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Wet Panty Masturbation 4
Do you enjoy seeing girls have orgasms after wetting their panties?  This fourth installment of Wet Panty Masturbation will not disappoint!  Watch your favorite Skymouse girls pleasuring themselves and see if you can tell how many orgasms they have because some don't stop with just one!


Scene One
In the first scene, Clair is walking topless in the woods looking for her special place that she likes to go when she is horny and wants to have some wet pleasure.  She finds a clearing and begins to play with herself through her red panties.  The combination of stimulating herself and the pressure to pee provides so much arousal that she begins to wet her panties with her juices and her pee.  All that wetness helps her reach a very satisfying climax!


Scene Two
In the second scene, Karolina and Angelina decide to have a make-out session in their bed.  First they help undress each other and while Karolina is playing with Angelina's hair and kissing her neck, Angelina begins to wet her panties and the bed.  Karolina becomes so aroused watching Angelina that she wets her panties and the bed too.  Soon they are using their vibrators and fingers to stimulate each other and themselves.  They both orgasm together and continue caressing and kissing each other.


Scene Three
In scene 3, Tammy wakes up and is horny as hell!  She gets up and puts on her favorite dress which makes her feel sexy.  She goes into the bathroom for her morning pee but instead of sitting on the toilet, she starts playing with herself as she stands over the toilet and pees through her panties.  When she finishes peeing, she sits on the edge of the sink and bring herself to a delicious orgasm!  What a way to start the day!


Scene Four
Tara is ready to release her sexual frustrations with some wet sex in scene 4.  She removes her clothes and sits on a chair to give some attention to her aching clit.  Her need to pee just adds to her excitement so she wets her panties in a very big flood all over the floor.  Then she uses her vibrator to bring herself off and the afterglow drains all her tensions and gives her positive energy.


Scene Five
In scene 5 Tiffany D. starts playing with her nipples which puts her in a sexual mood.  She strips out of her clothes and moves to her favorite spot in a bean bag chair to enjoy some sexual pleasure.  She plays with her nipples some more as she enjoys the sensation of a full bladder.  She is in a very naughty mood and starts making little spurts of pee in her panties.  Soon she can't keep her hands off her sexual mound and she continues to pee and masturbate until she climaxes.  Mission accomplished!


Scene Six
In the 6th scene, Tammy is in her kitchen wearing only panties and a bathrobe.  She has been drinking lots of liquids and has to pee like crazy!  She decides it would feel so good to indulge her favorite pleasure by wetting her panties.  While standing on her tiptoes, she rubs her clit until her pee flows uncontrollably.  Now she is so unbelievably horny that she goes into her living room, sits on her couch, plays with herself and pees some more!  She badly needs an orgasm and when her fingers can't bring her to a climax, she grabs her rabbit vibrator.  Those rabbit ears on her clit give her just what she needed.  After reaching the peek of her orgasm, she pees some more as she comes down off her high.


Running Time: 93 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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