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Scene Eighteen — Bath and Shower
While taking a bath with Alisha, Sosha is also treated to a golden shower in this scene.  You get to watch as Sosha and Alisha take a bath together.  Sosha has a small camera in the bath tub giving us a unique view of the action.

After introducing themselves, Alisha states that she is going to pee on Sosha.  Sosha is obviously excited by this.  There is absolutely no hesitation as Alisha stands and positions herself over Sosha.  From the point of view of Sosha’s camera we get to watch as Alisha pees all over her.

Upon emptying her bladder, Alisha sits back down in the tub with Sosha.  The girls make out a bit before saying goodbye.


Scene Nineteen — Wet Bikini Lick
Sosha licks Alisha through her bikini bottoms as she pees.

We already knew Sosha was kinky, but we didn’t know she was this kinky!  Sosha and Alisha are in the hot tub together.  Alisha needs to pee, so she stands over Sosha and spreads her legs.  The plan was for Alisha to pee through her bikini bottoms onto Sosha’s chest.

Once Alisha starts peeing Sosha decided to have a bit more fun.  She starts licking Alisha through her swimsuit as she pees.  Alisha doesn’t seem to mind though.  Once she has finished peeing she sits back down in the hot tub and they make out.


Scene Twenty — Tied Up in Jeans
Alisha is tied up outside, desperate to pee, but Sosha won’t let her go.  We get to watch as Alisha squirms around, desperately trying to maintain bladder control as Sosha teases her.

Eventually Alisha can’t hold it any longer.  A flood of pee is released into her jeans as the camera zooms in for a close up.  Alisha is embarrassed, but Sosha is delighted.  This isn’t the end of the scene though.  Sosha has some other plans.

As we watch, Sosha removes Alisha’s soaking wet pants.  Now bottomless and tied up, Alisha is at Sosha’s mercy.  Sosha stars licking Alisha clean and teasing her with her tongue.  Eventually Sosha goes all in, resulting in Alisha managing to achieve climax while tied up in standing position outdoors in the rain.


Scene Twenty-One — Pissing on Her Pussy
Get into bed with Alisha and Sosha in this wet and kinky scene which starts with Sosha and Alisha in bed together engaged in a very passionate make out session.  Alisha is wearing on a tiny pair of full bottom polka dot panties and Sosha is completely nude.  Sosha giggles and asks Alisha to pee on her.  When Alisha asks Sosha what part of her she would like to be pissed on, Sosha takes Alisha’s hand and guides it between her legs.  Alisha crouches over Sosha and pees through her panties onto Sosha’s cleanly shaved pussy.

This drives Sosha crazy!  Sosha immediately starts rubbing herself as Alisha makes out with her and massages her breasts.  You get to watch as Sosha, laying in the soaking wet bed and covered in Alisha’s pee, has an orgasm.


Scene Twenty-Two — Waking Up With Alisha
Alisha decides it is time for Sosha to get out of bed, so she wakes Sosha up in the sweetest way she knows how... with lots of kisses.

Once Sosha is awake, she needs to pee, but Alisha won’t let her go to the bathroom.  Alisha wants to keep making out with Sosha.  Sosha enjoys the attention she is getting, but at the same time her bladder is not easy to ignore.  Alisha won’t take no for an answer though, so despite Sosha trying to get away to go pee, Alisha isn’t letting it happen.

Finally it happens... Sosha has an accident.  Alisha watches as Sosha pees through her panties and soaks the bed.  Sosha is humiliated, but Alisha doesn’t mind.  Alisha even tells Sosha that it is kind of cute.  To comfort Sosha, Alisha starts kissing her even more passionately.


Scene Twenty-Three — Making out on the Toilet
Sosha and Alisha make out on the toilet in this video and Alisha pees on Sosha’s lap.

Sosha enters the bathroom and sits down on the toilet.  She is immediately followed by Alisha.  At first Sosha is a bit startled, but that feeling quickly passes when Alisha sits on Sosha’s lap and starts making out with her.  While making out, Alisha pees through her shorts onto Sosha’s lap.  Sosha gets incredibly turned on by Alisha peeing on her.


Scene Twenty-Four — Surprise Make Out Pee
Alisha and Sosha are making out when without warning Sosha pees in her pants.

This scene opens with Sosha and Alisha engaged in a steamy make out session.  Without any pretense or warning, Sosha suddenly pees in her jeans.  Alisha notices, but doesn’t care too much and the make out session continues.


Scene Twenty-Five — Natalie and Siren Golden Shower
This extremely sensual and surprisingly romantic scene features Natalie and Siren having some very wet fun in a hotel room bed.

In this beautifully shot scene you get to watch as Siren and Natalie get kinky in bed.  The girls start making out and are soon undressing each other.  Then Natalie pees through her thong onto Siren.  At first it just seems to be a little trickle and it doesn’t seem like it is going to last long.  At one point it seems as if she is finishing, but in reality she is just getting started.  Natalie keeps peeing onto Siren and the bed for a surprisingly long time.

After Natalie has finished peeing the girls continue to make out and touch each other in the now soaked bed.


Scene Twenty-Six — Hot and Steamy in the Bathroom
When things get hot and steamy between Sosha and Mary Jane in the bathroom Sosha’s full bladder threatens to interrupt the fun.

Sosha is getting ready to go out when Mary Jane joins in her in the bathroom.  Mary Jane has other plans though and works to convince Sosha to stay at home this evening.  An amazing lesbian make out scene ensues.

Just when Mary Jane takes off Sosha’s panties and things are about to go to the next level, Sosha slams on the breaks.  She has to pee and can’t hold it!

Will Sosha’s full bladder ruin the fun?  Will Sosha needing to pee make things even more sexy?  How far will the girls go?  Where and when will Sosha pee?


Scene Twenty-Seven — Already Wet
Mary Jane and Sosha get together for some very wet fun in this scene.

The scene starts with plenty of sexiness... Mary Jane and Sosha get into the shower together, fully clothed.  Once they are completely soaked, both girls realize they have to pee.  Since their clothes are already soaking wet, they can’t come up with a good reason not to just pee in their shorts, which is precisely what they do.

The fun doesn’t end once they are done peeing.  Mary Jane grabs a camera and films Sosha as she peels off her drenched clothing.  Once Sosha is completely naked she takes the camera from Mary Jane and films her stripping.  Once they are both completely naked some serious making out starts.


Scene Twenty-Eight — Not Fair
In this super sexy video Sosha has Mary Jane tied up and tickles her until she pees.

Mary Jane is cuffed to a door and Sosha isn’t about to let her go.  Desperate to pee, Mary Jane pleads with Sosha to be let down.  Unfortunately for Sosah, Mary Jane ignores her cries of desperation.  Instead she tickles her relentlessly.  Helpless, hands bound overhead, unable to resist the tickles and desperate to pee eventually Mary Jane can’t take it anymore.  She pees in her shorts... a humiliating accident as Sosha watches.

After she finishes peeing Sosha doesn’t let her go.  Sosha takes off Mary Jane’s wet shorts and starts to act like things are going to get sexy.  Just as Mary Jane is starting to get into it, Sosha walks away.  Mary Jane is left naked from the waist down, tied up, wet with pee, and horny.


Scene Twenty-Nine — 69
Watch hardcore lesbian watersports action with Paige and Sosha.  We are taking things to the next level in this scene.

Paige and Sosha are orally pleasuring each other in the classic 69 position when Paige needs to pee.  She tries to hold it, but she needs to go really bad.  Finally she tells Sosha that she can’t hold it any longer and needs to go to the bathroom.  Sosha won’t let her stop though.  Paige does her best to keep holding on, but soon her pee explodes out of her and all over Sosha!


Scene Thirty — Going Down on Sosha
Paige pisses through her panties while pleasuring Sosha in this scene.

Sosha is horny, so Paige is helping her get off orally.  Sosha is completely naked while Paige is wearing only yellow panties.  Everything is going great until Paige has to pee!

Unfortunately for Paige, Sosha is so close to climaxing that she won’t let Paige stop for a potty break.  Unable to hold it while sufficiently satisfying Sosha, pee is soon gushing through the crotch of Paige’s panties.


Scene Thirty-One — The Toy
“It is really hard not to wet the bed when you have to pee and have a dildo in your pussy,” Paige stated between shooting scenes during our last shoot.  As soon as she said this, we knew we had to do this scenario as a scene.  In this clip Sosha and Paige are in bed together, enjoying each other’s company, when Sosha pulls out her favorite sex toy and starts using it on Paige.  Everything is great until Paige needs to pee.  This only turns Sosha on more.  Even though Paige tries to ask Sosha to stop, it is hard for her to get the words out when she is enjoying herself so much.  Finally it is too much for Paige to take... she has an orgasm, but she also wets the bed.


Scene Thirty-Two — Bath Time
Things get wet in every way possible in this sexy lesbian pee scene with Sosha and Alisha.

The scene starts with both girls getting into the bath tub fully clothed.  Once their clothes are soaked they undress each other and start making out.  Soon Alisha has to pee, but instead of getting out of the tub she pees directly onto the camera.  After the brief pee break both girls return to making out.


Scene Thirty-Three — Distracting Paige
Mikki makes it her mission to prevent Paige from peeing on the porcelain pew.

As you can probably imagine, Mikki can be quite distracting when she puts her mind to it.  When Paige bursts through the front door, racing to the bathroom, Mikki uses all her skill and charm to prevent Paige from reaching the toilet.

Paige buts up a good fight, but Mikki is simply too distracting.  Eventually Mikki wins out over Paige’s bladder.  Soon Paige’s khaki colored pants are glistening wet as pee streams down her legs.  It is okay though... Mikki promises to help Paige out of her soaking wet trousers.


Scene Thirty-Four — Wet Point-of-View
Get in the bathtub with Sosha and Mary Jane in this stunning, very wet, point of view scene.

Mary Jane is in the bathtub masturbating when Sosha enters with a video camera.  At first, Mary Jane is a bit embarrassed, but relieved when Sosha decides to take off her clothes and join her in the tub.  The camera gets in the tub too, and soon Sosha is helping Mary Jane climax by giving her a golden shower.



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