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Young Pee Girls - First Timers
Couple young hard bodies which are tanned like beach babes with full bladders that produce accidents and you get hot looking girls who are wetting their pants for the first time.  The experience of warm pee running through their panties, pants and shorts and down their legs is new to these girls and they are not always sure how to react to these sensations.


Scene One
Angela just got home and has to pee badly.  She squirms a few times running up the stairs and gets stuck at the bathroom door with no answer.  She finally has to squat down and wet her panties!


Scene Two
Tiffany is a bit shy as she comes out to her back porch.  She is desperate to piss and can’t hold it very long before she soaks her blue jeans!


Scene Three
Sexy Medina makes her first wetting video.  In this scene she is doing her nails for a bit until she has to pee and just let’s the pressure build up and up until you know what happens!


Scene Four
Here we have Ling looking all over the woods for a place to piss.  She looks so cute in her bathing suit and just can’t wait to let it all out!


Scene Five
Lola is stuck waiting for a ride at the window.  She is in her grey jeans and you know how hot this is gonna be when she soaks them!

How long do you think she can hold it?


Scene Six
Asleep on the couch, Nikita starts to dream of wetting her shorts.  Before you know it her fantasy becomes reality or does it?


Scene Seven
Angela is reading her magazine in the kitchen and has to pee.  She holds it and holds it for as long as possible but doesn’t want to stop reading!  Watch as she finally soaks her blue pants with hot pee!


Scene Eight
Super sexy Victoria joins YPG!

The running water must have gotten to her and she has to go pretty bad but her friend is in the bathroom.  The pressure finally builds up so much she just wets her shorts and the floor BIG TIME!


Scene Nine
Nikki is hanging out in her bikini in the bath.

For some reason when she has to pee she doesn’t want to leave.  She ends up peeing right through her bikini in the water.  So sexy!


Scene Ten
New model Sarah is just coming home and is locked out of the bathroom by her roommate.  She gets pretty mad and curses her all the while getting more and more desperate to pee.  Finally she says “Oh my god” and wets her shorts right there on the floor!


Scene Eleven
It’s nice day for relaxing and reading a magazine.  Medina gets a phone call from her mom and she keeps her on the phone for what seems like forever.

She tries to get her off but she keeps yapping and the pressure is building up to go pee.


Scene Twelve
Victoria and Alexis are playing foosball at the house and Victoria is getting her ass kicked.  So not only is she losing but she has to piss something terrible and Alixis won’t let her quit.  Victoria finally pisses all over the place in her shorts!


Scene Thirteen
Chloe stands in front of the door in her cute shorts and pink top just trying to get in so she can go to the bathroom.  Either nobody is home or cares as she struggles with desperation.  Not too long after she totally soaks her shorts and the floor!  Loud one too!


Bonus Scenes
Go behind the scenes and see what happens during filming.  The YPG girls don’t always get it right the first time.  Not only do we have some bloopers but also a special makeout session that happened between shoots!


Running Time: 51 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC format only.
This video is also available for download.
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