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Lesbian Piss Party Volume 2
HD Wetting gives you 8 girls in 34 scenes and 110 minutes of sexy wetting adventures featuring Alisha, Sosha, Carly, Mary Jane, Natalie, Siren, Paige, and Mikki.  You get more than a thrill a minute with accidents, intentional wetting, nude peeing, and masturbation!  Let these girls excite you with their lesbian sex and golden showers!  These may be private moments but you are included!


Scene One — Cheerleaders Making Out
Alisha pees down her legs as she makes out with Sosha in her cheer leading uniform.  In this scene you get to watch as Sosha and Alisha, wearing their cheer leading uniforms, engage in a lengthy make out session.  As we watch them make out, Alisha begins to fidget around.  Soon it becomes clear she needs to pee.  Despite needing the bathroom, Alisha and Sosha continue to make out.  Finally Alisha can’t hold it any longer.  A stream of pee cascades down her legs.  As Alisha pees, Sosha reaches down and plays with the stream.  Once Alisha has finished peeing, Sosha helps her remove her wet panties.  Without any panties in the way, Sosha proceeds to thoroughly clean Alisha with her tongue.


Scene Two — Shower Wetting
Alisha and Sosha both intentionally pee in their pants before taking a shower together in this scene.  Watch as both Sosha and Alisha stand in the tub together and pee.  First Sosha pees in here cute, very short, denim shorts.  After she has finished peeing herself Alisha pees in her tight jeans.  Now that they have both pissed their pants, it is time to take a shower.  Alisha turns on the water and they both get soaked.  Only after their clothes are completely soaked do they bother to undress.  Once naked they engage in a lengthy wet and nude make out session.


Scene Three — Alisha Needs the Bathroom
Watch Alisha as she desperately tries not to have an embarrassing wetting accident in this scene.  Alisha needs to use the bathroom, but the door is locked.  Sosha and Carly are in the bathroom taking a shower together.  They could care less that Alisha is in the hallway desperate to pee.  You can clearly see that Alisha is absolutely bursting.  She has her legs squeezed tight together and her hands pressed firmly into her crotch.  It doesn’t look like she can hold on much longer, and indeed, she can’t.  An eruption of urine explodes from her shorts and flows down her legs.  Alisha is embarrassed and upset with Sosha and Carly.  She is mad that they ignored her when she begged for the door to be unlocked.  At the end of the video Alisha walks away, ashamed, to change into dry clothes.


Scene Four — Twilight
Sorry, there aren’t any vampires in this scene.  What it does have is Alisha and Sosha both peeing in their pants, getting naked and going down on each other.

The scene opens with Sosha and Alisha engaged in a passionate outdoor make out session just after sunset as the twilight starts to vanish.  As they make out they remove each other’s shirts and grope each other’s breasts.

Sosha is acting kind of funny.  She is bending over and squeezing her legs together.  Soon we see why as a wet stain suddenly spreads down her leg.  Sosha has peed her pants.

Sosha’s accident only excites Alisha.  Immediately Alisha helps Sosha out of her soaking wet pants.  Once Sosha is completely naked Alisha goes down on her, excitedly licking her pussy.

Now Alisha has to pee.  Sosha sits down on the ground as the topless Alisha stands over her.  As Sosha watches, Alisha pees in her pants.  A hot stream of urine bursts from the crotch of Alisha’s pants and splatters all over Sosha.

Once Alisha has finished peeing, Sosha pulls her pants off.  Now it is Sosha’s turn to go down on Alisha.  As we watch, Sosha excitedly licks Alisha’s pussy bringing her to an amazing orgasm.


Scene Five — Alisha Tied Up
Alisha is tied to a chair outside and needs to pee.  Sosha is enjoying Alisha’s predicament and tickles and teases Alisha to get her to have an accident.

The scene opens with Alisha tied up and Sosha tickling her.  Alisha is desperate to pee.  As we watch, Sosha teases and tickles her.  Finally she can’t hold it any longer.  A cascade of liquid pours from the chair as Alisha pees in her jeans.

After Alisha has finished peeing, Sosha takes off her wet jeans.  Still tied up, Sosha proceeds to lick her through her wet panties.  Soon the panties come off and Sosha continues to orally pleasure Alisha.  Only when Alisha has an orgasm does Sosha untie her.


Scene Six — A Night to Remember
This is a night Sosha isn’t going to forget anytime soon.  She is tied up on the bed in only her panties and tickled relentlessly by Carly and Alisha.  Sosha is incredibly ticklish.  All the tickling eventually makes Sosha loose control of her bladder and pee all over the bed, soaking her panties in the process.

That isn’t the end of this scene though.  Now that Sosha has wet the bed, both Carly and Alisha realize that they need to pee as well.  They each pee through their panties while hovering over Sosha, completely drenching Sosha in their urine.

Even though everyone’s bladders are now empty, Alisha and Carly still aren’t done.  As Sosha remains tied up, Alisha cuts off Sosha’s wet underwear.  Now completely naked, tied up on the bed, Sosha as at the mercy of whatever Alisha and Carly want to do to her.

Alisha and Carly feel that after everything they put Sosha through, she should be rewarded.  Leaving her tied up Carly and Alisha do their best to give her an orgasm.  Alisha makes out with Sosha and plays with her boobs while Carly plays with Sosha’s pussy.

After Sosha has an orgasm, Alisha and Carly leave her tied up on the bed.  Alisha and Carly leave to go watch television while Sosha is left exhausted, tied up, and naked on a soaked mattress.


Scene Seven — How to Fall Asleep
A simple goodnight kiss soon evolves into much, much more as Alisha and Sosha head to bed for the night.

The scene starts as Sosha and Alisha climb into bed.  What starts as a quick goodnight kiss quickly becomes a goodnight make-out session.  Soon clothes are coming off and the kissing moves from the lips to other parts of the body.

Things take a wet turn when Sosha whispers to Alisha that she needs to pee.  Instead of getting out of bed to go to the toilet, Alisha encourages her just to let go in bed.  Straddling Alisha, Sosha lets out a loud, hissing stream of pee through her panties onto Alisha’s chest.  As Sosha is peeing through her underwear Alisha sneaks a quick lick of Alisha’s wet panties.

Soaked in Sosha’s urine, Alisha is now incredibly horny.  As they make out Alisha starts to rub herself and quickly manages to have an orgasm.  Exhausted both girls fall asleep in the soaked bed.


Scene Eight — Public Toilet Play
Join Alisha and Sosha as they have fun using the same toilet together in a public bathroom.

Filmed by Alisha and Sosha themselves, they enter a public bathroom and go into the same stall.  Sosha sits down on the toilet first, then Alisha sits on her lap.  Without removing her panties Alisha pees.  We get to watch as Alisha’s urine soaks her panties and streams between Sosha’s legs into the toilet.

After Alisha is done peeing, both girls talk about how terrifying and exciting the experience was.


Scene Nine — Making Out & Peeing on the Beach
Sosha and Alisha have some kinky wet fun on the beach in this scene.

Watch as Alisha and Sosha make out on the beach, rolling around in the sand.  At one point they take a brief break from making out as Sosha straddles Alisha.  As we watch, Sosha pees through her jeans onto Alisha’s leg.  Once Sosha has finished peeing they go back to making out.

The camera continues to move around and get a few different shots of the girls making out in the sand, Sosha still wearing her wet jeans.


Scene Ten — Very Wet Tub Fun
The only way to describe this scene is wet.  Very, very wet!  In this scene we gave Sosha and Alisha a small water proof camera and leave them alone in the bathroom together.  The result is nothing short of spectacular!

We start with watching Sosha and Alisha both peeing in their jeans while they record each other on video.  Sosha holds the camera between Alisha’s legs as she pees.  The streams of urine escaping Alisha’s jeans splatter on the camera lens.  Alisha then takes the camera from Sosha and records as Sosha pees in her pants.

The scene isn’t over yet though.  While still wearing their peed in clothes both girls step into the bath tub.  Things get even wetter as the girls submerge themselves in the bath water.  Once they are completely soaked they undress each other.

Now nude and in the bath tub, the scene wraps up with Alisha and Sosha engaging in a prolonged nude make out session.


Scene Eleven — Double Wetting Make Out
This scene features Sosha and Alisha making out and peeing in their pants.

The scene starts with Alisha and Sosha standing on the porch passionately making out.  Without any warning, or any sign that she needed to use the toilet, Alisha suddenly pees in her jeans.

Only after Alisha has wet her pants does Sosha confess that she too needs to pee.  With no hesitation Sosha proceeds to pee in her pants as Alisha watches.

Now that both girls are wearing wet pants they continue to make out.  Eventually the warm pee cools off and they decide to go inside to clean up.


Scene Twelve — Don’t Leave
Sosha and Alisha are relaxing in the hot tub together when Alisha needs to pee.  Sosha doesn’t want Alisha to leave her alone in the hot tub and asks her to stay.  Alisha agrees to stay, but badly needing to pee she stands and pees through her swimsuit into the hot tub.  Sosha plays with her pee stream as she relieves herself.


Scene Thirteen — Bathroom in Use
Alisha has an embarrassing wetting accident in her jeans when Sosha won’t get out of the bathroom on time.

The scene opens with Alisha discussing the current video shoot and how it is going.  She takes us into the bedroom, to show us a behind the scenes look at one of the locations we will be using.  She needs to use the bathroom though, so the behind the scenes tour stops as she seeks relief.

Unfortunately for Alisha (but fortunately for us), the bathroom door is locked.  Alisha knocks and discovers Sosha is currently occupying the bathroom.

Sosha is in the bath tub, masturbating, and has a camera with her.  In the midst of pleasuring herself she isn’t about to leave the tub to unlock the door for Alisha.

Alisha grows more and more desperate outside the bathroom door.  At one point she even momentarily looses control and leaks a bit in her jeans.  She is now frantic, on the verge of having a complete accident in her pants.

Inside the bathroom Sosha is still having fun in the tub.  Caught up in the sensation, she can’t be bothered by Alisha’s predicament on the other side of the door.

Finally. Alisha can not hold it any longer.  She completely soaks her pants, making a puddle on the floor.  The camera gives us an exquisite close up from the rear as rivers of urine flow through the denim.

Finally Sosha finishes up and opens the door only to be greeted by Alisha, standing in soaked pants with her feet splashing in her own pee puddle.  Alisha is embarrassed, but Sosha invites her into the tub to clean up.  In the tub Sosha helps Alisha undress and wash herself.


Scene Fourteen — Jeans Wetting While Making Out
This scene starts out hot and just keeps getting better.

The scene opens with Alisha and Sosha making out.  We get to watch as the camera gives us some exquisite close ups of these two hot girls passionately embracing and kissing.  It is simply beautiful.

Then, with no warning whatsoever, Alisha starts to pee in her pants.  She continues to make out with Sosha as she wets herself.  Sosha remains blissfully unaware that her lesbian lover is urinating as they continue to kiss.

Only when Alisha says something does Sosha realize that Alisha’s jeans are wet.  Fascinated and aroused, Sosha takes time to inspect Alisha’s pissy wet jeans.

Sosha proceeds to help Alisha out of her wet clothes, even giving her leg a playful lick in the process.  Once naked from the waist down Sosha admires Alisha’s body for a moment before more making out.  The scene comes to a conclusion as both girls continue making out with each other.  Only now Alisha has an empty bladder and is nude below the waist.


Scene Fifteen — Wet Cheerleaders
What could possibly be sexier than a lesbian golden shower scene?  How about a lesbian golden shower scene featuring two super hot cheerleaders?

In this scene, Alisha and Sosha are having fun together in bed in their cheer leading uniforms.  Alisha needs to pee, but Sosha doesn’t want her to go.  Unable to hold it much longer, Alisha gives Sosha a golden shower.  She doesn’t bother to remove her panties first.  Instead we get to watch an amazing close up view as Alisha pees through her underwear, soaking both Sosha and her panties in the process.

Both girls are now soaked, so they help each other undress.  Now naked together, and with no one needing to pee, they are free to continue their sexy fun.


Scene Sixteen — How to Wake Up
Sosha is enjoying a nice afternoon nap when Mary Jane decides to wake her up.

Mary Jane kisses Sosha to get her to wake up.  It works, and soon both girls are passionately making out.  Sosha needs to pee though, but Mary Jane doesn’t want to stop.  Finally Mary Jane tells Sosha just to pee on her if she really needs to go that bad.  Sosha does need to go that bad, so she follows Mary Jane’s advice and pees in her panties.

Both girls are now soaked with Sosha’s pee and incredibly horny.  Mary Jane rips off Sosha’s soaking wet panties and both girls manage to thoroughly enjoy each other, rolling around in the saturated bed.


Scene Seventeen — Three Girls in the Shower
This scene features Alisha, Sosha and Carly together in the shower with a water proof camera.

We start with all three girls fully dressed and the shower turned off.  Immediately Alisha says she needs to pee.  Without a second thought Alisha proceeds to pee through her shorts.

Sosha has to pee too, and is happy to wet her jeans for the camera.  We get to watch as she soaks her pants while standing in the bath tub.

Since their clothes are already wet, they decide to turn on the shower.  All three girls shower together fully clothed.  Once completely soaked from head to toe they help each other undress.  We are get to watch as they all shower together completely naked.



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Running Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
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