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Wet Panty Masturbation 2
Want to see more than just a girl wetting her panties?  How about a girl peeing in her panties while she pleasures herself and even has an orgasm?  This second video in the Wet Panty Masturbation series from Skymouse has exactly what you are looking for!


Scene One
In the first scene, Koko Li is lifting weights.  Feeling the need to pee adds a little extra challenge to any workout.  Koko Li is “feeling the burn” from the combination of her exercises and her desperation.  Soon her pee is gushing through her shorts and onto the floor!  As Koko Li leans back with her legs apart, she slips her hand inside her wet shorts to pleasure herself.  Repetations anyone?  Multiple orgasms need multiple repetations!


Scene Two
In the second scene, Charli and Julia are in bed sleeping.  Actually Charli is not sleeping because she is desperate to pee and the feeling is making her totally horny!  Charli starts rubbing her clit until she is so aroused that she starts to wet her panties.  All the movement has awakened Julia who discreetly pretends to still be sleeping as she watches Clarli pleasure herself and pee until she has totally soaked her side of the bed.  After Clarli finishes, she strips off her wet panties and leaves them on the bed as she runs off to get a shower.  At this point Julia inspects Charli's wet panties and then indulges her own secret pleasures by standing on the bed and wetting her own panties.  She then strips off her wet panties and drops them on the bed next to Charli's.


Scene Three
Kaz prepares for her own wet panty masturbation in scene 3 by sitting on her couch and tugging at her panties to stimulate her clit.  Soon she is not only rubbing herself but using her full bladder to release spurt after spurt of warm pee through her panties which increases her sexual pleasure!  She uses her thumb, her finger tips, and a circular motion to release her sexual tension as she releases her pee in wave after wave of pure enjoyment!


Scene Four
What is better than getting yourself off while wetting your panties?  Having someone help you get off in a round of mutual masturbation!  This is what happens in scene 4 as Lava and Gini discuss the joys of peeing while masturbating as they indulge each other's sexual arousal and pleasure.  They enjoy touching each other as they take turns wetting their panties and discovering what turns them on the most!


Scene Five
In scene 5 Rose Wood demonstrates how to have multiple orgasms while peeing in her panties!  We tried to find a video frame to show how intensely Rose rubbed her clit as she climaxed and peed but every frame was blurred because Rose was moving her fingers so quickly.  You will have to take our word for it that this is the most intensely powerful scene in the whole video and defines the term “wet panty masturbation!”  If any other girls were in this scene, they would be bowing down to Rose as they chanted “We are not worthy!” Forget Wayne's World, this is Rose's World!


Scene Six
In the last scene, Tiffany D. prepares for an afternoon of pleausre by stripping off her jeans and her top as she lays on her bed and plays with herself through her panties and under her panties.  Her panties soon become damp with her own juices as she savors the feeling of pressure growing in her bladder.  When the pee pressure grows to a critical level, she moves to the window ledge and lets her pee dribble through her panties and onto the floor while continuing to massage her pleasure spots.


Running Time: 80 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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