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Wet Panty Masturbation 3
Did you know that the Wet Panty Masturbation series of titles from Skymouse are the most popular?  See for yourself in this third installment why everyone loves the Skymouse girls with their unique combination of sex and peeing!


Scene One
In the first scene, Angelina is having a “wet dream” while sleeping.  She slowly wakes up and is totally horny!  She plays with her nipples and then her clit (through her white panties).  Since she has to pee, she sits up and pees right through her panties and soaks the bed!  Then she masturbates through her wet panties to an exciting and satisfying climax!


Scene Two
In the second scene, Lexi is standing in the middle of her bedroom wearing only her pink panties and blue jeans.  She is very aroused by her full bladder and begins playing with herself by putting her hand down her pants.  This causes her to lose control and begin wetting her pants until her pee is running off her pantcuff and onto the rug.  She then removes her jeans and climbs into bed to bring herself to a very wet orgasm while still wearing her wet pink panties.


Scene Three
Faith has a fantastic experience in scene 3 as she stands in a storage room massaging her clit through her panties.  Her full bladder overflows as she plays with herself and she wets her panties.  Soon she is sitting on the floor as her fingers continue to work her toward an orgasm.  All the while, she continues to shoot spurt after spurt of her hot pee into her soaked panties.  After reaching a climax, she pulls her wet panties aside and empties her bladder in a final gush right onto the floor.


Scene Four
Angelina and Caroline indulge in mutual wet panty masturbation in scene 4.  They help each other strip off their tops while touching each other lovingly.  Then Caroline shows Angelina how she likes to wet her panties.  Next Angelina gives a demonstration of her own as she wets her panties in front of Caroline.  Then they show each other their favorite ways to reach an orgasm in their wet panties as each observer engages in some erotic lesbian touching!


Scene Five
In scene 5, Clair is enjoying a sunny afternoon on a bench in a wooded area.  She is in a dreamy state and totally focused on both her need to pee and her need to get off.  It doesn't take much to lift her short skirt and play with her panties until they become wet with all sorts of juices!  There can be no doubt about how badly she needed to pee from the stream which flows away from her seat.  There can be no doubt about how sexy she feels from the look of ecstasy on her face!


Scene Six
Tiffany D. also enjoys the outdoors and in the 6th scene, she gives us a glimpse into her preferred place to masturbate and wet her panties on top of a picnic table.  Getting her panties soaking wet is a prelude to some serious sexual activity on her clit and pussy as she reaches for an endorphin high!


Scene Seven
In the last scene, Nicki and Lexi begin exciting themselves with their fingers down their panties as they sit next to each other on a couch.  Soon they are exciting each other by peeing in their panties while the other one watches!  In the end, they masturbate each other to achieve their orgasms.


Running Time: 75 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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