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    Patches 56 is available on DVD and Blu-ray.  It is called “Let It Go... Anywhere” and features plenty of intentional peeing anywhere the girls happen to be when they feel the need.  There are 21 scenes in this 90-minute movie with Beth, Georgia, Mela, and Vicktoria plus 3 blooper scenes.  Watch the girls wet their pants, panties, tights, skirts, dresses, in their beds, on the floor, in public, and in private plus masturbate and pee nude!
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    Goldie Rain has been working as our secretary since March 2009.  Several customers have asked if we could provide pictures of her like we did with Apryl.  Goldie has graciously provided us with 8 pictures that we have put on her own page.
    Full length, top quality watersports titles are available for downloading from these producers:
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    You really need to see the Watersports Training Manual!
Bound 2 Burst

While the above link has movies and audio files for sale, it has enough free stories and movie content to make it highly recommended as compatible with the content of Patches' Place!
Pointers for Sex
Instruction on "self-induced endorphin release" from former U.S. Surg. Gen. Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders -- NOT!
Advice from Dr. Ruth on how to have safe sex -- NOT!
But you may just find what you are looking for!
Watersports Goes Mainstream
You may find some interesting books, magazines, lyrics and news reports to read or movies to see!
Protect Your Rights
A list of obscene things the US government wants to do to You! -- MAYBE!
The indecent exposure of the Communications Decency Act -- MAYBE!
You might even find out how to protect yourself from those who are working to protect you!
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