of inspiration for a girl to just wet her pants when she has to go.


Scene Twenty-Eight
Mela has come to visit Beth and see her new house.  As they greet on the back porch, they discover that they are dressed alike.  Mela is super excited and has to pee so she decides to “christen” Beth's new house by peeing on the porch.  Beth soon follows her example so she can enjoy the fun too.


Scene Twenty-Nine
Graffitti on some walls provides inspiration to Beth and Mela to come up with some designer jeans with their down special design.  They experiment with the patterns they can make while peeing in their denim shorts.


Scene Thirty
Vicktoria and Mela are taking down some Christmas lights on the outside of the house.  Vicktoria has to pee but is too busy to bother going inside.  She just wets her jeans as she continues to work.  All of a sudden, Mela notices what she is doing and is surprised.  Soon Mela is wetting her pants too so she doesn't miss any wet fun.


Scene Thirty-One
Vicktoria needs to pee and spots a tug boat at the harbor she is visiting.  She looks for a way to get on the boat so she can look for a bathroom but no one is around and she can't find any way to get on the boat.  Finally, she sits down next to the boat and wets her pants.


Scene Thirty-Two
Beth and Mela are excited about having something “long and hard” between their legs as they sit on a large cannon.  Soon they are wetting their pants and thinking about what it would do to a guy's cock!


Scene Thirty-Three
Beth is making out with her boyfriend and tells him she has a confession to make.  The confession is that she likes to wet her pants!  Her boyfriend is not upset by her confession and would like to find out more.  She then sits on his lap and wet her pants for him.


Scene Thirty-Four
Mela and Beth have ordered some food at a hot dog stand and then discover that neither of them brought any money.  They offer to pay the guys with pee.  One of the guys in the stand says, “That'll work!” and the girls proceed to wet their pants in front of the guys.  The guys tell them that they can eat all day for that! 


Scene Thirty-Five
We have another medley of 4 mini-scenes with no dialog.  Victoria sits on the railing of some steps and wets her denim shorts.  Beth masturbates by pulling her panties tight into her crotch and peeing through them.  Victoria sits on a log and wet her shorts while a guy rides past on a bike.  Beth roller blades through a parking lot and pees in her body suit when she sits on a railing.


Scene Thirty-Six
Mela and Vicktoria hate the snow!  While standing on a snow drift, they decide to melt the snow by peeing on it.  The best way to pee on it is with their pants on.


Scene Thirty-Seven
Vicktoria and Mela are on a river bank slipping and sliding as they try to climb up the snow covered bank.  They both need to pee and just wet their jeans right there before reaching the top.


Scene Thirty-Eight
Mela and Vicktoria want to defrost a bird bath so the birds can use it.  The quickest way is to put hot water on it so they each pee their pants over the bird bath.


Scene Thirty-Nine
Mela is standing at the base of a statue of Frederick Douglass.  She has to pee but knows it is impolite to leave while an orator is speaking.  As she reads the inscription at the base of the statue, his words about “soiling the ground” give her an idea for handling her problem.  She soils the ground by wetting her pants!


Blooper Scenes
We have 3 blooper scenes to offer you.  The first has some outtakes of what happened when we first tried to shoot scene 3 with Victoria getting a package in the mail.  The second blooper shows a couple of attempts to get part of scene 17 where Beth attempts to water the flowers in a flower garden.  Hint: there are too many people going by her too closely.  The last blooper shows Beth and Mela both messing up their lines when we tried to shoot scene 18.  You can see part of this blooper in the preview clip.


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