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Wet Panty Masturbation 6
The Skymouse girls really enjoy getting off by masturbating in wet panties.  Enjoy the special treats each girl shares with you in this movie.


In the first scene, Clair is desperate and she loves to play with herself while her bladder is full.  When she is almost ready to climax, she lets out little dribbles in her panties to stimulate herself even more.  When she can't play her “holding and waiting” game any longer she releases all that pressure and has an orgasm while she soaks her panties.


In the second scene, Ebony is outside on her patio wearing a short blue skirt, while panties, and a black top.  She is so desperate, she can't even take time to masturbate.  She just floods her panties and her pee forms a puddle between her legs.  With the pressure gone, she can play with herself through her wet panties!


Scene Three
In scene 3, Mystiq is laying on her couch thinking naughty thoughts and masturbating.  Since Mystiq needs to pee badly, she decides she would enjoy a wet experience the most by standing and peeing through her panties and skirt.  Such naughtiness has the desired effect and lets her climax as she rubs herself through her wet panties.


Scene Four
Anya has to pee badly and loves to tease herself while holding it.  She has to press her fingers over her pee hole to keep it in.  She presses through her skirt and panties but that is not enough to stop the force of all the pee that needs to escape.  Soon the pee is running through her panties, her skirt, and down her legs!  This is just the stimulation that Anya needs to produce a satisfying orgasm as she rubs her clit through her wet clothes.


Scene Five
In scene 5, Gilly needs to pee as she sits on her couch and plays with her clit.  Gilly discovers that releasing little squirts into her panties drives her crazy with arousal.  After she climaxes, she stands and pees through her panties until her bladder is empty.


Scene Six
In the 6th scene, Kat is standing in her shower wearing just a bikini bottom.  She releases all her pee into her bikini bottom and then massages her clit through the wet fabric.  What a way to get off!


Scene Seven
In scene 7, Mystiq is back again and puts on quite a show as she stands in the corner with her hand down her pants playing with her clit.  Her arousal coupled with a full bladder led to a desire to wet her pants.  She then removes her blue jeans and brings herself to an orgasm by rubbing her clit under her panties.


Running Time: 73 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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