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Scene Fifteen — The Urinal
While trying to pee in a urinal, Sammy dribbles some on her pants.


Scene Sixteen — Mikki at the Rest Area
In the car, Mikki needs to pee.  We pull over at a rest stop, but instead of using the toilet she publicly pees in her jeans.


Scene Seventeen — Genny Wetting in the Park
Needing to pee, and with no bathroom around, Genny has to piss in her jeans as Sammy videotapes.


Scene Eighteen — Can’t Find a Bathroom
Sosha has another humiliating public wetting accident in this video.

Alisha and Sosha are hanging out waiting for their ride when Sosha has to pee.  The girls take to a local park to try to find a bathroom, but are unable to find one on time.  Eventually Sosha is no longer able to control her bladder and pees her pants in public.


Scene Nineteen — Locked Toilet
We stop at a park with an outhouse for Mikki, but she finds the toilet locked shut.


Scene Twenty — Wetting on Campus
Sammy wets herself in plain view on a University campus.


Scene Twenty-One — Peeing in Pink Shorts
On a busy public street, Mikki pees in her pink shorts as cars drive by.


Scene Twenty-Two — Alice Pees on a Public Street
Alice pees in her tight jeans while walking down a public street.


Scene Twenty-Three — Night in the City
Sammy pees in her pants on a public sidewalk at night just as someone on a bike happens to be riding by.


Scene Twenty-Four — Waiting for the Bus
Waiting for the bus, Mikki is desperate to pee!  She can barely hold it and the cold weather isn’t helping!


Scene Twenty-Five — Main Street Wetting
Walking down main street in the rain, Sammy needs to pee.  Unable to hold it, she has an accident in her pants.


Scene Twenty-Six — Mikki Shoots Herself
Mikki grabs the camera and shoots herself peeing her jeans in public.


Scene Twenty-Seven — The Bridge
Sammy finds an awesome bridge.  How awesome?  So awesome she just has to pee on it!


Scene Twenty-Eight — 7-Eleven
After a long ride in the car we stop at 7-Eleven so Mikki can pee.  As Mikki found out, the store doesn’t have any public bathrooms, so she ends up wetting her pants.


Public Wetting Accidents Volume 1 — Page 2


Running Time: 75 minutes
$50 on DVD
Available on DVD in PAL or NTSC format.
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EDIT MARCH 24, 2013: Our supply of printed, shrink wrapped cases for NTSC DVDs are gone.
We still have printed cases for PAL DVDs and Blu-rays.

EDIT MARCH 10, 2018: Our supply of printed, shrink wrapped cases for Blu-rays are gone.
Blu-rays are no longer for sale.  We still have printed cases for PAL DVDs.

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