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A Selection of Public Wetting Scenes from the HD Wetting Website
As a bonus, this DVD contains a selection of 22 public wetting scenes from the HD Wetting website.  Enjoy the extra value!


Bonus Scene One — Mikki in a Public Park
Mikki wets her jeans in a public park while her boyfriend encourages her and shoots the scene.  This is the same as Scene 5 of Master Collection 2.


Bonus Scene Two — Mikki Pees in a Convenience Store
Mikki wets her pants inside a convenience store.  She is seen entering the store, wetting her pants, exiting the store, and then changing her pants in the car while the car is driven away.  This is the same as Scene 14 of Master Collection 2.


Bonus Scene Three — Mikki Pees in a Department Store
This is another of Mikki’s public wetting scenes.  This time she is in a department store and floods her pants before walking out of the store.  This is the same as Scene 18 of Master Collection 2.


Bonus Scene Four — Mikki Pees in a Hardware Store
Mikki enters a hardware store and wets her pants while standing in an aisle.  Then she walks out of the store right past a customer who sees her.  This is the same as Scene 22 of Master Collection 2.


Bonus Scene Five — Mikki Pees in Front of a Convenience Store
Mikki wets herself in public again.  This time she pulls up to a convenience store and stands out front of the store while she wets her jeans.  This is the same as Scene 24 of Master Collection 2.


Bonus Scene Six — Sammy Pees in a Park
Sammy wets her panties at the base of a tree while walking through a park.  Then she goes to her car to change out of her wet panties.


Bonus Scene Seven — Sammy Pees on a Bridge
Sammy is walking through another park.  When she crosses a bridge, she decides to release her full bladder right in the middle of the bridge and wets her pants.


Bonus Scene Eight — Sammy Pees at the Top of a Parking Garage
Sammy is riding in the passenger seat and desperate to pee.  Not knowing where to find a bathroom, they spot a parking garage and she thinks she can find a place to pee there.  After driving to the top of the garage, Sammy walks around and finally squats in a corner to pee.


Bonus Scene Nine — Sammy Pees in a Public Park
Sammy is out in the park with her boyfriend talking about how much fun it is to pee in public locations where she might be seen.  She does a sneaky pee in her shorts before moving on to find another public location.


Bonus Scene Ten — Courthouse Square Wetting
Mikki sits on the steps of a very public square with people walking past her on all sides.  They wets her jeans and then walks into a shop past more people.  She walks to the bathroom but then stands outside the door and pees in her jeans some more.  Very public and very daring!


Bonus Scene Eleven — Wetting in the Park
Mikki is in a public park with people just a few yards away.  She stands there acting desperate and then spreads her legs and pees her pants.


Bonus Scene Twelve — Public Wetting: Street Fair
Mikki attends a steet fair with lots of people walking around the exhibits.  When she has to pee, she stands right there on the sidewalk and wets her pants.  Guys walking past do notice what she is doing!


Bonus Scene Thirteen — Main Street Wetting
Sammy is walking down the street and desperate to pee.  She wets her jeans and then continues on.  Several people notice her wet pants when she walks past them.


Bonus Scene Fourteen — Rest Stop Accident
Sammy and Genny are riding in a car and when Genny needs to pee, Sammy stops at some public restrooms (that she probably knew were closed).  As Genny runs to the restroom door, Sammy is right behind her with a camcorder running!  Genny discovers both the Ladies room door and the Mens room door locked.  Sammy suggests that she just wet her pants and when she does, Sammy catches it on the camcorder and even records her changing into dry clothes.


Bonus Scene Fifteen — Genny Wetting in the Park
Genny is out in the park and is desperate to pee.  It doesn't take much to convince her to just do it in her pants.


Bonus Scene Sixteen — Street Corner Wetting
Genny is standing on a busy steet corner on a rainy day.  As cars go past, she just wets her pants.  She probably figures the rain will hide the evidence.


Bonus Scene Seventeen — Downtown Public Wetting
Sammy is doing some window shopping downtown when she needs to pee.  While standing in front of a store window and with a car that has just parked behind her, she floods her jeans.


Bonus Scene Eighteen — The Outhouse
When Sammy reaches a smelly outhouse, she figures it is not worth even entering it.  She would rather wet her pants instead... so she does!  Then she changes into dry clothes while we watch.


Bonus Scene Nineteen — The Docks
Someone told Sammy there was a restroom at the end of the docks.  Sammy walks out there but cannot find a restroom anywhere.  She pees her pants and then walks back wondering if the person misguided her intentionally.


Bonus Scene Twenty — The Bridge
Sammy likes bridges!  She likes peeing on the even more!  Peeing on them through her panties is the ultimate thrill so that's exactly what she does when she finds a long, tall bridge.


Bonus Scene Twenty-One — Peeing on the Beach
Sammy is desperate to pee again as she walks along the beach.  It is time to indulge herself with the warm release of pee into her jeans.


Bonus Scene Twenty-Two — Wet Walk
Sammy is out on a hiking trail and looking for some restroom facilities.  When she doesn’t find any, she wet her pants.


Mikki & Sammy go on Vacation — Page 3


Running Time: 160 minutes
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