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Scene Thirteen
Vicktoria is a schoolgirl who has been put outside the classroom for fighting with one of the boys.  She discovers that she has her special book in her desk with the sexy pictures that turn her on.  She gets aroused and needs to pee!  She notices that Bobby (the boy she was fighting with) is watching her from inside the classroom.  She decides to put on a show for him and pees her panties while she rubs her clit.  Then she sees the teaching coming and composes herself quickly so she looks like a cute, innocent angel.


Scene Fourteen
Vicktoria has tied Mela up in a chair to get even with her for leaving her at a club without a ride home.  She taunts her and blows air in her face.  When Mela says she needs to pee, Vicktoria refuses to release her.  Instead, Vicktoria stands in front of her and begins to wet her pants just to put more pressure on Mela whose bladder is about to burst.  Mela begins wetting her shorts almost immediately.  Then Vicktoria gives her a hug and tells Mela she is forgiven.


Scene Fifteen
Vicktoria is relaxing in a tree on a warm, sunny day.  When she needs to pee, she feels too comfortable and lazy to move.  She decides to just let her pee go right there and not bother looking for a restroom.  Just then, she notices some squirrels throwing walnuts on the ground and she figures she better move before she gets hit with one.


Scene Sixteen
Vicktoria has found a great resting place on a concrete slab at the entrance to a park.  People are walking and talking in the background and a carousel is playing music.  Vicktoria is feeling naughty and lazy so when she needs to pee, she simply wets her panties right there where she is sitting.  She makes quite a flood before she gets up to walk around the park.


Scene Seventeen
Mela discovers an invalid commode and wants to try using it.  Even though it doesn't have a pail underneath, she is excited to use it as a place to wet her panties.  She floods her panties and then starts playing with herself through the wet material.  You can see the look of enjoyment on her face!  Then she gets up to go get changed.


Scene Eighteen
Vicktoria shows up a few minutes later and Mela is excited to show her what she has discovered.  She shows Vicktoria how she should sit on the commode and “just piss!”  As Vicktoria sits down, she discovers her zipper is down so she zips up and then soaks her pants while Mela watches.  Vicktoria enjoys the experience and you can tell from the look on her face!


Scene Nineteen
Vicktoria is sitting on some steps in a park and thinks she has some privacy to play with her clit and her boobies.  She notices that she is being watched by you (the viewer) and she looks at you and tells you how much it is turning her on to know you are watching her.  She begins making little squirts of pee in her panties and wants to know if you enjoy it!  She is determined to satisfy herself as she satisfies you!


Scene Twenty
Mela is at the beach waiting for her friends but it is a cloudy, windy day and she is not sure they will show up.  She decides to make the best of her time alone by playing with herself through her jumpsuit and then wetting it when she has to pee.  It excites her so much she has an orgasm!


Scene Twenty-One
Vicktoria is at her favorite office store and she has a package just for you!  She is the package and she is wearing a white dress that zips down from the top and up from the bottom.  She is also wearing boots, stockings, a garter, and panties.  She teases you by caressing her body and asking if you would like to see more of her and watch her make little spurts of pee in her panties.  She shows you squirt after squirt until she lets it all go and makes a large puddle on the counter top.  At the end, she offers to let you buy her panties (which you can do).


Scene Twenty-Two
This scene is actually a medley of three scenes with Vicktoria as she walks and pees in a short jumpsuit, sits on a park railing and soaks her blue jeans, and swings on a swing set wearing her schoolgirl outfit.  You get to watch her swinging in slow motion so you can see the pee stream flowing out of her panties and onto the ground.


Scene Twenty-Three
Vicktoria and Mela are visiting a tourist attraction and they cannot find a restroom.  They both have to pee badly and finally just sit down where they are and flood their jeans and overalls.  Mela pees again after she stands up because she still has to go some more.  If you listen closely right at the end of the scene, you will hear Vicktoria wisper to Mela that the cops are coming.  They really were coming and during the scene you can hear the police sirens in the background.  However, the cops were not after the girls.  They were after some young boys who were causing trouble in the area.


Scene Twenty-Four
The final scene features Vicktoria and Mela in bed where they decide to have a drinking contest.  The game is to see who can drink the most ice tea without wetting themselves.  They even decide they will wet the bed and then sleep in it.  Time passes and they even have a pizza delivered which they eat in bed while continuing to drink as much as they can.  Mela eventually loses and wets her panties and the bed.  Vicktoria has to pee so badly she can't pee but then creates her own flooded area on the bed too when Mela isn't looking.  Then it is time to go to sleep and they cover up as the movie ends.


Blooper Scenes
For the first time in a Patches movie, we have some blooper scenes to show you.  In the first blooper, we let you see what really happened at the end of scene nineteen when a guy popped up out of no where about 10 feet in front of Vicktoria.  He saw everything!  He quickly excused himself and left but the interesting part is seeing the totally embarrassed look on Vicktoria's face as she realizes a total stranger has just seen her masturbating and wetting her panties.  The second blooper is a look at the end of the first part of scene twenty-two where Vicktoria was walking and peeing.  She rounded the end of the ramp she was walking on and saw a jogger heading straight toward her.  This happened on the same day that the stranger caught her masturbating and wetting her panties in the park.  The third blooper is a mistake by the cameraman.  It is a scene with Mela that does not appear in the movie because it is too dark and grainy.  The cameraman forgot to turn on the extra light to illuminate the scene.  However, despite the poor quality, it is watchable and we think you will enjoy it as a bonus scene.


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