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Patches 50 - End of the Rainbow
We call Patches 50 “End of the Rainbow” and it features Vicktoria and Mela.  You will remember Vicktoria from earlier Patches movies.  Mela is a young, attractive 24-year old girl who enjoys watersports and wanted to be in our movies.  This is the first Patches movie shot in a wide-screen, high definition format.  You can purchase it on standard definition DVD and high definition Blu-ray.  While the picture quality of the DVD is outstanding, you will want the Blu-ray version if you have a Blu-ray player and high definition TV set.  To give you an idea of the quality difference, here is a still picture from the standard definition DVD and here is the same picture from the Blu-ray.  Your browser may reduce the image size of the Blu-ray picture to fit your monitor so zoom in on the Blu-ray picture to see it at its full 1920x1080 resolution size.  There is real gold at the end of this rainbow!


Scene One
We begin with Vicktoria locked out of her friend's apartment.  She calls her on her cell phone but she won’t be there for a while to let Vicktoria in.  Vicktoria needs to pee badly so her friend suggests she might be able to get in by climbing up the fire escape and going in an upstairs window.  Vicktoria only gets part way up the ladder when she loses control and wet her panties.  She climbs back down to dry a bit in the sun so she doesn't drip pee in her friend’s apartment.


Scene Two
Vicktoria is waiting along a canal for some friends to join her.  She is desperate to pee and walks up and down the dock looking for some restrooms.  Finding none, she realizes that she will have to wet herself but people keep walking past her and she doesn’t want to be seen.  She finally has an accident and avoids being spotted by the people passing by.  A voiceover gives a running commentary on what Vicktoria is thinking during her predicament.


Scene Three
Vicktoria is having lunch at a sidewalk cafe.  She decides to have a daquiri and the resulting buzz leads to thoughts of naughtiness when she needs to pee.  She simply spreads her legs and wets her panties and dress as she sits at the outside table.  This leads to fits of laughter as she thinks about the people sitting right behind her and whether they are aware of what she has done.


Scene Four
Vicktoria meets up with her friend, Mela, and when the small talk gets around to “man action” (and the lack thereof) Vicktoria shares the secret of her own private turn on.  She tells Mela about the thrills of wetting herself and convinces Mela to try it.  Mela is willing to experiment and discovers how arousing it can be to wet her clothes!  The girls then decide to go back to Mela's place to have some more wet fun.


Scene Five
There is nothing like a fun afternoon watching boats and people pass by along a waterway.  Nothing... except a little game of “Truth or Dare!”  Mela dares Vicktoria to flash her boobs.  Then Vicktoria dares Mela to moon a passing boat.  Next Mela dares Vicktoria to pee her panties.  Despite the people repeatedly walking right in front of her, Vicktoria wets her panties right there.  Without even being dared, Mela decides to do the same thing even with people walking right in front of her!  Then the girls decide to leave so they can play some more wet games in private.


Scene Six
Vicktoria is out walking her dog.  When she gets next to a tree where her dog usually pees, her dog does not go!  However, Vicktoria needs to pee so she leans against the tree and wets her shorts!  You have to wonder who was walking who that afternoon!


Scene Seven
Mela is waiting for Vicktoria as she sits on a bench along the river on a beautiful summer day.  She needs to pee but she doesn't want to leave to find a restroom in case she might miss Vicktoria.  What is a girl to do?  Mela's answer to to simply wet her panties and enjoy the moment!


Scene Eight
Mela and Vicktoria are sitting at a park enjoying the carousel music in the background.  When they need to pee, they talk about how much fun they have been having wetting themselves and how it turns them on.  As people walk past, they sit there and wet themselves and make wet stains all over the concrete wall where they are sitting.


Scene Nine
Vicktoria has a private place in the woods called “The Poet’s Garden.”  She goes there on warm summer days to have naughty fun in private and wet herself.  She finds it a liberating experience to practice a little “feminine anarchy.”


Scene Ten
Being bored, our dynamic duo are back again and decide to have a pissing competition.  They decide on the rules of the game which are to see who can keep their pee confined to a small square on a rug while peeing through their panties.  When the competition ends, Vicktoria is the clear winner!  We figure Mela just needs a little more practice!


Scene Eleven
Mela's boyfriend has duct taped 2 40-ounce beverage bottles to her hands to play a game of Edward Fortyhands.  He has left her at a park while he goes to get more beverages.  As Mela wonders what is the best strategy for playing this game and as she realizes that she has to pee, a car pulls up with 2 guys who have stopped to use the restroom.  As Mela wonders out loud about how she is going to get her hands free to use the restroom, one of the guys offers to help her.  This was not a planned part of the scene and it almost ended up being a blooper scene!  Mela interacts with one of the guys and declines the help offer explaining that she is playing a game.  Mela continues to drink as she waits for the guys to leave.  Then her dam breaks and she soaks her blue jeans while her hands are still taped to the beer bottles.


Scene Twelve
The girls enjoy a day at the beach but they forgot to bring their swimsuits.  They don't want to use the nasty restrooms when they need to pee and without their suits, they can't sneak into the water to pee.  So they just do it in their pants and the enjoy the warm feeling!


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Running Time: 69 minutes
$50 on DVD or $70 on Blu-ray
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