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Project Pee: Compilation Movie - Volume 1
  Project Pee Compilation Movie - Volume 1

This is the first of two compilation titles featuring the solo pissing adventures of our lovely young girls Katharina, Gina & Isabelle with additional scenes from Mona and Joanne.  The movie contains no less than 21 gushing pee scenes with the added bonus of 2 scenes from Isabelle.



Scene One

Divided into four sequences, scene 1 introduces all the girls and includes 6 pee scenes.  We find Mona peeing in a Business park, Joanne peeing by warehouse doors, Isabelle taking a pee in a suburban car park, Katharina peeing on the steps of a block of flats, Gina peeing in a factory car park and finally Katharina peeing inside an empty flat.



Scene Two

Scene 2 finds Isabelle peeing inside a shelter, Katharina peeing in a bus shelter, Isabelle peeing on a park bench, Katharina peeing by some gates and Gina peeing by an underground station entrance.



Scene Three

Scene 3 finds Joanne peeing in a shopping centre, Isabelle climbing to the top of a hunting tower and peeing on the platform, Katharina peeing by a transformer, Katharina peeing on the path of an empty house and Isabelle peeing by some parked trailers.



Scene Four

Scene 4 finds Isabelle peeing in a parking garage, Isabelle peeing in an office plaza, Katharina leaving the gym and pausing to pee in the street by a parked lorry, Katharina peeing in a business park and Katharina peeing in a car sales lot as she looks for some new transport.  Also included are two scenes from Isabelle where she does a small pee in a plaza and a Business Park.



Running Time: 60 Minutes
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