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Northstar Productions — Just Made It 1
10 MODELS - 18 PEEING SEQUENCES - 55 MINUTES  This is an experiment to see if there is any interest in the situations where the girls just make it in time instead of wetting themselves, although there are a few leaks along the way!  This compilation contains sequences that show the last few minutes of desperation following by the girl making it to the bathroom or squatting outside.  The scenes are taken from various Bound2Burst movies produced by Northstar.

Download the Just Made It 1 Trailer in MP4 format.  Use QuickTime to play the trailer.


Scene One
Sienna in bathtub
desperate to pee
getting out of the bathtub
lifting skirt
hovering over toilet
peeing panties over toilet
Sienna: From “Occupied”


Scene Two
desperate to piss
holding her crotch
peeing in a bowl
bowl full of pee
measuring amount of pee in bowl
Beverley: From “Hold & Tell 2”


Scene Three
tied up on floor
sitting on toilet
look of relief
Amanda: From “Burgled & Bound”


Scene Four
Debbie D: From “Debbie D Needs to Pee”


Scene Five
Tabitha: From “Secretarial Duties”


Scene Six
Maria: From “Roadside Relief”


Scene Seven
Madison: From “Roadside Relief”


Scene Eight
Debbie D: From “The Cleaner”


Scene Nine
Jayne: From “Full Capacity”


Scene Ten
Beverley: From “Caught Short”


Scene Eleven
Madison: From “Pee Talk”


Scene Twelve
Danielle: From “Will I Make It?”


Scene Thirteen
Amanda: From “Too Busy to Pee”


Scene Fourteen
Casey: From “Tied-Up Temp”


Scene Fifteen
Madison: From “I Can't Hold It Any Longer”


Scene Sixteen
Lola: From “Christmas Greeting”


Scene Seventeen
Casey: From “Taking Care of Business”


Scene Eighteen
Sienna: From “Sensual Desperation”


Running Time: 55 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $40.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format
or it can be bought together with Just Made It 2 for $70.00!
View the video description for Just Made It 2
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