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Sneaky Pee Volume Thirty-Two
peeing in an alley
close up of peeing girl
peeing while standing
girl peeing on a walkway
sneaky girl peeing
peeing on the grass
girl peeing on a bridge walkway
girl peeing close up
peeing behind a building
girl with a gushing pee stream
girl peeing by a brick building
girl peeing close up
peeing on the floor
girl wiping after peeing
peeing on a curb
close up of girl peeing
girl peeing while standing
standing pee
girl desperate to pee
girl pissing
pee while leaning on a guard rail
pissing from under a short skirt
pop a squat
girl peeing from behind
squat and pee
girl peeing close up
girl peeing on a railing
close up of girl peeing
girl peeing on an overpass
girl peeing close up
girl pees wearing ccorset
girl peeing in a measuring cup
pissing by a fence
close up of girl pissing
girl pulling her panties down
girl peeing on the grass
girl peeing with mouth open
desperate pee in an allyway
girl peeing on a walkway
girl spraying her pee
Sasha Cane peeing
close up of Sasha Cane peeing a gusher
pissing while leaning on a lamp post
peeing while standing
blonde peeing while squatting
blonde peeing with eyes closed
pissing by a busy street
squat and piss
rear view piss
girl peeing rear view
pissing while sitting on the grass
girl peeing close up
preparing to pee
gushing pee off a bridge
Sneaky Pee 32 features three girls who should have been included in earlier releases.  There is a final scene from Sasha Cane who has already retired from doing pee scenes.  Also included are a fantastic scene with the ever elegant and sexy Bianca plus a truly wonderful “knickers off” scene from long lost Shelley!

You also get two scenes from American pee queen Selina-Minx, one in a particularly vocal interview and the second where she gets absolutely caught by a couple while she pisses copiously on a footbridge!  She smiles and apologises (keeps peeing obviously) and they just walk on!

Plus you get to see Katie K pissing in an alleyway then walking off with her knickers tucked in her skirt, Columbia having an accident in her white knickers, Amy Anderson having some knicker trouble too, Axa's piss by the ducks and subsequent tit flash with Jess West, who incidently thrilled passing motorists with her antics right next to a busy road!  Added to this is Tilly somehow managing to spray backwards, Katy Moore pissing in the gents toilets and then another scene featuring her very fanciable arse, and Jean spraying the car park windows.  Plus we have serious close ups of Kitten’s hairy bush and open pussy lips, Emma Black almost getting caught by a cyclist, Angel Long digging in her pussy for pee like it was gold, and a great view of the lovely Candie’s arse too!  Lucy Zara takes an incredibly long piss wearing sheer tights featuring her looking like a young mother who has just gone to pick up her kids and got caught out!  See Tracy looking like butter wouldn’t melt but pissing into a drain anyway and two great shots from Mini-Minx, as usual involving close ups of her open pussy.  Special mention to Holly Kiss too, for what has to be the “projectile squirt” of the season!

There are 26 different girls in this one, in 29 different pee scenes, something for everyone’s taste here.  There’s also a behind the scenes view of Selina getting caught and Sneaky saying “stop! stop!” while she just carries on.
Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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