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Wet Panty Masturbation 7
Every girl has a unique way of pleasuring herself!  Watch the Skymouse girls as they share the techniques that give them the most excitement.


Scene One
In the first scene, Mystiq is masturbating in bed.  Not content to just have an orgasm, she decides to have her morning pee in her panties and pajamas.  She finds the experience so satisfying that she is ready for a second orgasm!


Scene Two
In the second scene, Samantha holds her pee until she involuntarily begins to leak into her panties and jeans.  Finding this pleasing warmth running down her legs a turn on, she continues to flood her jeans until the floor is wet.  Then she removes her jeans and masturbates through her wet panties.


Scene Three
In scene 3, Lucie knows what she likes!  It is the feeling of making wet spots on her panties while she plays with herself.  Soon the wet spots turn to soaked panties followed by an orgasm as she stimulates herself through the wet panties.


Scene Four
In scene 4, Kat uses a full bladder followed by wet panties to stimulate herself.  Playing with her clit quickly produces the desired climax as she gets herself off.


Scene Five
In scene 5, Sofia indulges herself by deliberately wetting her panties as she rubs her clit.  She even fingers herself and uses a vibrator to further enhance her pleasure.


Scene Six
The 6th scene shows Zuzana and Katy having a wet make out session.  They remove each other's clothes, caress each other, and stimulate each other as they wet their panties.  You will wish you were there to play too!


Running Time: 68 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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