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Lesbian Piss Party
HD Wetting gives you 8 girls in 19 scenes and 67 minutes of sexy, wet fun in this video which features Mikki, Sammy, Ginger, Delilah, Elizabeth, Julie, Genny, and Alice.  There are outtakes in some of the scenes where the girls tell about their experiences doing the scene.  You can tell the girls are enjoying themselves and each other as well as the sexual stimulation and thrill of wetting themselves.  You will be stimulated too as you watch these girls interact in their lesbian encounters and in peeing for and on each other!


Scene One — Mikki Pees on Sammy
The scene begins with Sammy bound and gagged. Mikki walks in and tells her not to be nervious because she is going to like what is about to happen.  Then Mikki sits on Sammy’s lap, lifts her short skirt, and begins peeing through her panties on Sammy’s leg.  There is nothing Sammy can do as Mikki soaks Sammy’s pants.


Scene Two — Ginger and Mikki Pee in Bed
As the scene begins, Ginger is spooning Mikki as they sleep together in a bed.  Ginger wets her panties while they are sleeping and this wakes Mikki who lets Ginger know she has wet the bed.  Mikki reassures Ginger that it is no big deal and they discuss times they have wet the bed previously.  Mikki offers to wet her panties too so Ginger won’t feel so bad about making the bed wet.  Mikki adds to the puddle on the bed as Ginger watches.  Then they lay back down in their wet bed and cuddle some more.


Scene Three — Sexy Panty Pissing
Delilah and Sammy are dancing together as the scene opens.  In slow motion and in black and white, you see the two of them make out together as they move to the music.  With and upskirt view, you watch Sammy begin to wet her panties.  In response, Delilah caresses Sammy and then begins to wet her pants.  Together, they examine how wet they are and how much pee is on the floor.  Then they resume dancing and kissing.


Scene Four — Truth or Dare
Julie, Elizabeth, and Sammy are playing a game of Truth or Dare.  Qustions are asked and answers are given or dares are performed.  Early on, Elizabeth dares Sammy to wet her pants and sit in them for the rest of the game.  Julie and Elizabeth laugh at Sammy as she stands in front of them and soaks her pants!  The game continues with lots of sexy questions and actions by all the girls.  In an answer to one question, Sammy admits her favorite fetish is to watch people pee their pants.  Then when Elizabth accepts a dare, Sammy tells her to pee her pants so she can watch.  Elizabether squirms and squeels as she feels her warm pee running down the legs or her pants.  At this point, they decide to end the game and watch a movie together.  As the scene ends, you hear Julie asking if she can wet her pants too.


Scene Five — Sexy Golden Shower
In the video, this scene is shown in deep blue and black showdows to show that it is a darkened room.  The pictures above have been altered to better show you the action that is taking place in this scene.  As the scene opens, Julie approaches a bed where Sammy is sleeping.  She assumes a position strattling Sammy as she kisses and caresses her to wake her up.  After removing Sammy’s top, she kisses her some more and as they are making out, Sammy pulls down Julie’s pants.  Sammy then assumes the top position as she kisses and caresses Julie some more.  Once again, Julie moves to a top position over Sammy and soon begins peeing through her panties onto Sammy’s panties.


Scene Six — Toilet Sharing
Mikki is sitting on the toilet as Sammy comes barging into the bathroom.  Sammy urgently needs to pee but Mikki keeps telling her “not right now” because she is taking a crap!  Mikki offers a solution to Sammy’ problem.  She has Sammy stand up close to her while she spreads her legs and tells Sammy to pee between her legs into the toilet.  She pees in this position but gets her pee on the floor as well as Mikki.


Scene Seven — Spin the Bottle
Elizabeth, Sammy and Mikki are playing a game of spin the bottle.  As the kissing and spinning continues, no one notices that Sammy is shifting her position repeatedly.  They do notice when Sammy’s pants suddenly get wet.  Nevertheless, the game continues.  Suddenly, Elizabeth starts squirming and cannot even spin the bottle correctly.  A spreading puddle moves across the floor from under Elizabeth.  She has a real gusher going on!  The game continues until the girls decide they should postpone it until they can have all their friends over the play.


Scene Eight — Fun in the Shower
Mikki and Sammy are standing in the bathtub fully clothed and making out with each other.  Suddenly Sammy begins wetting her jeans as both girls begin laughing about what Sammy is doing.  Mikki soon follows Sammy’s lead and begins drenching her own jeans.  Time to turn on the shower and continue making out with each other as the water soaks both of them.  Soon they are undressing each other and playing with each other’s bodies including licking each other.


Scene Nine — Oral Sex Desperation
Mikki and Sammy are laying on the floor as Sammy gives Mikki some oral sex.  Mikki is so aroused that when Sammy announces she has to pee and wants to leave, Mikki won’t let her.  Sammy keeps trying to leave to go to the bathroom but Mikki keeps pleading with her to stay a little longer.  Sammy agrees to continue pleasuring Mikki and soon Mikki is cumming and Sammy is completely wetting her panties.



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Running Time: 67 minutes
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