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Sneaky Pee Volume Thirty
peeing in front of a building
sidewalk peeing
peeing next to a brick wall
one girl desperate and one girl peeing
desperate girl peeing
peeing near a brick wall
peeing on a walkway
girl peeing close up
peeing outside with a friend
girl with two pee streams
girl peeing in a field
girl peeing on the ground
peeing on an overpass stairway
pulling panties up after peeing
peeing between 2 cars
peeing a gusher
wetting her panties
peeing panties on a bench
pissing on steps
pee running off her ass
pissing on garden steps
gushing piss
girl peeing while standing
girl peeing on dirt road
sink pee
girl peeing into sink
girl peeing by a brick wall
girl pees standing up
girl peeing on wooden floor
girl peeing a stream across the floor
girl peeing next to a tree trunk
girl peeing outside
girl peeing standing up with friend
girl peeing while leaning on log
desperate pee in an allyway
girl peeing by concrete wall
girl peeing by parking ramp
girl pissing outdoors
girl peeing in a grassy field
squatting to pee outside
girl peeing outdoors
close up of girl peeing
girl peeing by parked cars
sneaky peeing outdoors
relief to pee
peeing pussy
girl peeing in a field
squatting to pee outside
peeing in a measuring cup
panties pulled down
girl peeing stream in a bucket
peeing a stream into a jug
pee relief outdoors
peeing beside the road
Apart from the usual Sneakypee mayhem, this DVD is probably most notable for the inclusion of (very new to the industry) Roxy’s interview and volume test.  AND in a Sneaky first, Isabella does an exclusive to the DVD scene in which she attempts to fill 3 jugs from some distance with some HUGE jets and sprays.  “Seen to be believed” comes to mind!

We’ve also got the debuts of total amateur (never modelled before for anyone) Caroline, new to the industry (but knows her pee) Emma Black, and all the way from the USA (and can’t she push out the piss) Selina Minx!

Plus Columbia in a very yellow pee scene which was probably her first of the day, Michelle Barrett and Candie getting caught out.  Twice!  Axa and Jess West taking it in turns to pee on a road bridge, Lucy’s return after 3 years, Katie K getting spotted by a London tube train, Katy Moore showing how to pee elegantly between cars oh and then later having to wait for a speeding train!  Kimberley’s scene on the steps with a big pee and flash, and her “pussy juice” scene behind the hotel.  Isabella’s requested scene in full business gear, tights and a truly massive gush of pee.  Rose peeing in the sink just for the hell of it, Minx losing control, Amy and Clare taking it in turns, Nicki (aka Tiffany) peeing blatantly facing passing traffic, and Vickie Powell taking cover in the rain.  Jetta wetting her knickers, Minx squirting, Anneka behind a car looking fab, Ndecent getting busted.  The list goes on and on!

There are 28 different girls in this one, in 35 different pee scenes, featuring the best looking and most desperate girls in England.  Oh and don't forget that exclusive Isabella scene, which will not be shown anywhere else but on this DVD.
Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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