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Sneaky Pee Volume Twenty-Five
Sneaky 25 is really a “debut hour” of sneaky peeing with so many new girls!  There are a total of 27 girls with 11 of them making their debuts for Sneaky.  There are 30 scenes with a running time of over an hour.  Newcomers include Rebekka Raynor, Mouse, Columbia, Karen Wood, Sasha Cane, Arella, Marky, Paradise Summers, Tallulah Thorn, Sasha Rose and Satine Sparks.  Plus Minx is naked in a field with Kaz B.  You also get to see Bailey’s interview and volume test, two awesome scenes from Clare involving soaking her own skirt with piss and one of the longest pees ever seen.  Bianca pees by the Epsom race course in fabulous lingerie, and another from her behind garages with a great flash!  Yazmin and Suzie Best take turns pissing on a footbridge over the M4.  Lucy Gresty is dressed and acting like a slut.  Becky waits patiently at the bus stop, pissing in between cars passing by.  Emma Butt looks pretty in pink!  Shay Hendrix, Sasha and Satine (remember that natural blonde bush) take turns pissing in a park.  Tilly takes a pee off the roadside.  Rachel Travers flashes.  Isabella provides 2 excellent scenes.  Minx floods a doorway with great close ups of that neat pussy of hers!  Plus there is plenty more for you to discover on the DVD!
Running Time: 60 minutes plus
Available on DVD
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