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Scene Fifteen — Water Slide
Whats more fun than a regular slide?  A water slide!  Sammy pees through her panties down a slide, then slides down.


Scene Sixteen — Leaking on the Trail
Roxanne leaks a little bit in her jeans while walking along a trail in a public park.

In yet another public pants wetting video from Roxanne she risks getting caught to pee in her pants in a public park.  She sets off walking down the trail, but soon has to pee.  Instead of going to the bathroom though she stands in the middle of the trail and wets her pants.


Scene Seventeen — Waiting for the Bus
Sammy is at a Bus stop, waiting for the bus.  The bus is running really late though and she is desperate to pee.  Eventually Sammy can’t hold it anymore and pees in her pants.


Scene Eighteen — Locked Public Toilet
Roxanne tries to use a public bathroom, only to find it locked.  After struggling with the handle she can’t hold it any longer and ends up peeing in her jeans.

After having wet her pants she is incredibly embarrassed.  Standing in full view of anyone who passes by in soaking wet pants, she decides to leave.


Scene Nineteen — The Port-a-Potty
Sammy makes a video of herself wetting her pants in a port-a-potty at a public park.


Scene Twenty — Haydee’s First Public Wetting
For Haydee’s first time wetting her pants in a public setting we found a nice secluded area.  Almost immediately after she peed someone walked by.  We don’t know if they saw Haydee’s wet pants, but they didn’t seem to react at all.


Scene Twenty-One — Peeing on the Stairs
From Sammy’s home video collection: Sammy is going out to meet up with friends, but needs to pee.  Unable to find a toilet on time she has a humiliating accident in her pants.


Scene Twenty-Two — The Storm
The one day I decide I should come out and do a shoot we get a really, really super bad storm.


Scene Twenty-Three — Haydee’s Rest Stop Accident
We stopped at a busy rest area so Haydee could relieve herself.  The bathroom door was locked though and Haydee ended up wetting her pants.


Scene Twenty-Four — Wet Road
Driving around on a rainy day, Sammy becomes desperate to pee!


Scene Twenty-Five — Mikki at the Gas Station
At the gas station Mikki searches for a bathroom.  Unable to find one she pees on the sidewalk.


Scene Twenty-Six — Night in the City
Sammy pees in her pants on a public sidewalk at night just as someone on a bike happens to be riding by.


Scene Twenty-Seven — All Natural
Mikki pees standing up, completely nude, in a natural forest setting.


Running Time: 75 minutes
$50 on DVD
Available on DVD in PAL or NTSC format.
SPECIAL: You can buy Public Wetting Accidents Volume 1 & 2 for $80.00 on DVD!
EXTRA SPECIAL: For a limited time, these DVDs and Blu-rays will be shipped with graphical labels and
printed, shrink wrapped cases at no extra charge!  When the supply is gone, this offer will be removed.

EDIT MARCH 24, 2013: Our supply of printed, shrink wrapped cases for NTSC DVDs are gone.
We still have printed cases for PAL DVDs and Blu-rays.

EDIT MARCH 10, 2018: Our supply of printed, shrink wrapped cases for Blu-rays are gone.
Blu-rays are no longer for sale.  We still have printed cases for PAL DVDs.

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