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Public Wetting Accidents Volume 1
Public Wetting Accidents Volume 1 features 28 scenes of embarrassing public pants wetting.  You get to see the sexy girls of HD Wetting pee in their pants in all sorts of humiliating public situations.  See Sammy and Sosha soak their jeans in the middle of downtown.  Watch Mikki pee her pants at a bus stop because the bus is running behind schedule.  Witness what happens when Genny wets her pants while standing at a busy intersection.  Find out how Mikki copes when she dashes into a convenience store, desperate to pee, only to find the store has no public bathroom.

If you like seeing sexy young women so desperate to pee that they wet their pants in public you are going to love this video.  We shot and edited this video in high definition in order to give you the best possible picture quality.

Yes, the girls you have grown to love are back (Mikki, Sammy, Elizabeth, Genny, and Alice) along with some of their new friends (Roxanne, Sosha, and Alisha).

Download the Public Wetting Accidents Trailer.  This trailer includes excerpts of scenes from both Volume 1 and Volume 2 so it applies to both videos.  It can be played on your Quicktime Player or VLC Media Player.


Scene One — The Docks
Sammy is desperate to pee while visiting a small coastal town.  Following the suggestion of a passer by, she heads out to the docks to find a public bathroom.  Being surrounded by water and the up-down motion of the tide isn’t helping the situation.  Sammy becomes more and more frantic searching for the bathroom, but it is too late.  The urge from her bladder is too great and she looses control, peeing in her jeans.  With soaked pants Sammy has no choice but to walk back to the car in full view of any potential passers by.


Scene Two — Dumb Phone
Mikki is hanging out and needs to pee.  She decides to utilize her new smart phone to help her find a nearby bathroom.  Utilizing the voice assistant on her phone, she asks, “Where is the bathroom?”  The artificially intelligent assistant on her phone fails to provide much help.  Instead its ridiculous answers only cause Mikki to grow more desperate.  Eventually Mikki reaches the point that she can no longer hold it and pees in her pants in public.


Scene Three — Roxanne Rest Area Wetting
Roxanne stops at a highway rest area to pee.  She approaches the building only to find it closed and locked.  She has to pee so bad she doesn’t have time to do anything else.  Before she can even walk away from the door she starts wetting her pants.  Just then a man cleaning the bathroom emerges.  Roxanne says he attempted to direct her to an open bathroom, but she told him it was too late.


Scene Four — Driving and Desperate
Sammy decided to share one of her home videos with us.  The video chronicles her driving around town, desperately searching for a place to pee before relieving herself on a public sidewalk.


Scene Five — Sosha’s First Public Wetting
Recently Sosha decided she wanted to try doing some public wetting videos.  For this, her very first public wetting video, she pees in her jeans walking along a public sidewalk.  We pulled into a small parking lot near the road and set up the camera.  Sosha walked down the street a little ways and then wet her pants as cars zoomed past.  Then, with her pants obviously wet and no way to hide it she had to walk back to the car as traffic continued by her.


Scene Six — Little Black Dress
Wearing a little black dress, Mikki lifts up the edge to reveal her pink cotton panties before peeing through them onto the sidewalk.


Scene Seven — It Was a Dark and Rainy Night
On a cold, dark, rainy night Sammy decides to warm herself up by flooding her jeans with nice warm pee.


Scene Eight — Country Roads
There is nothing quite like a cute girl peeing in her pants on a wide open country road.


Scene Nine — Elizabeth’s Public Wetting
Elizabeth really has to pee, but with no toilet in sight, she is forced to wet her pants in public.


Scene Ten — Pants Wetting in the Park
Follow Mikki as she walks through the park and pees her pants.


Scene Eleven — Street Corner Wetting
Genny stands on a busy street corner and pees in her jeans as cars drive by.


Scene Twelve — Wet Bridge
Sammy really needs to pee after a long drive, so she stops along a bridge to relieve herself, flooding her panties and shoes.


Scene Thirteen — Night Bus Stop Wetting
Another very public wetting video featuring Sosha. This time she completely soaks her pants at a bus stop.

For a girl who at first said she wasn’t sure she could pull off a public wetting, she sure is good at it!  This was our last video of the day.  The sun had just dipped below the horizon and it was starting to get dark.  Sosha desperately need to pee as she waited at the bus stop, but the bus never came.

As cars whizzed by and in full view of customers in a nearby cafe Sosha peed her pants.  Not just a little bit either, but a full and complete soaking.  After she finished peeing she figured it was best to get out of there, but we still got some great views of her soaking wet pants.


Scene Fourteen — Downtown Public Wetting
In this scene, Sammy wets her pants downtown in full view of anyone who may happen to pass by.


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Running Time: 75 minutes
$50 on DVD
Available on DVD in PAL or NTSC format.
SPECIAL: You can buy Public Wetting Accidents Volume 1 & 2 for $80.00 on DVD!
EXTRA SPECIAL: For a limited time, these DVDs and Blu-rays will be shipped with graphical labels and
printed, shrink wrapped cases at no extra charge!  When the supply is gone, this offer will be removed.

EDIT MARCH 24, 2013: Our supply of printed, shrink wrapped cases for NTSC DVDs are gone.
We still have printed cases for PAL DVDs and Blu-rays.

EDIT MARCH 10, 2018: Our supply of printed, shrink wrapped cases for Blu-rays are gone.
Blu-rays are no longer for sale.  We still have printed cases for PAL DVDs.

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