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Mikki & Sammy go on Vacation
We continue with the next 14 scenes from Mikki & Sammy go on Vacation.


Scene Fifteen — Sammy Wetting her Jeans in Public
Sammy pees her jeans in a very public location with cars going by.


Scene Sixteen — Swimsuit Wetting
When you have to pee and you are on the beach, you might as well just do it where you are instead of spoiling your sun time running around looking for a portapotty.  Mikki decides that is the best answer to her need and she even gives Sammy a little show in the process!


Scene Seventeen — Sunset Kiss
Sunsets are so romantic!  Mikki and Sammy start making out as they watch the sun set over the horizon across the water as they stand on the beach.  When Sammy needs to pee, Mikki just keeps hugging her and urges her to pee right where she is... so she does!  Now that's romantic!


Scene Eighteen — Mikki’s Dream
Mikki is asleep and when she has to pee, she dreams she is in the bathroom sitting on the toilet.  She pees in her dream but in reality she is peeing in her bed.  Eventually she wakes up and discovers her accident.


Scene Nineteen — The Chase
Mikki is running through the woods being chased by some unseen animal or person.  Eventually she collapses next to a tree and covers herself as best she can with her arms to fend off her attacker.  She is so scared that she wets her jeans in the process.


Scene Twenty — Good Morning
Mikki wakes up desperate to pee.  She makes her way to the bathroom but in her groggy state, she forgets to pull down her pajama bottoms.  She sits on the toilet and pees through them.  After discovering her mistake, she makes her way to the kitchen to find Sammy making breakfast for both of them.  She is stirring something that must be continually stirred so she asks Mikki to help stir it while she goes to the bathroom.  Mikki refuses and Sammy pleads with her.  Mikki just walks away and Sammy pees on the floor as she continues to stir the pot.


Scene Twenty-One — Bathtub Fun
It's nice when you can find a bathtub big enough for two!  It's even nicer when you can find a friend who will pee on you when she needs to go!  Golden showers lead to kisses in this encounter!


Scene Twenty-Two — Desperate Kite Flying
The beach can be a fun place to fly kites!  It can even be a fun place to wet your pants when you become desperate!


Scene Twenty-Three — Sammy’s Walk
As Sammy is out for a walk on a path along the shoreline, she passes multiple people who are out enjoying the day too.  When she has to pee, she finds a secluded spot to squat and wet her panties.  Then she resumes her walk with no one knowing what a naughty girl she is.


Scene Twenty-Four — Sammy Tied Up
Mikki has got Sammy tied up to a towel rack in the bathroom.  She tells Sammy she will untie her as soon as she wets her pants.  Eventually Sammy agrees and makes a large puddle on the floor.


Scene Twenty-Five — Mikki in Public
Mikki stands in a very public location with people and cars going by her.  She deliberately wets her pants and then stands at an intersection where everyone going past can see her and her wet pants.


Scene Twenty-Six — Yikes!  A Jellyfish!
Mikki and Sammy are at the beach again and Mikki gets stung by a jellyfish while she is in the water.  The only first aid available is Sammy’s pee so she offers assistance by peeing through her bikini onto Mikki’s leg to sooth the pain.


Scene Twenty-Seven — Price of Admission
Sammy is getting a shower and Mikki wants to join her.  Sammy tells Mikki she will have to wet her pants if she want to get into the shower with her.  Mikki complies by making a puddle on the floor.  Sammy tells her to get into the shower while still dressed so Mikki does.  Sammy then strips the wet clothes off of Mikki and they start a sexy makeout session nude in the running shower water.


Scene Twenty-Eight — Locked Out
Mikki and Sammy get back to the beach house and they are both desperate to pee.  They discover that neither of them has the key to get in.  Mikki then wets her pants and soon Sammy is doing the same as they prance around in front of the locked door.


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