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Wet Panty Masturbation 5
Watch the Skymouse girls climax as Karolina, Katy, Kelly, Kitty, Zuzana, Sofia, and Yanna wet their panties.  These girls share their private moments of pleasure with you as they show you what gets them sexually excited.


Scene One
In the first scene, Karolina plays with her boobs and her clit as she dribbles and squirts in her panties while sitting in her favorite chair.  When her bladder is empty, it is time to massage her button with her pocket rocket to send herself into orbit!


Scene Two
In the second scene, Katy likes her pleasure lying down!  After touching all her sensitive places as a warm up, she warms up her panties by peeing in them.  This bathes the rest of her sensitive places with her warm liquid in preparation for her fingers working their magic on her clit through her wet panties.  The result is orgasmic!


Scene Three
>In scene 3, Kelly lifts her denim skirt to slip her hand down into her panties.  She stimulates her clit and then removes her bra and spreads her legs in preparation for phase two which is flooding her panties with hot pee!  Just when you think she is finished, she discovers even more pee to send shooting through her soaked panties.  All that warmth rushing across her privates prepares the way for her final climax as she puts her hand down her panties again.


Scene Four
Kitty shows us what she likes in the 4th scene.  She is very agressive in working her clit while her bladder is still full.  This just adds to the urgency of getting herself off!  Her sexual release is immediately followed by her pee release for full satisfaction.  Then she continues to pleasure herself in a less agressive manner as she savors all those released endorphins.


Scene Five
In scene 5, Zuzana's bladder is so full that it almosts hurts to stimulate her clit.  She knows that playing with her pussy will help her hold her pee just a little longer in order to reach a mind-blowing orgasm.  When she cums, so does her pee — in a fast and furious waterfall surging through her panties.  Ahhhh!  Satisfaction!


Scene Six
The 6th scene, Sofia enjoys a beverage to relax her and help make her need to pee.  She likes the slow stimulation that comes from playing with her clit while sending repeated spurts or pee through her panties.  For Sofia, it is the naughty feeling of wearing a dress and panties while she pees where she is not supposed to.  Her arousal builds until she can't contain it any longer and it sends her over the edge in waves of pleasure.


Scene Seven
In the 7th scene, Kitty and Yanna enjoy making out with each other while they know that each of them has a very full bladder.  It is all about the anticipation of knowing what their playful touching is going to do to the other person.  Neither of them has to wait long to see the pent up need to pee coupled with their sexual excitement result in each of them wetting their panties.  Then they watch each other masturbate to a thundering climax.


Running Time: 68 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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