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Public Wetting Accidents Volume 2
Volume 2 of Public Wetting Accidents features 27 sexy scenes of young women pissing their pants in public.  If Volume 1 wasn’t enough for you here are another 75 minutes of girls wetting themselves in public.

Watch Sammy as she walks through a public park.  Desperate to pee and with no where to go she has to drop her pants and squat in the open in full view of passers by.  Then watch Mikki, desperate to pee in the car she is relieved that we finally reach a rest area.  She rushes to the bathroom only to find the door locked.  Unable to hold it a moment longer she pisses in her jeans.

Sosha also puts on quite a show in this video.  Watch as she almost gets caught wetting her pants on a busy pedestrian overpass.  Haydee wets her pants in public for the first time, Roxanne can’t get the bathroom door open, Mikki soaks her jeans at a gas station, and much, much more!

Yes, there are more scenes of the girls you have grown to love (Mikki, Sammy, and Haydee) along with some of their new friends (Roxanne and Sosha).

Download the Public Wetting Accidents Trailer.  This trailer includes excerpts of scenes from both Volume 1 and Volume 2 so it applies to both videos.  It can be played on your Quicktime Player or VLC Media Player.


Scene One — Caught in the Bathroom
Sammy gets caught peeing her jeans in a public bathroom.


Scene Two — Busy Street Wetting
Mikki pees in her jeans along a busy street as cars drive by.


Scene Three — Elevator Accident
The elevator is moving too slow and Sammy needs to pee badly!


Scene Four — The Duck Pond
Sammy becomes desperate during a visit to the duck pond and has to take a risky pee behind a tree, barely obscured from view.


Scene Five — Another Rest Area Accident
Mikki always has to pee in the car!  We get to a rest area, but she ends up wetting her pants in public.


Scene Six — Waterfront Sneaky Pee
Walking along the water front, Sammy sneakily lifts her skirt and pees in public.


Scene Seven — Camo Pants
Searching for a bathroom, Sammy pees in her camo pants.


Scene Eight — Wetting on the Overpass
In her most public wetting video yet, Sosha stands on a pedestrian overpass and wets her pants in full view of passing traffic.

In this video Sosha visits a pedestrian bridge crossing a major freeway.  As she explains, she really needs to pee.  Standing on top of the overpass, in full view of passing traffic, she pees in her jeans.  Her pants are now completely soaked and she is in a wide open public arena.  Still, she takes a minute to show off her dripping wet pants to the camera.

Just then though another group of people start crossing the bridge, heading straight towards Sosha!  Wanting to avoid any further embarrassment or any kind of a confrontation she makes a run for it.  Once back in the safety of the car she talks about what happened.


Scene Nine — Parking Lot
Sammy gets lost returning from the store and can’t find the car.  She has to pee and ends up having a little accident in the parking lot.


Scene Ten — Peeing After Dark
Two on camera incidents of Sammy getting out of the car to pee at night.


Scene Eleven — Summer Skirt Public Pee
Watch Mikki pee on the sidewalk while wearing a skirt!  The weather was beautiful, so we decided to head outside to shoot this video.

Mikki had to pee, so we went for a walk.  Once it started to become difficult to hold, Mikki decided to pee right there on the sidewalk.  You get to watch as she stands, completely unashamed, and pisses down her legs forming a nice puddle that she plays in with her bare feet.


Scene Twelve — Empty Parking Lot
Sammy pees in her jeans in an empty parking lot at night.


Scene Thirteen — Almost Getting Caught
While filming a public wetting video, Sammy almost gets caught when people approach from both directions.


Scene Fourteen — Public Toilet Wetting
Mikki pees in her pants in a public bathroom in this high definition video.

Needing to pee, Mikki finds a public bathroom.  She takes a video camera and a change of clothes with her.

Once she is in the bathroom, she sets up the camera and starts recording.  Instead of using the toilet though, she stands in front of the camera and pees in her pants.  Once she is done peeing, you get to watch her undress.


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Running Time: 75 minutes
$50 on DVD
Available on DVD in PAL or NTSC format.
SPECIAL: You can buy Public Wetting Accidents Volume 1 & 2 for $80.00 on DVD!
EXTRA SPECIAL: For a limited time, these DVDs and Blu-rays will be shipped with graphical labels and
printed, shrink wrapped cases at no extra charge!  When the supply is gone, this offer will be removed.

EDIT MARCH 24, 2013: Our supply of printed, shrink wrapped cases for NTSC DVDs are gone.
We still have printed cases for PAL DVDs and Blu-rays.

EDIT MARCH 10, 2018: Our supply of printed, shrink wrapped cases for Blu-rays are gone.
Blu-rays are no longer for sale.  We still have printed cases for PAL DVDs.

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