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HD Wetting Master Collection 1
A soaking wet collection featuring twenty-five scenes of girls between the ages of 18 and 24 pissing in their pants and panties.  Watch Haydee get desperate and have an embarrassing accident on a trip, Mikki pee in her panties while playing truth or dare, and Sammy get tickled until she can’t hold back the flood any longer.


Scene One
Haydee soaks her jeans and then you are treated to a slow motion repeat of just the wetting action.


Scene Two
Mikki wets her tight jeans.  Then watch the best parts again in a slow motion repeat so you can see every glistening wet rivelet running down her jeans!


Scene Three
Mikki has an accident.  However, she is not very upset by it.  She enjoys the feeling plus the wet look of her pants.


Scene Four
Truth or Dare!  Have you ever had someone dare you to wet your pants?  Mikki accepts the dare and floods her panties!


Scene Five
Haydee has tied Mikki to a tree and left her there until she is desperate.  Once Mikki has wet herself, Haydee releases her.


Scene Six
Haydee enjoys the warmth of the late afternoon sun.  She also enjoys another form of warmth as she wets her jeans.


Scene Seven
Haydee does some posing in front of the fireplace.  Then she wets her jumpsuit and slowly strips out of her wet clothes.


Scene Eight
Mikki wants to role play as a baby with Haydee as the mommy.  She is a bad baby while mommy is on the phone so she gets a spanking for wetting her diaper.


Scene Nine
Haydee is not used to outdoor camping.  When she has to pee, she is afraid someone will see her.  Mikki takes her deep into the woods but she ends up wetting her jeans.  Mikki joins her in wetting her pants so she won't feel so bad.


Scene Ten
Haydee is posing for some pictures.  She raises her skirt and wets her panties.


Scene Eleven
Michelle is locked out of the bathroom.  What is a desperate girl to do?  She has an accident, of course!


Scene Twelve
Haydee and Mikki are on a road trip.  Haydee is desperate to pee.  When Mikki finally pulls the car over, Haydee jumps out but can't get her zipper down.  She ends up wetting her pants.
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Running Time: 73 minutes
Available on DVD for $50.00
DVDs are available in both PAL and NTSC
This video is also available for download.
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