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Patches 51 - A Pee for All Seasons
We call Patches 51 “A Pee for All Seasons” and it features Vicktoria, Mela and a new model, Beth.  You will see scenes from every season of the year in 90 minutes of jeans and panty wetting.  The girls deliberately wet themselves in a variety of locations and many of them are public.  They are playful... they masturbate... and they give golden showers!  There are 39 scenes plus 3 blooper scenes.  This movie is shot in a wide-screen, high definition format.  You can purchase it on standard definition DVD and high definition Blu-ray.  While the picture quality of the DVD is outstanding, you will want the Blu-ray version if you have a Blu-ray player and high definition TV set.


Scene One
Vicktoria has been dared to wet her pants in public.  She is nervous with all the people walking past her.  She fidgets.  She crosses her legs.  She taps her foot.  She is desperate!  She tells you what is she is feeling and then decides she can do it and win the bet with her friends.


Scene Two
Mela and Beth are jogging and Mela introduces Beth to something that is better than a runner's high.  It is a “wetter’s high” and after watching Mela wet her jogging shorts, Beth is anxious to try it.  She enjoys it so much, she wants to drink more so she can do it again.


Scene Three
Vicktoria has just received a package at the Post Office with pictures she has been waiting for.  She is so excited that she jumps up and down and this causes her to wet her pants.


Scene Four
Mela is right outside the entrance to the zoo and she has found some spring flowers that need watering.  Despite the parade of families with children that keep coming and going, she wets her pants over the flowers and is quite pleased with herself for the good deed she has done!


Scene Five
Beth and Mela decide to have a contest to see who can wet their pants the quickest.  On the count of “three” they begin and soon both have flooded down the back steps to the house.


Scene Six
Vicktoria is desperate to pee and with no restrooms in site, she ducks into a wood shed and pees through her panties.  Suddenly she notices someone coming and leaves quickly.


Scene Seven
Mela and Beth are providing a private lap dance for a guy at his house.  When the guy decides he needs a shower, the girls offer to give him one!  They have him lay on the floor and both of them shower him by peeing through their panties at the same time.


Scene Eight
Vicktoria is a naughty schoolgirl who has discovered her mom's vibrator and her dad's videos.  She complains that they are allowed to have fun peeing and playing with toys when she is not allowed to do such things.  She starts playing with her mom's vibrator and it makes her feel so good that she also wets her panties while sitting on some playground equipment.


Scene Nine
Mela has found a painted sculpture of a horse to ride.  She is in a rare mood and has to pee!  She decides to pee on the horse to see if she can make it come alive with her magic “mojo” pee.


Scene Ten
Beth and Mela are sitting on the front porch and decide to have the female equivalent of a “circle jerk.”  Soon they are not only climaxing but peeing in their pants too.  They start touching each other and kissing too.  Peeing really turns these girls on!


Scene Eleven
Vicktoria is out in the woods sitting on a log with her denim skirt pulled up.  She is enjoying the nice weather and needs to pee.  Being too lazy to get up, she just lets it flow in her panties as she enjoys the warm, wet feeling.


Scene Twelve
Beth has found the painted sculpture of an elephant and wonders if her “mojo” pee can make the elephant come alive so she can play with him.  She must have been talking to Mela about using a “mojo.”


Scene Thirteen
Beth later introduces Mela to her friend, Dumbo, and suggests that together they can use both of their “mojos” to make Dumbo come alive.  As the scene ends, a guy is spotted who has been watching everything the girls did.


Scene Fourteen
Mela and Beth have discovered a painted sculpture of an eagle.  They decide to work their “mojo” magic on the eagle to see if they can get him to fly.  Meanwhile, truck drivers are starting the vehicles and driving past them while they wet their pants.


Scene Fifteen
Yes, it is another painted horse sculpture and the girls decide to not only use their “mojo” to get him going but also to rub his private parts!  Mela forgot to put her panties on under her skirt and provides a real gusher that sprays all over!  They also discuss how long an aroused cock is on a horse.


Scene Sixteen
Vicktoria has found “Kanga” and wonders if hopping around all day makes hem want to pee.  She gives a demonstration for the little “roo” to show him what he has to look forward to when he gets out of the pouch.


Scene Seventeen
Scene Seventeen is actually a medley of 6 mini-scenes without any dialog.  Vicktoria pee her pants by a waterfall.  Mela wets her pants while playfully dancing around a tree in the woods.  Beth waters some tulips in a flower garden.  Victoria wets her shorts while watching some guys canoeing on the river.  Beth wets her panties while sitting on a bench in front of an outdoor resturant.  Vicktoria pees in her pants for a long time while sitting on some rocks next to a canal.


Scene Eighteen
Mela wants to show Beth the “ancient Japanese art of rock washing” but Beth ends up showing her what it is all about.


Scene Nineteen
Vicktoria is being hazed at college by being tied up in the net of a soccer goal post.  It is a cold day and she has been tied up like this for a long time.  She just has to wet her pants!


Scene Twenty
Mela and Beth are sitting on a park bench in the middle of a flower garden with lots of people around.  They decide to have some sneaky wet fun by wetting their pants without getting caught.  Beth wets her panties first and then Mela floods her jeans but no one catches on to what they are doing.


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Running Time: 90 minutes
$50 on DVD or $70 on Blu-ray
Available on DVD or Blu-ray in PAL or NTSC format.
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