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Mikki & Sammy go on Vacation
HD Wetting has provided a lot of value in this DVD!  First, you get 28 scenes with Mikki & Sammy on a very wet vacation trip.  Then you get 22 more scenes in a selection of public wetting videos for a total of 160 minutes of soaking wet fun!  You would expect to pay a premium price for so much content but HD Wetting has kept the price at $50.00.  Plus you get a DVD with the surface printed in color with a picture of Mikki & Sammy along with the title.  Wow!  50 scenes for $50!  That is an exceptional bargain!


Scene One — Sammy’s Desperate Car Ride
Sammy has to pee so bad that she starts to leak while riding in the car on the first day of her vacation trip.  When the driver finally does stop, she jumps out of the car and races a place to pee along the bank of a river.  Since she is already wet, she decides to just let it out in her panties.  You can tell from the smile on her face that she is enjoying the moment!


Scene Two — Spying on Mikki
Mikki is enjoying what she thinks is a private moment in the wilderness next to a rushing waterfall.  She indulges herself by wetting her pants and stripping down to her panties.  Then she enjoys some masturbation in her wet panties.  She is unaware that someone with a camera is spying on her and recording her every move!


Scene Three — Zipper Prank
Sammy decides to play a prank on Mikki and distracts her by pointing to a bird while she secretly puts super glue on Mikki’s zipper.  After hiking down the trail, Mikki has to pee but she can’t get her zipper down.  Sammy pretends to help Mikki with her zipper but eventually Mikki ends up wetting her pants while Sammy watches.


Scene Four — Desperate & Tied to a Tree
Revenge is sweet!  Mikki ties Sammy to a tree and won’t untie her when she needs to pee.  Sammy pleads with Mikki to untie her but Mikki just keeps telling Sammy to pee her pants until she does.  Then Mikki pulls her pants down so she can inspect Sammy’s wetness before she eventually unties her.


Scene Five — Mikki Tickled
Next it is Mikki’s turn to be tied to a tree.  Sammy decides to speed up the process of making Mikki wet herself by tickling her.  When Mikke wets her panties, Sammy unties her.  Like many of the scenes on this DVD, the girls provide some commentary on what they have just done in a scene.  Usually the girls are stripping out of their wet clothes while they talk about the scenes they have just done.


Scene Six — Splashing
The girls start splashing each other with cold river water.  When they have to pee, they do it right there in their bikini bottoms.  With all this edenic freedom just to pee whenever you need to, the girls will probably plan another vacation together sometime soon!


Scene Seven — Wayside Accident
Sometimes Sammy and Mikki decide to use the public restrooms but when public tax dollars are tight during a recession, budgets are cut and restrooms remain locked.  Too bad for the girls but very good for us!


Scene Eight — The Arrival
Mikki and Sammy race to get to the only bathroom that is available.  Sammy makes it to the bathroom but Mikki is locked out.  Mikki is so desperate that she wets her pants.  Sammy laughs at her when she comes out of the bathroom.


Scene Nine — Bedwetting Prank
Mikki has a devilish streak in her and when she finds Sammy sleeping, she uses the old “hand-in-the-water” trick to get her to wet herself while sleeping.  Sammy ends up soaking her pants and the bed!


Scene Ten — Darkness
Mikki is desperate to pee and is feeling her way around trying to find the bathroom.  She doesn’t make it and ends up peeing on the floor.


Scene Eleven — Peeing on the Bridge
Mikki does a bold public scene by walking out on a bridge and peeing her pants.  People are walking past her and looking at her wet pants but Mikki just keeps walking with an “I don’t care” attitude.


Scene Twelve — Tied & Cut
Sammy has tied Mikki to the bed and as Mikki wakes up, she has to pee.  Sammy won’t let her up and makes her wet her pants and the bed.  Then instead of untying her, she cuts Mikki's clothes off of her until she is completely naked.


Scene Thirteen — Public Bathroom Wetting
Mikki indulges her fetish by going into a restroom stall and squats down to wet her pants instead of using the toilet.  After enjoying that thrill, she gets another one by walking out of the restroom past a couple of guys who are talking next to a motorhome.


Scene Fourteen — Searching for Shells
Mikki and Sammy are walking along the beach looking for sea shells when Mikki needs to pee.  After holding herself for a while, she has an accident and wets her pants.


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Running Time: 160 minutes
Available on DVD for $50.00
DVDs are available in both PAL and NTSC
This video is also available for download.
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