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Scene Ten — The Kiss
Mikki and Sammy are standing outside their house at night time making out with each other.  They are both wearing short skirts and Sammy suddenly declares that she urgently needs to pee.  Mikki replies that she doesn't want the night to end so they continue kissing.  Sammy tries a second time to excuse herself but Mikki won’t let her go.  Next we see Sammy beginning to wet her panties as Mikki rubs her between her legs.  This turns both of them on and they continue making out with Mikki kissing and licking Sammy’s legs.  Pretty soon Mikki is pulling Sammy’s panties down and Mikki begins giving Sammy oral sex.  Next they decide to go inside and go to bed together.


Scene Eleven — Genny Gets a Shower
Julie, wearing just her panties and a top, stands over Genny who is laying on the floor.  Then Julies begins wetting her panties so her pee showers Genny all over her body.  She even gets pee in Genny’s eyes!  When Julie finishes peeing, she gives Genny a kiss on the cheek for being such a good sport.  Genny can’t stop laughing at the humor or her situation so Julie starts tickling her which just continues the laughter.


Scene Twelve — Peeing on Julie
Sammy takes a request from a customer who wants to see more of the girls wetting on each other.  Julie is the one of has volunteered to get wet on so Sammy sits on her lap and wets through her pants onto Julie’s pants.  Julie then laughs and says it was fun as she examines how wet Sammy got her pants.


Scene Thirteen — Double Sink Pee
Genny and Sammy each climb up over a bathroom sink.  Then while they are squatting side by side over a sink, they begin wetting their panties together.  When they finish, they jump down on the floor and wash out their sinks!  Wetting done!  Then they provide some reflection on what is was like for both of them.


Scene Fourteen — Battleship
Sammy and Genny are playing a game of Battleship.  Sammy wants to pause the game to go pee but Genny tells her there is no pause unless she forfeits the game.  Sammy is too competitive to forfeit the game so she continues playing but is soon squirming in her seat.  Sammy decides to stand to get better control of her bursting bladder but that does not work for her and soon she is flooding her pants with pee and making a puddle on the floor.  Sammy then pulls her pants down so she can sit back down on her chair without getting it all wet and they continue playing their game.


Scene Fifteen — Genny Drinks Pee
Sammy has Genny shackled in a darkened basement.  When Sammy asks Genny if she has to pee, Genny admits that she does “a little bit.”  Sammy then tells her to pee her pants in front of her.  When Genny protests, Sammy tells her that she will not let her go until she does.  Finally, Genny gives in and wets her pants.  Instead of letting Genny go after she wet herself, Sammy tells her she needs to be punished for having an accident.  Sammy then gets a glass and sets it on the floor while she stands over it and pees into it through her panties.  Then she picks up the glass and makes Genny drink her pee.


Scene Sixteen — Double the Fun
Alice has lost a bet to Elizabeth so to pay off the bet, Elizabeth is going to pee in her pants, take them off, and than Alice has to put her wet pants on.  Elizabeth then floods her pants and takes them off.  Alice has to put them on while standing in the puddle that Elizabeth has made.  Since Alice is now standing in wet pants, she figures she might as well wet them some more to warm them up so they don't feel so cold on her skin.


Scene Seventeen — Alice Pees on Elizabeth
Elizabeth is tied to the bed and cannot move!  Alice comes into the room and gets on top of Elizabeth as Elizabeth keeps asking what is she doing.  Alice tells her she will find out and proceeds to pee through her pants all over Elizabeth is she squirms and squeals.  Not only does Alice soak Elizabeth’s clothes but she gets her pee in Elizabeth’s face and mouth.  Since Elizabeth is tied up, she can’t even wipe her face to get the pee off!  The footage includes the girls changing their clothes after the scene and discussing the scene with each other.


Scene Eighteen — The Sex Game
Delilah and Sammy are playing a sex game where each person selects a card and has to do whatever is written on the card.  Delilah draws first and her card tells her to stripe down naked and crawl across the room and then her partner can give her the reward of her choice.  Delilah proceeds to strip as Sammy watches her with a smile on her face.  For a reward, Sammy nibbles on Delilah’s ears because she knows Delilah likes it.  Sammy’s card tells her to pretend she is a drill sargent and her partner is a recruit so Sammy has her doing push ups.  Delilah’s next card says to rub a feather over her partner’s prone body.  After being tickled, Sammy admits she needs to pee but both girls decide they cannot stop the game.  Sammy’s next card tells her to put a sexy lotion on her partner’s feet and lick it off.  Sammy massages some strawberry lotion onto Delilah’s feet and proceeds to lick it off.  Delilah’s next card says she can pick whatever she wants her partner to do.  Her choice is to have Sammy pee in her pants and sit in them for the rest of the game.  Sammy stands and soaks her pants as Delilah watches.  Sammy’s next card tells her to make a collar for her partner and then pet them like a kitten.  Sammy uses Delilah’s bra to make a collar while Delilah purrs.  Then Sammy tells Delilah to put her pants back on and pee them.  Delilah proceeds to pee herself while Sammy watches intently.


Scene Nineteen — Getting Caught
Sammy is laying on her couch pleasuring herself with her hand inside her panties.  She has her eyes closed and does not notice Julie coming in the door.  Julie sees her and quietly watches Sammy playing with herself and peeing in her panties.  Finally, Julie laughs out loud as she watches Sammy which causes Sammy to open her eyes and see Julie standing in front of her.  She is shocked and embarrassed.  She grabs a blanket and covers herself up as she tells Julie to get out.  Julie apologizes as the scene and the video ends.


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