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Northstar Productions — Naked Desperation 3
If you are a fan of female desperation and watching girls pee au natural, you will love the Naked Desperation videos!  Northstar Productions chose to release Naked Desperation 3 on DVD through Patches’ Place rather than earlier Naked Desperation videos because this was the first Naked Desperation video shot in High Definition, wide-screen format.  Enjoy the diversity of girls who go naked with full bladders as they struggle not to lose control!  This DVD is only available in NTSC format.


Naked Desperation 3
naked girls
stripped girls with clothes on floor
desperate naked girls
struggling to hold their pee
desperate girl sitting with legs crossed
desperate girl standing with legs tightly together
desperate girl hunched over
naked girl losing control
desperate naked girl seated
desperate naked girl standing
two naked girls trying to hold their pee longer than the other
two naked desperate girls tickling each other
desperate naked girls drink
naked girl peeing in a graduated glass cylinder
second naked girl peeing in a graduated glass cylinder
Candle Box starting to pee in a glass cylinder
Candle Box struggling to hold her pee
Naked Desperation 3 (our first high definition collection) features 8 girls who are desperate to pee while naked.  The clips include the girls challenging one another to a holding contest or permitting or denying their partner permission to pee.  In other clips, they appear solo and just hold their pee back as long as they can before it explodes out of them, sometimes into a container and sometimes onto the floor in a forceful roar.  The desperate ladies featured in this collection are Paige, Becky, Candle, Dixie, Carissa, Sativa, Constance and Briella.


Running Time: 74 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD and is only available in NTSC format.
NTSC will play correctly on most DVD players in PAL countries unless you have an old, early DVD player.
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