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Northstar Productions — Just Made It 2
9 MODELS - 15 PEEING SEQUENCES - 52 MINUTES  After the success of the first Just Made It compilation, we have trawled our movie library to unearth more instances where the ladies just make it to the bathroom.  Beverley appears in four clips in this collection because, early on, she did several movies where explicit toilet scenes were shown.  In particular, there are two sequences with Beverley ("Bound to Hold It" and "Desperation Stories") which are less edited than on the versions released in 2007.

We have also included some recent material from movies such as "Bursting in the Boardroom", "Line at the Ladies" and "Dicing With Desperation", as well as from several movies not released at the time this compilation was posted.

Just Made It 2 contains the only Bound2Burst scene where Jayne is actually seen pulling down her panties and pantyhose and using a toilet.  This sequence would have appeared in "Bursting in the Boardroom" but for two reasons - firstly, the sequence was so far removed on the tape from the time when the other models used the bathroom that it got overlooked; secondly, external voices can be heard on the soundtrack while Jayne is using the toilet because filming of the "Boardroom" movie had finished and everyone was chatting freely.  Similarly, the only sequence we have of Rachael pulling down her underwear and using the toilet is also here.  It was only after reading the description from the "Waiting in Line" shoot that Rachael got in touch to say "Hey! I did pee in the toilet, and I'm fairly sure the camera was still running."

As is customary, this movie includes the last few minutes of desperation followed either by the use of the toilet or squatting down outside.  The scenes are taken from various Bound2Burst movies produced by Northstar except for "Out of Order" which is from the Desperate Jayne website and is included with permission.

Download the Just Made It 2 Trailer in MP4 format.  Use QuickTime to play the trailer.


Scene One
Beverley: From "Wait With Me"


Scene Two
Lola: From "The League of Desperate Ladies 6"


Scene Three
Casey: From "The Bursting Detective"


Scene Four
Nyxon, Madison, Danielle and Jynx: From "Bursting in the Boardroom"


Scene Five
Rachael and Jayne on the toilet: From previously unreleased footage


Scene Six
Beverley: From "Bound to Hold It"


Scene Seven
Lola and Madison: From "Line at the Ladies"


Scene Eight
Jayne: From "Out of Order"


Scene Nine
Tabitha: From "Bedroom Games 2"


Scene Ten
Beverley: From "Trapped in an Elevator 4"


Scene Eleven
Casey: From "How Can I Go?"


Scene Twelve
Jynx: From "Line at the Ladies"


Scene Thirteen
Madison: From "Dicing With Desperation"


Scene Fourteen
Tabitha: From "Dicing With Desperation"


Scene Fifteen
Beverley: From "Desperation Stories"


Running Time: 52 minutes
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